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Why cosmetic squeeze tubes should have narrow openings


Cosmetic squeeze tubes have been around for decades, and they've come a long way since then. While there are still some products in the market that don't have a narrow opening (and we'll admit, it can be hard to tell by looking at them), most of them do now. However, not all cosmetic tube manufacturers want their products to look like medicine bottles or makeup jars. They want them to look sleek and attractive by keeping out harmful UV radiation as well as bacteria from getting into them during shipping.

How does this narrow opening help with that? When you have cosmetic tube packaging with small opening, it's much easier for the product to come out without any air getting in. This means less chance of bacteria being introduced into the product, which will make it last longer and look fresher when you open it up. But this isn't all. Narrow openings on cosmetic tube packaging have a number of other benefits too and we cosmetic tube manufacturers here have explained them below. 

Protection against UV rays:

UV rays are a type of energy emitted by the sun that cause chemical reactions within our skin. They're also known as “visible light” or “ultraviolet light” because they can be seen with the naked eye (though not in bright sunlight). Narrow openings protect cosmetic products from harmful UV rays, which can degrade many substances and introduce bacteria. These types of radiation range from 200nm-400nm in wavelength. This means that there are many different types of UV radiation out there depending on how far along its spectrum we look. 

Innovated by cosmetic tube manufacturers, narrow openings on cosmetic squeeze tubes protect cosmetic products from harmful UV rays, which can degrade many substances and introduce bacteria. Narrow openings help maintain the integrity of the cosmetic squeeze tube and prevent contamination from bacteria or other contaminants. They help you get all of your product out of the cosmetic squeeze tube so that you don't have to throw any away. 

Limits the product ejaculation

A narrow opening limits the amount of product that comes out. For instance, if you have a cosmetic squeeze tube with a wide opening and decide to apply more product than usual, it will spill over onto your skin. A narrower cosmetic squeeze tube will help prevent this from happening because only as much product is dispensed as needed at any given time. In addition, a narrow opening can also help prevent waste.

If you have a cosmetic squeeze tube with a wide opening and you only need one drop of product, it will dispense more than just one drop. A narrow opening also helps prevent the product from drying out. If you leave a wide-open tube exposed to air for too long, it will lose moisture and start to get clumpy or harden. With a more limited amount of exposure, your product will last longer, and so will your money!

This is especially important when applying makeup products like foundation or concealer because they are not meant to be sprayed directly onto your face, rather they need to be blended into the skin before application can begin (unless specifically designed for quick dry-off).

Easier to control the amount of product:

A narrow opening also makes it easier to control the amount of product coming out. With a wide opening, you have to squeeze as hard as possible in order to get any product out at all, which can make things messy. That’s why it is important for brand owners to have their cosmetic tube manufacturer keep the orifices of cosmetic squeeze tubes as narrow as possible.

If you don't want that mess or wastefulness on your hands then consider using one of these squeeze tubes with small openings:

●Narrow Ovals

●Small Squares

The best way to keep your cosmetics safe and your skin healthy is by using the right squeeze tubes for your product. If you’re in doubt about which type of tube will work best for how much product, contact your cosmetic tube manufacturer with your predicaments. The important thing to remember is that if you want a cosmetic squeeze tube that will protect your products from UV rays, then narrow openings are ideal!

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