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cosmetic plastic tubes-analysis of production materials, characteristics and uses


Characteristics of cosmetic plastic tube

Cosmetic plastic tube from cosmetic tube manufacturer is a high-grade transparent material, its light transmittance is better than inorganic glass, visible light transmittance is above 92%, ultraviolet light transmittance is 73%, refractive index is 1.491, relative density is 1.19, Generally, inorganic glass is half lighter. Transparent cosmetic plastic tube: Both the inside and the outside are wave-shaped. What material is the cosmetic plastic tube? The cosmetic plastic tube is a new type of pore-forming material. The cosmetic plastic tube is a product made of synthetic resin and additives through melt molding by plastic cosmetic tube suppliers. Cosmetic plastic tube has good resistance to strong cosmetics. The characteristics of cosmetic plastic tube: polyester polyurethane tube with shockproof rigid straight PVC spiral reinforcement. The inner wall of cosmetic tubes is completely smooth and seamless, ensuring smooth material transfer, chemical resistance, UV resistance, ozone resistance, and aging resistance.

Cosmetic plastic tubes have the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, low water loss, and convenient installation, which are favored by cosmetics companies. At the same time, compared with traditional metal aluminium cosmetic tubes, cosmetic plastic tubes consume less energy in production (generally less than 1: 4), the environmental pollution is small, and now it is being paid more and more attention by companies producing plastic cosmetic tubes.

Classification of cosmetic plastic tubes

There are two types of cosmetic plastic tubes, one is completely airtight and watertight, applicable for eye cream, lotion, gel, shampoo; commonly used cosmetic plastic tubes from plastic cosmetic tube suppliers are: ABS cosmetic tube, PP cosmetic tubes 

Cosmetic plastic tube processing method

The melt flow characteristics of cosmetic plastic tubes are similar to Newtonian fluids, and the strength of the melt is low. Plastic tubes for skin care products tend to sag during extrusion and blow molding. During injection molding, because the melt passing through the gate has small expansion and is difficult to contact with the film cavity wall, the surface of the injection molded product produces swirling or shot lines. The molding shrinkage rate of cosmetic plastic tube is related to the thickness of the product, the size of the gate, the temperature of the mold and the temperature of the resin, the injection pressure, and the holding time. The main processing method of cosmetic plastic tube from cosmetic tube factory is injection molding, followed by extrusion molding, blow molding and a series of secondary processing.

The advantages of cosmetic plastic tube processing to the application of cosmetic plastic tube


Cosmetic plastic tubes can be used in almost all known chemical cosmetic products. Cosmetic plastic tubes can also be used for the transmission and suction of abrasive media. The cosmetic plastic tube is hygienic and convenient to use, the color is bright, bright, and beautiful to help makeup sales, and the cosmetic plastic tube packaging is economical and affordable. Once it has been used in the packaging of cream cosmetics.

The reason why cosmetic plastic tubes can be widely used in various cosmetic packaging materials is that plastics have low price, light weight, easy processing, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, high frequency shielding, high specific strength, wear resistance, and self-defense, features such as lubrication and short molding cycle. The application of cosmetic plastic tubes can also reduce the cost of products and extend the service life of the products. In addition, the production and application of cosmetic plastic tubes can alleviate the global energy crisis. Therefore, it is important for cosmetic tube supplier to know how to better realize the design concept of the product through the cosmetic plastic tube, strengthen the decorative effect of the cosmetic plastic tube packaging, and make the cosmetic plastic tube more widely and practical.

Cosmetic plastic tubes can be seen everywhere in our daily life, whether in the skin care packaging industry or cosmetic applications, they are widely used. More and more cosmetic companies use plastic cosmetic tube packaging materials from plastic cosmetic tube suppliers.

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