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Complex Cosmetic Tube development


The application and development trend of the compound cosmetic tube in the field of daily cosmetics

Composite Cosmetic Tube is widely used in packaging of toothpaste, cosmetics and other products due to its good barrier performance, strong chemical resistance and good printing adaptability. Currently, with the introduction of new materials and processes, there are several trends in the composite Cosmetic Tube.


1. Environmental protection was further strengthened

Environmental protection is not only the treatment of packaging waste, but also the pollution to the environment and the consumption of resources in the production process. With the introduction of the alum-plastic composite cosmetic tube and the all-plastic composite cosmetic tube, economical and easily recyclable sheet materials are adopted to the maximum extent. In particular, the all-plastic composite cosmetic tube completely replaces the aluminum foil when EVOH (ethylene ethylene alcohol copolymer) and other high barrier materials are used. The composite tube can be fully recycled and biodegradable. Lisson has successfully developed the aluminum-plastic composite cosmetic tube on the basis of the aluminum-plastic composite cosmetic tube, which is widely used in toothpaste packaging. However, compared with the aluminum-plastic composite pipe, there is a certain gap in the extrusion resilience and barrier property of the all-plastic composite pipe, which will still limit the process of the all-plastic composite tube completely replacing the aluminum-plastic composite pipe for a long time.

Second, the requirement of health performance is getting higher and higher

Composite Cosmetic Tube is mainly used for packaging of oral care products and cosmetics, etc. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of its products, hygiene is always the first consideration, and there is an increasing phenomenon. Reflected in the raw materials, first of all on the film, particles, adhesives, ink and other physical and chemical indicators and abnormal toxicity has a certain limit; In terms of the process selection, different composite processes have different effects on the residual solvent of the sheet material and the cosmetic tube. In addition, the environment of the production workshop, the cleanliness of the air, such as the number of microorganisms, suspended matter, dust and the number of production workers' hygiene, all have an impact on the hygiene performance of the final product. In addition, for different target markets, the requirements for the sanitary performance of the composite pipe are not the same, such as exports to Japan, the United States and other countries, the residual solvent in the ink, heavy metal content has very high requirements.

Third, the trend of low cost

Due to the downward pressure on the cost of raw materials by the manufacturers of the composite cosmetic tube, the cosmetic tube manufacturers  are objectively driving down the production cost of the wholesale composite cosmetic tube, as follows:

1. Use of thinner aluminum foil and tighter interlaminar structure. The use of aluminum foil in the aluminum plastic composite Cosmetic Tube material has been reduced from the initial 40μs to the current prevailing 20μs to 30μs, and the thinest material has been achieved to 12μs. At present, Sansakura has used 12μs of aluminum foil thickness on many aluminum plastic composite Cosmetic Tube materials, which has received good results. Of course, the reduction of the thickness of aluminum foil is by no means a simple subtraction. It is necessary to reduce the thickness of aluminum foil while ensuring its good product performance. In fact, every thinning is benefited from the innovation of process and the improvement of equipment and even the improvement of other materials. 2, reduce the loss in the production process. For the production of the aluminum-plastic composite cosmetic tube, the intaglio printing process with a larger width and the double-head or multi-head co-extrusion technology should be adopted as far as possible, and the process should be improved and the production speed increased to maximize the production efficiency and reduce the loss. IV. Personalization is required by customers

Currently, there will be an increasing emphasis on personalization in the material use and appearance design of the composite Cosmetic Tube. For example, non-standard pipe diameter and personalized aspect ratio, characteristic pipe shoulder and cap, ellipse and other kinds of pipe body selection, unique end sealing cut shape, wide application of sealing film, bronzing, screen printing, sleeve marking and other modification process, as well as the use of light ink, laser cursor and other anti-counterfeit process.

In conclusion, with the further development of the composite Cosmetic Tube boosted by cosmetic tube manufacturer and supplier, its application in the field of cosmetic products will become more and more widespread.

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