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Why sugarcane tube packaging resonate with millennials


Millennials are a pressure group for the cosmetics industry. They're young, hip and environmentally conscious. So what does this mean for cosmetic sugarcane tube packaging? Well, if you're looking to attract millennials with your brand then we have some good news: sugar canes are a sustainable resource and they can help your marketing strategy. Below, we have explained a few reasons why millennials absolutely love sugarcane tube packaging and why you need to invest in them.

Millennials seek sustainable products:

Millennials are the biggest generation in history. They're also a powerful consumer group, and they want to make a difference in the world. As such, millennials have come to expect sustainable cosmetic squeeze tubes from brands they love, and those brands need to deliver on that expectation if they don't want their products falling out of favor with this increasingly important demographic.

This is where cosmetic sugarcane tube packaging resonates so well with millennials. Because these tubes are made from renewable resources and not petroleum-based plastics, you can feel good about using them every day as part of your routine!

Plastic is not friendly for the environment:

It's important to remember that plastic is not biodegradable. It takes a very long time for plastic to break down and decompose in nature, which means that it never really goes away. As a result, plastic pollution is one of the biggest threats facing our planet today.

Ocean pollution from plastic debris has been estimated at 400 million metric tons per year (Mt/y). This is an environmental disaster because it will take thousands of years for all this waste to decompose!

Sugar canes tube packaging is a renewable resource:

Sugar canes are a renewable resource for cosmetic tube manufacture. The plant grows fast and it has a long life span, which means that you can harvest your cane for many years to come.

Sugar cane is also very good at taking up soil, as well as being able to grow in areas that other crops cannot. This makes it an ideal crop for farmers in poor countries where there may not be enough natural resources available to create food or energy sources like oil and coal.

In fact, sugarcane has been used as an energy source since ancient times! In Africa and Asia there are still many people who depend on this method of cooking food using firewood rather than using electricity or gas burners which would cost much more money over time due to their lower efficiency rate at converting fuel into heat/energy needed by consumers' homes (although these methods do exist too). With such great recyclability, you can rest assured that you will have an extremely small carbon footprint. Also, disposing such cosmetic squeeze tubes isn’t much of an issue either. Sugarcane completely decomposes without leaving behind toxic residue. 

Sustainable cosmetic tube material is a marketing opportunity:

Sustainable cosmetic tube materials are good for the environment, but they’re also a marketing opportunity. If you can use sustainable materials in your cosmetic tube packaging, it will help your brand stand out from the competition.

Sugar cane tubes are a sustainable resource, and they can help your brand market itself in an environmentally friendly way. They’re made from the stalks of sugar cane, which is a renewable plant that grows quickly and easily. The stalks grow in tropical climates where it rains all year long, so there's no need for irrigation or pesticides to keep them healthy and growing.

Such sustainable cosmetic squeeze tubes market themselves. There are several studies from reputed sources showing millennials always prefer sustainable products even if they have to pay a relatively higher price. So, if your product is present on a shelf with plastic or other non-sustainable cosmetic squeeze tubes, chances are that consumers(especially millennials) will choose your product. 

Sugarcane packaging is relatively a new product, but as a squeeze tube supplier, we are seeing rapid increase in its demand. Most likely, it can become a mainstream packaging material in the next few years.

The desire for sustainable consumerism, combined with the fact that sugar cane cosmetic tubes are made from renewable resources and recycled plastic, makes them a great marketing opportunity for brands. We can all do our part to make sure we're not polluting the earth with our waste products by encouraging consumers to choose sugarcane tube packaging. 

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