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development characteristics of cosmetic packaging-cosmetic tube, bottle, jars


Plastic cosmetic tube packaging——Various shapes, dominated by several major materials from cosmetic tube manufacturers & suppliers, besides, makeup companies are mostly looking for custom cosmetic tube services for personalized cosmetic packaging for their beauty products. In past years,  more and more of makeup companies have resorted to eco friendly cosmetic packaging suppliers for different wholesale eco-friendly cosmetic packaging, such as sugarcane cosmetic packaging, PCR cosmetic tube, aluminium cosmetic tube that answer the need for environmental protection.

Plastic cosmetic tube packaging from plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers is a fairly wide-ranging form of packaging used in the cosmetics field. Most general cosmetics products are in the form of liquids, creams or pastes, and do not have a distinctive appearance. It must pass the exquisite and unique packaging design to show its own characteristics. Therefore, cosmetics generally rely on packaging to achieve good sales. Plastic cosmetic tube packaging is divided into transparent, translucent and opaque cosmetics tubes, which can well show the characteristics of products with different properties and is deeply loved by cosmetic manufacturers. Therefore, in recent years, plastic cosmetic tube packaging forms have gradually enriched, and new shapes have been designed. All kinds of bottle & tube shapes boldly and justly highlight the characteristics of the product. Regarding packaging materials, all plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers use similar materials, mainly PET and PE materials. But some recycled cosmetic packaging suppliers apply pcr cosmetic packaging.

2021 new trend- kraft paper cosmetic tube-a wider range of applications and higher technical content

In many people’s minds, kraft paper cosmetic tube advocated by eco-friendly cosmetic packaging manufacturers seems to be only used as the outer packaging of some products such as soaps and cosmetics. 

In fact, with the continuous update of the concept of eco friendly cosmetic packaging designers and the continuous development of related technologies by biodegradable cosmetic packaging suppliers or eco-friendly cosmetic packaging manufacturers, the kraft paper cosmetic tube in the field of cosmetics. The scope of application of sustainable cosmetic tube packaging is also expanding, such as cosmetic sugarcane tube, aluminium cosmetic tube, besides a typical situation is the application of kraft paper cosmetic tube, makeup brand uses kraft paper cosmetic tube as the outer packaging of the product, the beautifully printed and reasonably structured kraft paper cosmetic tube packaging greatly improves the shelf display effect of the product. In improving the packaging quality and grade of kraft paper cosmetic tube, CTP technology, the use of some special effect pigments and inks have played a huge role.

Wholesale custom cosmetic tube——The special-shaped tube appears frequently, and the cosmetic tube packaging is colorful.

The wholesale custom cosmetic tube is often known as the packaging of some personal care products. Products such as facial cleansers and skin care products are mostly packaged in the form of cosmetic tube. The cosmetic tube is no longer the all-round round head shape, and various businesses have changed the shape of the cosmetic tube used in their products to prevent their products from being buried in the homogeneous packaging. As a result, the oval-headed cosmetic tube and square-headed cosmetic tube are used by some cosmetics manufacturers in their products, and at the Shanghai Beauty Expo in May this year, the cosmetic tube manufacturer was surprised to find a cosmetic tube with a special-shaped head. A cosmetic tube provided by Lisson cosmetic tube factory, the cosmetic tube head is an irregular shape, very unique and eye-catching, and the sample has received extensive attention from many people in the industry. The frequent appearance of special-shaped tubes has made the cosmetic tube family continue to grow and develop, and the cosmetic tube packaging of cosmetic products has become increasingly colorful. 

Glass-loved by high-end cosmetics, still occupies an irreplaceable place, glass cosmetic bottle or cosmetic jars are still popular.

    The present and future of cosmetic tube packaging for cosmetic tube manufacturers & suppliers and cosmetic companies:

    Due to the remarkable characteristics of cosmetic products as fast-moving consumer goods, the cosmetics industry has always had a tradition of focusing on product cosmetic packaging, and cosmetic tube & bottle & jar for packaging has become an inseparable part of cosmetic products. Generally speaking, the tube packaging of cosmetic products has the characteristics of protection, functionality and decoration. Its specific performance is: 

    ①The cosmetic tube packaging must play a protective role in the transportation, storage and use of the product.

    ②The cosmetic tube packaging must reflect its characteristics. The characteristics and uses of the packed products: 

    ③The cosmetic tube packaging should provide consumers with convenient use functions.

    ④The cosmetic tube packaging should differentiate the product from other competitors and be easy to attract the attention of consumers.According to statistics, 30% of product competitiveness comes from packaging, cosmetic tube packaging is the "silent salesman" of goods. In addition to protecting goods, it must also be devoted to beautifying, publicizing, and inducing consumers' desire to buy, so as to enhance the sales competitiveness of goods in the market. All in all, the importance of cosmetic tube packaging is that the packaging directly affects the consumer's psychological orientation and purchasing behavior of customers, so how to make product packaging design cater to consumers' buying psychology is an important factor in promoting product sales.


    Current status of cosmetic tube packaging for sustainable cosmetic tube manufacturer and plastic cosmetic tube supplier. 

    The development of the wholesale cosmetic tubes packaging industry and the improvement of technical level provide realistic possibilities for the development and improvement of cosmetic tube packaging. After hard work of cosmetic tube manufacturers & suppliers, the tube packaging of cosmetic products has also achieved considerable development, and the development and progress of cosmetic packaging has promoted and driven the development of the entire cosmetics industry. At present, the development of cosmetic packaging gradually highlights the characteristics of personalized display and innovation, the introduction and application of new technologies and processes, and the development and substitution of new environmentally friendly materials. Safe and convenient packaging is becoming more and more popular with the market and consumers.

    (1) Current status of traditional packaging for cosmetic products

    Plastic containers such as cosmetic tube, cosmetic bottle, cosmetic jar are still the main packaging form of cosmetic products. Currently in the market, plastic containers are still the main packaging form of cosmetic products, but with the increasing variety of products and increasingly fierce market competition, domestic cosmetic manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for product packaging materials and packaging design. In product packaging, novel designs, diversified material applications and continuous innovation have become the key to increasing product competitiveness. 

    At present, plastic containers used for cosmetic tube packaging mainly include PET, PE, PVC and PP made by plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers. Among them, the application of PET plastic containers in the field of cosmetic products has grown particularly fast. For example, some manufacturers and brands have taken the lead in using PET materials packaging container for shower gels, skin care products, and detergents. 

    PE is the main cosmetic tube packaging material for household washing products. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is widely used in laundry detergents, various detergents, bathroom cleaners, and clothing softeners. At present, high-density polyethylene blow-molded tube packaging is widely used in shampoo and hair care products and shower gels on the market. The main reasons why HDPE is widely adopted are its mature technology, good light-proofing, flexible labeling situation and strong randomness in color selection. PVC is mainly used for packaging of cosmetics, but it is gradually eliminated and replaced by PET with better functionality and appearance. Because of its good chemical stability and airtightness, PP is currently more used in the packaging of pharmaceutical-level personal and home care products.

    ( 2) Cosmetic tube from cosmetic tube manufacturers & suppliers emerges suddenly in the field of cosmetic packaging

    With the continuous maturity and innovation of cosmetic tube technology, cosmetic tube also quietly appeared on the stage of cosmetic product packaging. Especially in recent years, as the price of cosmetic raw materials has risen as international oil prices have risen all the way, many domestic cosmetics manufacturers have also begun to consider the issue of cosmetic tubes for their products in order to reduce costs. Initially, the cosmetic tube was only used as the main method of refilling or disposable packaging for plastic containers and other packaging, but in order to establish and realize their own differentiated sales and for the environmental protection of the packaging, the cosmetic tube is used in the cosmetic tube. Packaging applications are becoming more and more extensive.

    Compared with plastic containers, cosmetic tubes have obvious advantages. Compared with plastic containers, cosmetic tubes have the following characteristics: 

    ①It can reduce costs. The price difference between a packaging bag with the same capacity and direct packaging costs are reduced.

    ②Save storage and transportation costs. The bulk density ratio between the cosmetic tube and the content is 1:64, and the bulk density ratio between the plastic container and the content is 1:24. When transporting the same weight of the content, the use of the cosmetic tube saves nearly 20% of the transportation cost than the use of the plastic container

    In addition, the volume of the cosmetic tube is smaller than the plastic container. When the contents of the same volume are filled, the packaging box required for plastic container packaging is far more than the packaging box required for cosmetic tube 

    ③ The cosmetic tube is lighter, which is convenient for consumers to carry and carry.

    ④The cosmetic tube is more environmentally friendly. 

    ⑤The cosmetic tube is more conducive to the manufacturer's appeal for product information. The exquisite printing effect of the cosmetic tube provides a very good shelf display effect.

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