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Tube packaging for various personal care products


Basic, streamlined, simple - the words that used to describe cosmetic packaging, and cosmetic tubes in particular, were only a few years ago. But it seems the tide has finally turned in the other direction. "You're seeing a big shift away from basic packaging itself," says Tube packaging experts. The shift is definitely from plain white packaging to more colorful tubes. Some stores and stores, such as Wal-Mart, have had a big influence on this trend because their shelves also feature numerous color tubes; Experts stressed that this is the shelf effect of the need. Cosmetic products of all types now feature packaging in tubes. In fact, according to the report, above-average growth is expected for plastic extrusion tubes based on popular features including lightweight, low cost, ease of distribution, portability, and lower material usage.

Strong growth in skincare and bath products will drive above-average growth in tube packaging, especially for upright tubes. As with the toothpaste market, the growth in tube packaging has been driven by companies that make hair care products. "We have seen a lot more aggressive activity in the toothpaste whitening area," reported Cosmetic Packaging, "as these products have crossed over into the cosmetic category." In addition, one of the most obvious emerging categories is Mass-tique, which features higher-end over-the-counter sales that have a more sophisticated look and higher price points than traditional mass-market products. Many of the larger cosmetics companies are demanding the most ornate, dynamic, gold-encrusting, exquisitely designed tube they can imagine. This is urging tube packaging companies to step up their game - to provide a finer pattern, a softer touch, and the ability to place pictures on composite tubes. And the requirement of this standard is getting higher and higher.


The recent trend of metallic appearance is still very popular for tube packaging. Interest in pearl and iridescence effects continues, both of which are achieved by adding pigments to the tube material. Decorative technology has also come a long way, from four - and six-color screen printing machines to eight - and 10-color printing capabilities. When the manufacturers of the end products learned about these improved decorative capabilities, they wanted to try them. This has forced packaging suppliers to invest in equipment and improve production capacity, such as using new 10-color machines. Lisson executives agree with this trend: "Consumers are pushing tube packaging to a higher level of graphic imagery. Therefore, we need to complete the pattern design they arranged." He pointed out that Plastic is investing heavily in improving the screen printing technology at all of its plants, as well as improving its labelling and blanching capabilities. "Our latest innovation is our embossed laminated web, which creates a touchable pattern on the tube surface; We actually embossed it on the wide label itself." Lisson has also introduced a wide coloured label that gives the traditional composite tube a more upscale look.

Squash factor: Lisson is also seeing a surge in demand for pressure-sensitive labeling materials with the growing use of fully extrusive plastic tubes in personal care products, which the company's marketing manager in the home and personal care category believes helps cement the identity of the brand. She points out that because Tube is often an extension of a brand's product line, care product manufacturers may be prepared to seek different types of packaging from different suppliers. The way to ensure that a range of products looks the same is to use the same pressure-sensitive label on all packages, the executive explained.

Lisson recently launched a line of plastic extruded tubes that offer customers a variety of decorative options. These tubes are available in a wide range of sizes and colours and also provide a UV, matte or glossy finish, as well as polypropylene and high and low density polyethylene materials, including soft touch, double layer and co-extrusion. Decorative processes include offset printing, screen printing, hot stamping and labeling, according to the company. In addition to the obvious convenience of the Tube package (such as being able to squeeze more content products out of the package), you get a wider range of colours and lots of beautiful patterns on the Tube package. In addition, Lisson reports that there is growing interest in tube-related laminates, due to their print quality. You can actually define the design and put it into practice. "We're seeing a lot of demand with eight or nine colors," says a company official. Shape and functionality One of the most popular Tube styles or shapes is the oval. Until recently, the only shape available on the tube was the circle, but with the advent of the oval shape, cosmetic tube manufacturers have created a new vitality in the market. "We continue to see interest in oval tube packaging," agreed experts at Lisson Cosmetic Tube Packaging Company. The company's product line includes oval tubes in different sizes; Recent additions include the 40mm oval tube, which comes with a flip cover. One of the factors that tube manufacturers need to change in order to offer better products in tube form packaging is the barrier nature of the packaging. Tube manufacturers are turning to multi-layer co-extrusion tubes instead of straight single-layer tubes, so you can pack things that you wouldn't normally fit in, or that would be difficult to fit in, or that would affect shelf life. Multilayer composite tubes have taken more share from other tubes, as well as from plastic bottles, due to their decorative ability and better ability to hold content products. Experts predict a bright future for multilayer composite tubes, with double-digit growth in the coming years.


Recycling hopes that environmental issues are becoming increasingly important to the Tube packaging sector as well. "We're the only company currently producing post-consumer recycling tubes and are partnering with the Influential Makeup Company, "Lisson Cosmetic Tube Packaging Company, which owns Cosmetic Tube Packaging, said, adding that the company had had great success in the area," and we continue to see more interest in this environmentally friendly concept." "These companies are making green efforts right now, and other companies committed to the environment will surely follow." Pitman of Norden AndBro in New York, USA, is exploring the possibility of placing various attachments at the end of tubes. The company has been offering its patented hands-free tube with a sponge attachment for years. It is now being used in many products. "Tube and its applicator are perfect for any product you don't want to get your hands on," the company's sales review says. For hair removal products, the tube comes packaged with a scraper. Lisson Cosmetic Tube Packaging Company also offers a tube that features a pumice stone on the end and is designed for foot and elbow use, and launched one with a squeegee at the end of last year.

In addition, Lisson Cosmetic Tube Packaging Company will introduce a tube packaging with a brush on the end this year. World Wide Packaging also recently launched Liscio, a tube made from low-density polyethylene, extrextrated in one piece (including the lid). "The cover (either a flip cover or a push cover) is actually made directly into the head of the tube and is oriented exactly in the direction our customers expect. It can't be moved, so there's no possibility of the lid retracting and contamination between the lid and the tube." The latest addition from CCL Plastic is the brand new NOVA Integrated Packaging System located on the 2 "tube. It is described as an integral tube system with the tube lid facing the front copy of the tube. "This kind of seal turns in the opposite direction to the other covers that are fastened on. The whole design makes it more attractive in cosmetics." The removable distribution cap is self-cleaning and removes blockages in the product, the company added. But despite the abundance of new products, keeping up with demand remains a challenge for Tube suppliers. Tube lead times are a factor for the industry. Some wholesale tube suppliers believe that virtually every order for the tube was made to order, including size, measurement and pattern; As a result, Tube has a fairly long lead time.

The increasing demand for wholesale CUSTOMETIC tubes has resulted in a longer lead time for the tube which is undesirable for both the tube manufacturer and the customer, especially since the time schedule for the launch of the new product is becoming tighter. As a result, many care companies are looking for suppliers with shorter lead times, which is challenging tube manufacturers to make improvements that are often difficult to achieve. This has progressed to the point where cosmetics companies order Tube six months before launching a product. Overseas because larger care companies tend to get preferential treatment due to the size of their orders and the amount of business they do each year, while medium and smaller companies tend to be pushed into longer lead times. As a result, many Makeup Packaging companies have turned overseas to find tube packaging suppliers. "We are seeing a very high end product from Australia, tube of incredible quality," noted Lisson Cosmetic Tube Packaging Company. "The Far East and India are also exporting a lot to North America and that is affecting the market because it is mainly based on price. And the market is already competitive." However, there are still some problems with overseas supplies. While it is becoming easier to obtain simple Tubes from overseas, some buyers feel that due to equipment and other issues, they prefer to purchase six, eight, or ten color Tubes from within the United States. And because of shipping, especially after 911, this may affect the lead time of the product.

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