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Commonly used cosmetic bottle analysis


Cosmetic bottle packaging has always been the focus of packaging manufacturers in the production field, compared with other packaging, cosmetics bottle packaging in the profit and market space are greater, therefore, for the design and development of cosmetics bottle packaging, has been welcomed by bottle manufacturers. Therefore, the style and material of cosmetics bottle are more and more diversified. Today, we are going to talk about the packaging material of cosmetics bottles.

First of all, PET cosmetics bottles, many transparent and lightweight plastic cosmetics bottles, are basically PET material, PET in the field of cosmetics bottle packaging accounted for a very high proportion. Secondly, acrylic cosmetics bottle, acrylic bottle appearance is very like glass, delicate appearance, high grade, the cost is lower than glass, so popular. Again, PE cosmetics bottles, mainly packaging emulsion, opaque appearance, usually mainly white.

Of course, in recent years, there are plastic bags, glass, paper boxes and wood products used for cosmetics packaging, but the above is still the mainstream form.


How does the supplier set the wholesale price of cosmetics bottles?

Plastic bottles used for packaging cosmetics, we often called cosmetic plastic bottles. Plastic bottle packaging for cosmetics has many advantages. The first is that the cost of cosmetic plastic bottles is low, and the cost is much lower than that of glass, metal and crystal bottles. In this way, it is very attractive for middle and low-end cosmetic brands. The second is the plastic cosmetic bottle shape design is diverse, the production is simple, in the appearance style has more choices. The third is cosmetic plastic bottle additional process, such as label printing, cover film and other processes.

Packaging products of all kinds of skin care products, usually using bottle packaging, we call it skin care products bottles. Skin care products bottle packaging, has a lot of advantages. First, the beauty of skin care products bottle is the first, only beautiful skin care products bottle can attract consumers, attract female consumers. Second, skin care products bottle to protect the product, ensure hygiene, extend the shelf life of the product. Third, the bottle of skin care products is easy to carry, easy to use outside.

So, how much is the price of bottle of skin care products? First of all, the function of skin care products bottle, some with nozzle and other special design of skin care products bottle price will be higher. Secondly, the material of skin care products bottle, glass, plastic material, different material prices are not the same. Again, the capacity of skin care products bottle size, different capacity in the pricing is very different.

So, what is the wholesale price of cosmetic plastic bottles? First of all, it is related to whether the mold is opened. If the mold is opened, the price will be relatively high, because the cost of the mold needs to be added. Secondly, the specific material of cosmetic plastic bottle, PE\PP\PET, and so on, a variety of different materials, the price difference will be relatively large. Again, the size and capacity of cosmetic plastic bottles will also affect the price to a large extent. Finally, whether to purchase in bulk, if the bulk purchase relative price will be relatively low

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