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intro to plastic cosmetic tubes manufacturing raw material


Cosmetic companies have different requirements for the stiffness of wholesale cosmetic plastic tubes, so how to obtain the desired satisfaction for plastic cosmetic tube suppliers? Plastic cosmetic tube manufacturer often uses low-density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene, and linear low-density polyethylene as the polyethylene used to produce cosmetic plastic tubes. Among them, high-density polyethylene has better stiffness than low-density polyethylene, so cosmetic tube manufacturers & suppliers can meet the requirements of wholesale customized cosmetic tubes by adjusting the ratio of high-density polyethylene/low-density polyethylene. The chemical resistance of the material. High density polyethylene lower density polyethylene has better chemical resistance.

Weather resistance of plastic cosmetic tube manufacturing material:

 To control the short-term or long-term performance of cosmetic plastic tubes, cosmetic tube suppliers need to consider factors such as appearance, pressure/drop performance, sealing strength, environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR value), custom prints and active ingredient loss.


Plastic itself is a very light material, so cosmetic tube manufacturer uses plastic to make cosmetic tube, then the quality of plastic cosmetic tube will definitely be very light and will not burden users. In addition, the plasticity is very strong, so the overall use effect is still very good.

For users, cosmetic tube manufacturers certainly hope that the service life of cosmetic plastic tubes is very long, which not only saves costs, but also reflects their own greater value. The cosmetic tube of this material just meets the needs of users, and under normal use, there will be no major problems. Of course, in the process of use, the user needs to do a small maintenance work, and check it before each use, so that the use is safer and the use effect is more ideal. Of course, the cost of wholesale cosmetic plastic tubes from cosmetic tube factory is relatively low, and it also saves 

  • The advantages of wholesale cosmetic plastic tubes  materials

  • Plastic cosmetic tube materials have been widely used abroad, because plastic cosmetic tubes have many advantages over degradable cosmetic tubes such as aluminum cosmetic tubes.

  • Strength and rigidity-plastic cosmetic tubes

  • On the surface, the strength and rigidity of the plastic skincare tube is not as good as other metal cosmetic tubes. In fact, the plastic cosmetic tube is a "flexible tube". When the cosmetic tubes are correctly designed and mass-produced, the plastic tube and the surrounding cosmetics bear the load, and the inner wall of the cosmetic plastic tube Smooth, the diameter of the tube material of the cosmetic plastic tube can be reduced, and the production is smaller.

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  • In the early stage of the development of cosmetic plastic tubes, the amount of PE beauty tube was much smaller than that of PVC cosmetic tube, mainly because of economy. At that time, PE makeup tube material had not been developed. Only PE material with performance equivalent to PE63 can be used. Due to its low strength, the wall thickness of PE cosmetic tube is more than twice that of PVC makeup tube under the same conditions, not only the material cost is high. And it can only be applied to plastic cosmetic tube with lower pressure and smaller diameter, otherwise the wall thickness is too large to be used.

  • As the plastic cosmetic tube manufacturer's research and development efforts continue to increase, a new generation of high-strength cosmetic tube material PE materials continue to emerge, not only PE80, but also PE100 products. The upgrading of materials has significantly increased the various stresses of PE makeup tube. The thickness of the cosmetic tube has become thinner and thinner, making it more convenient for consumers to use.

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