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Why are light colors a great choice for wholesale cosmetic tube packaging


The basic concept for wholesale custom cosmetic tube packaging is having a container that holds the product and coordinates with the brand image and marketing. The container should be practical, but also visually appealing. It should be able to hold the product and protect it from contamination, which means that you should choose materials that are durable enough for daily use.

When you are designing cosmetic tube packaging, you need to think about how your product will be displayed and sold. This is true whether you are selling online or through a store. The design of the custom cosmetic tube itself is an important element in branding a product because it communicates everything from ingredients to price.

Built by cosmetic tube manufacturers, light-coloured squeeze cosmetic tubes are eye-catching, and the colour is the first thing that customers notice when they see your product on display. If this is not enough, we have listed a bunch of reasons below to help you make up your mind. 

Light color coordinates well with natural ingredients:

There are some light-colored cosmetics that have either dark or brightly colored capsules inside them. The most common example of this is eye shadows, which are usually packaged in cosmetic tubes with a silver cap and green or blue base. These colors can be used to draw attention to your products on display because they’re so eye-catching and different from the rest of the crowd!

The light color of custom cosmetic tube packaging is a great complement to natural ingredients. Natural ingredients can be found in many cosmetic products and are often associated with light colors, such as lavender, rose and avocado oil.

On colder days, customers like to use rich and creamy moisturizers that come in bright white or cream-colored cosmetic squeeze tubes. These products can be easily seen by customers when they walk into their local stores, so it's important for them to feel attracted by the squeeze tube packaging.

Extra visual appeal

Some custom cosmetic tubes in light shades feature a slight sheen which gives them extra visual appeal when displayed alongside matte tubes in similar shades. This can be especially helpful if you want to showcase the product on its own or as part of an aesthetic display, or even if you're trying to attract potential customers' attention.

However, this feature comes at a price. Shiny cosmetic tubes are more expensive than matte ones and they may not always be available at all times due to their popularity among certain markets. If your company has limited budget constraints, then it might make sense for you to choose one over another type of cosmetic tube design based purely on cost savings alone (although this may not always hold true). 

Works very well with textured backgrounds, fonts or imagery:

It is best to use light colours for custom cosmetic tubes that contain deeply coloured labels, as these will work well with a white background. If you have a product that is marketed as natural or organic, you can use a light colour custom squeeze tube design to complement its image. A good example of this is any product containing seashore minerals or pearls, these items are usually sold in white plastic containers and will look much more attractive if they're displayed in a neutral shade like white.

Light-coloured cosmetic tubes can also help you differentiate between different types of cosmetics as well. For example, if you have a lot of different types of lipsticks on hand (reds vs pinks), then using all kinds of different-coloured squeeze tubes would make it difficult to determine which one is yours at first glance! To solve this problem, simply put all your lipsticks into one squeeze tube and label them accordingly. This will allow guests who come over often enough to know exactly what type they need before even getting near their lips!

From the perspective of either cosmetic tube manufacturers or cosmetic factories, cosmetic tube design plays an important role in branding a product, whether it is being sold online, through a store or through a mail-order catalogue. It’s the first thing that customers see when they look at your product so you want to make sure that it matches the brand image and marketing message. So, if you want to get the best out of your custom cosmetic tubes, contact your cosmetic tube manufacturer and start investing in light custom cosmetic tubes.

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