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Custom kraft plastic paper tube

Custom kraft plastic paper tube

Custom kraft plastic paper tube

Suitable for
Beauty care, skincare, personal care
Type of Formula
oil, lotion, cream
Tube Diameter
Filling Capacity
Tube Material
Paper, PET, PE, PA
Tube Decoration
Silkscreen, Labeling
Cap Material
Cap Decoration
Glossy, Metal cover
Lead Time
25 working days
Minimum Order
30000 Pcs
Custom Logo, color, design
in Stock

Lisson Kraft Paper Squeeze Tube-2024 New Arrival
Discover the name of Sustainable Squeeze Tubes

kraft paper tubes
Plastic Waste Reduction: 

Made from kraft paper, which is a durable and sustainable material derived from wood pulp. It's known for its strength and ability to withstand squeezing and pressure.

By utilizing kraft paper squeeze tube, which replaces a significant portion of plastic with a renewable and biodegradable material, the overall plastic discharge can be reduced by approximately 40%. This reduction in plastic waste contributes to environmental conservation and sustainability efforts.

best kraft paper tube for whoelsale
Impressive Natural Brand Image

Brand Differentiation: They provide a unique and natural look that can help brands stand out in the market, appealing to consumers looking for natural and sustainable options.

Custom Branding and Design: Kraft paper squeeze tubes offer ample space for custom branding and design. Brands can showcase their logo, product information, and unique artwork or patterns, creating a distinctive and visually appealing packaging that aligns with their brand identity. This customization helps enhance brand recognition and consumer engagement.

Kraft Paper Flexible Pouch Squeeze Tube

Eco-friendly alternative 2024

Lisson kraft paper squeeze tube designed for cosmetics, personal care, pharmacy products and more, flexible pouch design: The tube is designed in a flexible pouch format, allowing it to be squeezed for easy dispensing of the product inside.

Various Caps and Applicators
Multifunctional heads enhance your brand packaging
Squeeze Dispensing

Combine sustainability and ultimate user experience in 1


Screw cap/flip top cap/pump cap/ brush, sponge, roller applicators...

More at Lisson 10+ Production Bases 

Metal squeeze tube, metallic look


Up to 40% waste reduction


Even the squeeze packaging is Sweet!

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