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Improvement analysis of aluminum tube production line


Aluminum tube, commonly known as toothpaste tube, dental cream. Its production process is relatively complex, according to different production needs, a total of 6-10 different production processes to complete. At the beginning, the production equipment of this product was monopolized by a few foreign enterprises. Until the early stage of reform and opening up, with the development of domestic toothpaste industry, the demand for aluminum tube soared, and the corresponding demand for production equipment also increased rapidly. At that time, Shanghai Toothpaste Factory, led by the government and the leader of the toothpaste industry at that time, led and organized several relatively powerful manufacturers to jointly develop the first generation of aluminum tube production line in China.

At the early stage of reform and opening up, China's industrial base was relatively weak. Therefore, there were some problems in the actual production of tube production lines, such as low yield of product and poor printing quality. In order to solve these problems, improve product pass rate and reduce production cost, some manufacturers change the upper and lower tube of the original manipulator in the printing part to the upper and lower tube of manual plug and pull. This change did increase the production cost rate at the time, and reduced the amount of gas used, reducing the cost of production.


The passage of time, the original toothpaste packaging has long been changed to composite tube packaging, aluminum tube production after a short period of silence soon ushered in the spring. With the deepening of China's reform and opening up, the demand for aluminum tube for cosmetics, fine art pigments, adhesives, travel toothpaste, ointments and other products has increased greatly. In addition to environmental protection and other factors, the use of many years of lead tin pipe has gradually been replaced by aluminum tube. As a result, the production of aluminum tube in China is booming both in production and sales.

At the same time, the main production areas of aluminum tube, such as Guangdong and Jiangsu, have appeared to varying degrees of "labor shortage". As mentioned above, due to historical objective reasons, tube production has become a labor-intensive industry. Generally, a hand insertion production line needs 8-12 operators, and the labor intensity is high. As the aluminum tube itself is a product with low added value, the wages of employees in the industry are generally low, which further aggravates the labor shortage and directly leads to the overall low quality of operators in the whole industry. As the situation is becoming more and more serious, the advantages of automatic production lines are becoming more and more obvious. Correspondingly, with the overall rise of China's industrial manufacturing level and the continuous efforts of equipment manufacturers for many years, the technical level of aluminum tube production equipment has been greatly improved.

In this respect, LISSON has been in the forefront, the 150T high-speed cold extrusion machine put into production, the stamping tube embryo speed has doubled to more than 100 pieces/min. The new spraying machine realizes three spraying times under PLC control, which makes the gap between the internal spraying effect and the foreign similar products close quickly. The wide use of new polyurethane cots makes the effect of the background color printing significantly improved, but also greatly save the bottom ink, cancel the use of blanket and save material and labor. The new four-color, five-color, six-color printing machine not only increases the color of the color, enhances the accuracy of the color, but also greatly improves the production speed. With the improvement of machining precision of parts and the improvement of manipulator, the accuracy of automatic up-and-down tube has been greatly improved.

It has broken through the limit that the minimum of the traditional manipulator can only be in the Φ16mm pipe automatically. LISSON company through hard work to achieve more than 11mm can realize the manipulator automatic up and down tube. The wide use of automatic screw cap machine and greatly reduce the use of manual, improve the quality of screw cap. In short, the production of the aluminum tube line, after years of development, has made a great leap forward. Not only the degree of automation of the equipment has been greatly improved, the quality of all aspects of the aluminum pipe has also risen several levels, significantly reducing the product quality gap with the imported production line. Saved about half of the labor, but also greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers.

It should be admitted that at present there is a considerable gap between the technical level of domestic aluminum tube production line and that of foreign similar products. In particular, the production speed and the automation of the whole line need to be improved.

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