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Wholesale Squeeze Tubes in the Europe


The market for squeeze tubes in Europe is thriving, driven by the increasing demand for convenient and hygienic packaging solutions from 8,500+ SMEs involved in the manufacturing of cosmetics in Europe and 741,736,682 population living in Europe based on the latest statistics in 2024. According to market projections, the squeeze tube market in Europe is expected to reach a value of US$ 32.41 billion by 2022 and is poised to surpass US$ 63.76 billion by 2032. 

With a focus on sustainability, safety, and aesthetics, wholesale squeeze tube suppliers are catering to the diverse needs and preferences of European consumers. In this article, we explore the key squeeze tubes of popular choices in the European market.

Wholesale Aluminum Collapsible Tubes for EU Market

The European consumers hold deep favor for sustainable packaging. Not only do aluminum collapsible tubes provide a lightweight and durable packaging solution, but also ensure the safe transportation and preservation of cosmetic formulations while minimizing the environmental impact due to their recyclable nature.

With the customizable design, aluminum squeeze tubes allow European cosmetics brands to showcase their unique visual identity and enhance brand recognition with the metallic sheen which adds a touch of elegance, appealing to consumers and conveying a sense of premium quality and sophistication.

custom aluminum squeeze tube for europe market


#1 Multiple layers of durable aluminum strengthen protection and prevent leaking

#2 Glossy printed exterior enhances your brand's value with stunning visuals

#3 Tight screw cap keeps contents secure while the squeezable tube makes dispensing easy

Multiple Layers, Multiple Brand Value:

The innermost layer keeps your product pure and protected, while the printed exterior wraps your branding around the tube for an eye-catching effect. The glossy finish really makes your logo and graphics pop!

wholesale aluminum squeeze tube with squeezer for europe users


#1 Brand Visibility and Recognition: By printing your logo on the squeezer, you can increase brand visibility and create a lasting impression on your customers. Every time they use the tube and see your logo, it reinforces brand recognition and helps establish a stronger connection with your products.

#2 Enhanced User Experience: The squeezer provides practical benefits for European users by facilitating easy and controlled product dispensing. It conveys attention to detail and demonstrates your commitment to providing a quality product in the Europe market.

Extra Squeezer, Extra Branding:

Adding a logo print on the squeezer can further enhance brand recognition and create a cohesive visual identity.

wholesale pharma tube in the EU

Long Nozzle:

#1 Precise and Controlled Dispensing: The bullet tip is designed with a narrow and pointed opening, which allows for precise and controlled dispensing of the pharmaceutical product. The bullet tip enables healthcare professionals and patients to administer the right amount of medication with ease, minimizing the risk of over or under-dosing.

#2 Reduced Contamination and Cross-Contamination: The narrow opening of the bullet tip helps minimize the risk of contamination during product dispensing. It provides a smaller target area for contact with external surfaces or contaminants, reducing the chances of introducing impurities into the pharmaceutical product.

wholesale metal squeeze tubes
Wholesale aluminum cosmetic tube with flip top cap in Europe

#1 Resistance to Corrosion: Aluminum is naturally resistant to corrosion, which is particularly beneficial for hair care products that may contain water-based or corrosive ingredients. The corrosion resistance of aluminum squeeze tubes helps maintain product integrity and prevents interactions between the formulation and the packaging material.

#2 Compatibility with Different Formulations: Aluminum squeeze tubes are compatible with a wide range of hair care formulations, including creams, gels, serums, and pastes. They can effectively protect and dispense various product consistencies without compromising their quality.

Best Sugarcane Squeeze Tube for European user experience
The best sugarcane squeeze tube selected in the below for European user experience offers a wide range of 500+ applicators, allowing brands to choose the perfect dispensing option for their customers that suits their specific needs. Additionally, the squeeze tube's ability to incorporate exquisite designs enhances the brand's value by providing a visually appealing and personalized packaging solution.
    wholesale sugarcane squeeze tubes
    made from 100% plant, reduce 70% emisson, 11-60mm tube diameter
    wholesale spong sugarcane cosmetic tube
    levels up your product packaging and customers at the same time
    wholesale sugarcane bioplastic tube with quadrangle screw cap
    unique shape, unique branding image
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    Custom Extra Details for EU Market
    • 1. Chamber: customization for single or dual walls, allowing for tailored barrier properties based on the product requirements, such as protection against light, moisture, and oxygen.

    • 2. Versatile Filling Capacity: accommodates a wide range of filling capacities, from 5ml to 400ml, providing flexibility for packaging various product sizes, from small samples to larger volumes.

    • 3. Diverse Finishing Options: including glossy, frosted, and matte, allowing brands to create their desired visual and tactile effect to enhance product aesthetics.

    • 4. Print Combo Choices: supports multiple printing methods, including offset, flexographic, silk screen, digital print, hot stamping, and labeling. This variety allows brands to select the most suitable printing technique for their design, branding, and information requirements.

    • 5. Layer Customization: Brands can opt for custom one to multiple layers in the tube construction, enabling tailored functionality, such as barrier properties, product compatibility, or stability requirements.

    PCR Squeeze Tube, Beyond Packaging
    wholesale pcr squeeze tubes for eu market
    100 made from recycled plastics, reduce co2 emission
    long nozzle pcr squeeze tube
    Focus on user's dispensing experience
    Twist Off PCR Cosmetic Tube
    Twist off pcr squeeze tube
    One twist shortens openning
    plastic tooth paste tube
    dual color flip top cal
    wholesale pcr plastic food squeeze tube
    medical and food pcr material
    pcr eye cream plastic tube wholesale
    plastic pcr eye cream tube
    extra ceramic applicator enhances absorption
    wholesale pet's toothpaste tube
    cute dog print, glossy finish
    pcr airles pump squeeze tube
    pcr airless pump squeeze tube
    filling capacity: 60ml, 35mm tube diameter
    pcr plastic pe airless skincare tube
    Pump cap, spec: D30*30ml-90ml
    Best Kraft Paper Tube for EU
    wholesale kraft paper tube
    Kraft paper tube 2024
    For lotion, oil, gel
    wholesale kraft paper tube
    Kraft paper plastic squeeze tube
    filling capacity: 50-70ml
    Oval paper squeeze tube
    Long nozzle, 35% plastic based
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