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50ml two Pump Lotion Serum Refill Dual Chamber Cosmetic Bottle

50ml two Pump Lotion Serum Refill Dual Chamber Cosmetic Bottle

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1. Shapes from square bottle to tall, slim cosmetic bottle, these Lisson plastic cosmetic bottles are colorful and practical. The dual chambers are shaped the same way with internal channels that provide efficient product delivery. These cosmetic bottles are a great addition to any bathroom counter!

2. Lisson cosmetic bottle factory pairs its experience with technology and scoops up a $10 billion-dollar industry, known as the cosmetic industry, and bets big on a concept: the innovation of a dedicated, still-perfect cosmetic bottle for the retail market. The company has churned about 500 million units with remarkable success each year since its inception in 2013.

3. Lisson cosmetic bottles are perfect for the cosmetic industry, providing value and style, combined with environmental and operational ease. Lisson makeup bottles are durable, cost effective and are 100% recyclable.

Lisson cosmetic bottles can be found in every room of your home. We have the best in quality, made from high-grade materials to represent strength and durability. Our cosmetic and personal care bottles are easy to use, allowing for one-handed operation. Our makeup bottles are the best when it comes to diversity and utility. Our bottles can be utilized for anything cosmetics from shamppoo to lotion.

50ml 50ml two Pump Lotion Serum Refill Dual Chamber Cosmetic Bottle

Dual Chamber Cosmetic Bottle
2 at 1 cosmetic packaging

Convenience: Dual chamber bottles allow for the storage and dispensing of two different products in a single container. This is especially useful for cosmetic products that require two separate components to be mixed or used together. The dual chamber design eliminates the need for separate packaging and simplifies the application process for consumers.

Brand Loyalty and Customer Engagement: Offering refillable cosmetic bottles can help foster brand loyalty and increase customer engagement. By promoting sustainable and eco-friendly practices, brands can resonate with environmentally conscious consumers and build a positive brand image. The refillable nature of these bottles encourages customers to return for refills, creating an ongoing relationship between the brand and the consumer.

Cost-Effective: Refillable bottles can save consumers money in the long run. Instead of purchasing new bottles every time a product runs out, they can simply refill the existing bottle. This cost-saving feature is particularly appealing to budget-conscious consumers.

Dual Chamber PET bottle

Fill two products,normally cream and essence etc

PP Pump Head

With pipe inside for easy squeeze, the products can pump out separately

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screw cap, easier user dispensing


SGS &ISO certified, gloss/matte finish


220ml capacity, certified by SGS, ISO, TPCH, D50mm*136mm


Airless squeeze packaging

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