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How to apply sensory packaging techniques on your Aluminum Cosmetic Tubes


Multi-sensory packaging is an innovative way to make your aluminum cosmetic tubes

stand out and create a more memorable experience for consumers. Developing an exciting cosmetic tube design with bold colors, textures or shapes can help you capture people's attention in the marketplace while enticing them into purchasing it! But now everyone is doing that. You will have to do something extra if you want to stand out from the rest.

We all know that the future of luxurious cosmetic tube packaging belongs to metal packaging. And we all know that aluminum squeeze tubes from cosmetic aluminum tube suppliers are the best option when it comes to metal cosmetic packaging. They are durable, convenient and eco-friendly. As cosmetic brands slowly shift away from plastic cosmetic tube, Aluminum cosmetic tube will be their next best option. They might have to pay a little higher price for it, but it is nothing considering the advantages it carries.

So if you have decided to opt for aluminum tube packaging, we have some fun and important packaging for you. Most of the cosmetic brands tend to think that they just have to

please the visual senses of consumers. There is no denying that visual senses play an important role in decision making, but targeting all 5 senses will give your aluminum tube packaging a considerable edge.

This article composed by a cosmetic tube manufacturer discusses how incorporating all five senses creates flawless designs that can help you overcome the competition.

Sense of sight:

Adding striking visual components to your aluminum cosmetic tubes is what will first attract the attention of your target consumers. Using unique shapes and bold colors to make an attractive aluminum squeeze tubes design is one of the best ways to lure in consumers.

With press effects, you can create interesting aluminum tube packaging that will surely catch attention. Hot or holographic foil processed by cosmetic tube supplier gives off a shine while UV coatings help protect products against degradation by sunlight. Glitter even makes aluminum cosmetic tubes look like it has been sprinkled with diamonds! So the sky's the limit!

All these viable branding techniques come at different costs though. Be sure to choose wisely. As not all options may work for every brand, so understand your market well before entering.

Sense of feel:

There are many different reasons to choose one type of texture over another. To determine what is the best option for your aluminum cosmetic tubes, consider how unique it will feel when the customer will touch it for the first time, which takes a deep talk with your cosmetic aluminum tube supplier

Touch is crucial to the customer experience. It can be used for conveying luxury, durability or any message that will help consumers interact with your product better! But what are some techniques that you can apply to soothe the feel of your aluminum squeeze tube packaging? Let's look at a few of these features in more detail.

●A glossy coating of aluminum squeeze tubes leaves buyers feeling rich while they grab products.

●Multi-level embossing/debossing of the aluminum cosmetic tube gives them depth perception which helps sell an image like beach sand between their fingers.

●UV coatings leave behind high-tech-looking scratches from even light sources so images really pop out.

Sense of scent:

The scent is not just for your nose! Scents can be used in many ways, including as an important part of branding. Scenting products also gives consumers another way to recognize quality and identify with the brand.

Using scent in your wholesale aluminum squeeze tubes can be extremely beneficial to the success of a brand. It has been scientifically proven that people are most strongly attracted and affected by smells. For example, using cookie dough scents will make consumers want to try out what's inside. Whereas tropical fruit-infused water reminds them that summer is coming soon so they better prepare themselves by buying your product. 

Sense of sound:

Sound is a powerful way to keep your customers engaged and coming back for more. Light music will be an excellent addition to the background theme of your shop. 

Luxurious aluminum tube packaging should be capable of leaving an unforgettable experience. Magnetic closures, custom tabs and locking flip tops all contribute to the element of luxury in your aluminum squeeze tubes as they can be both interactive and satisfying sounding when closed or opened with a “snap”. But that's not all! They also help create surprise moments that encourage consumers to repeatedly interact with the aluminum cosmetic tube made by professional cosmetic tube manufacturer because their purchase also holds good entertainment value.

All these closure types are environmentally friendly too so you're doing charity work without even realizing it.

Sense of taste:

The sense of taste is one factor that very few cosmetic aluminum tube suppliers are able to pull off in their packaging effectively, but it can be very powerful. You don’t have to include this sense of taste literally. Instead, you should include imagery or colors which remind consumers about the sensation from consuming something they remember fondly long ago.

Mouth-watering memories? A sweet taste bringing back happy childhoods. We are talking about nostalgia here!  When wholesale cosmetic tube manufacturer is designing appealing aluminum squeeze tubes for today's marketplace, think beyond just looks and functionality. 

To make the customer feel an immediate connection with your product, use visual elements that will excite their appetite. For example, if you include lemons and honey on your lip gloss aluminum squeeze tubes then it is likely they will purchase the product. This could make them feel an immediate connection between themselves and your aluminum squeeze tubes because it appears authentic and interesting!


Every decision we make in our life involves at least one of the above senses. Senses are our tools to measure the worth of the product. So if you can please or satisfy the senses of your customers, there is nothing stopping them to grab your product and take it home with them. But sensory packaging is not a walk in the park. It requires considerable experience and a bit of intellect. So if you are looking for cosmetic aluminum tube suppliers to help you get your hand on the best aluminum squeeze tubes, we are here for you.

Our team of experts is ready and waiting to partner with you. Have any question about cosmetic tube? Let us know!

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