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Factory Customize 30g 50g 100ml 120ml Cosmetic Jars Glass Bottle Sets

Factory Customize 30g 50g 100ml 120ml Cosmetic Jars Glass Bottle Sets

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 Customize 30g 50g 100ml 120ml Cosmetic Jars Glass Bottle Sets that Stand Up for Your Brand and Grow Your Customers

Welcome to Lisson's 10+ Cosmetic Bottles and Jars Packaging Factories, contact us for FREE SAMPLE & FREE DESIGN that grows your brand

Brand Identity: Lisson customized bottle and jar packaging set serves as a powerful tool for brand identity and recognition, helping to distinguish the product on the shelf and create a lasting and more complete impression with consumers.

Multi-application: The set may include various sizes and shapes of jars and bottles to accommodate different types of cosmetics, such as creams, serums, lotions, and oils, providing versatility in product packaging. Additionally, Lisson offers customized branded caps, closures, applicators, tips, and heads that level up your product usage for your brand's popularity and value.

Sustainability: Increasingly, brands opt for sustainable packaging solutions, and customized glass bottle sets can be made from eco-friendly materials and offer refillable or recyclable options, aligning with consumer preferences for environmentally conscious products.

Blue Color Glass Bottles Set
Factory Customized 30g 50g 40ml 100ml 120ml Glass Bottles Set

Cosmetic Glass Container Cream Jars

30g 50g two specification, High-end quality

Explore imposibility for Your Brand at Lisson Goup

Remark: The main raw materials for your cosmetic bottle and jar set: Bamboo, PE, PET/PETG, Acrylic, Glass, and Aluminum...

There are many types of cosmetics that everyone can see on the market, and of course, there will be many bottles that match them. From the material point of view: glass bottles, plastic bottles, PET bottles, PETG Bottles, PP Bottles, HDPE Bottles, etc. Please share your logo and design with us, we will offer professional packaging solution advice for you.


Lisson wholesale glass bottles and jars for cosmetics and personal care come in a wide variety of sizes and options, allowing you to find exactly what you are looking for. With Lisson wholesale bottle and jar set, you get a quality jar at an affordable price. Now you may buy glass bottles and jars at a wholesale price. We also offer custom printing services with these wholesale glass jars and bottles.

Lisson is a leading player of of glass cosmetic packaging manufacturers, wholesale and manufacturers in China. We supply glass cosmetic packaging across the world. Lisson with 10+ production bases can manufacture and package glass cosmetic packaging with over 20 years' experience, such as: glass jar packaging, glass bottle packaging, and auto-run lid glass cosmetic packaging. Please feel free to contact Lisson team if you need help. This is a custom packaging that is ready to purchase, at wholesale prices. It is made of durable, hand-blown glass. It is available in different colors, including colors such as blue, green, red and more. Eye-catching cosmetic containers and jars. We strive to provide great service, low prices, and quality products.

Top Cosmetic Bottles and Jars that most people use EVERY DAY!  

Storing and dispensing lotions, body creams, hand sanitizers, and liquid soaps, EASY in EACH application.


Dual Functionality and Space-Saving for Your Customers


Container for Your Product, Brush for Deep skin Cleansing


Prominent-Look to stand your brand out


Eco-friendly cosmetic packaging, sustainable brand


Airless pump design, metallic-look

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