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where to wholesale cosmetic bottles?


In recent years, the domestic cosmetics industry rose to prominence, for domestic cosmetics, cosmetics bottle packaging has become increasingly important. To build a brand, to compete with international cosmetics, these need to make more efforts in cosmetics bottle packaging. In the past, domestic cosmetics enterprises pay more attention to the outer packaging of the cosmetics bottle of a single product, and rarely make a fuss on the acrylic cosmetics package bottle. With the strengthening of brand awareness, acrylic cosmetic package bottle packaging has become increasingly important.

For the current domestic cosmetics bottle wholesale market, we think there are some problems. First of all, the overall brand design of the cosmetic package bottle still needs to be further strengthened, and more efforts need to be made in the overall image design. Secondly, the rationality of the cosmetic package bottle design should also make more changes according to the characteristics of the current market.

So where can I find a cheap bottle for a set of cosmetics? You can find manufacturers to customize, so that the price will be more advantageous.


The bottles used to package cosmetics are called cosmetic bottles. In recent years, the demand for cosmetics bottles has grown rapidly. There are three reasons for this. First, with the rise of consumption in the downstream cosmetics industry, more and more cosmetics enterprises appear, and the total capacity of the cosmetics market is also growing. In this context, the natural demand for cosmetics bottle packaging is also growing. Second, the demand for brand shaping, the fierce competition in the cosmetics market, more and more manufacturers pay attention to the packaging of cosmetics bottles, cosmetics bottle brand shaping demand in the continuous growth, third, the progress of domestic cosmetic bottle blow molding technology, price and cost advantages, in the export market is also very popular.

Packaging products of all kinds of skin care products, usually using bottle packaging, we call it skin care products bottles. Skin care products bottle packaging, has a lot of advantages. First, the beauty of skin care products bottle is the first, only beautiful skin care products bottle can attract consumers, attract female consumers. Second, skin care products bottle to protect the product, ensure hygiene, extend the shelf life of the product. Third, the bottle of skin care products is easy to carry, easy to use outside.

So, how much is the price of bottle of skin care products? First of all, the function of skin care products bottle cans, some skin care products with nozzle and other special design bottle prices will be higher. Secondly, the material of skin care products bottle, glass, plastic material, different material prices are not the same. Again, the capacity of skin care products bottle size, different capacity in the pricing is very different.

So, what are the cosmetic bottle wholesale markets? Domestic cosmetics bottle wholesale several major channels each have what advantages and disadvantages. First of all, the offline cosmetics bottle wholesale market, the market can choose more bottle types, many manufacturers, is the ideal cosmetics bottle wholesale procurement channels. Secondly, online retail channels, the price is cheap, but can not directly check the quality of the bottle. Again, online wholesale, professional cosmetics bottles online wholesale. Finally, you can also purchase through all kinds of cosmetics packaging material exhibition.

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