The packing of refined oil, belong to

by:Lisson     2020-06-09
Of refined oil, belong to what PETG was a plastic packing, is a kind of amorphous polyester. A total monomer 1, 4 - of PETG Cyclohexane alcohol ( CHDM) , called polyethylene terephthalate 1, 4 - Cyclohexane ester. Immediately, the SFC made clear that the last three years is related to environmental protection, serious case, IPO is not allowed. Overall, the environmental protection letter of the future will also be strengthened. In 2018, is the key to A perfect and strengthen environmental information for one year. It also reflects a very important policy guidance, said involved in environmental protection. 1, plastic processing, ningxia gui-bao sun also thinks, deputy director of the will intensify supervision has a positive role in atmospheric pollution, there are some problems just by the local authorities to check can be difficult to find. He said: 'environmental protection supervision in ningxia group left a deep impression on me, found and solve the problem existed in a number of places. 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 Recently, the area along the summit held in Beijing, green development will become the common goal of all countries and an important part of the global governance. With the deepening of the 'neighbourhood' all the way forward, atmosphere, soil, ecology, and other fields will also be making progress. In the future, there will be more environmental protection enterprises to follow the rhythm of the 'area'. 9, laser silver card, gold card two kinds of color, can make the rainbow and local hologram of coated card, have high anti-counterfeit effect. What then 2016 enterprise changed the company name? Let's review together. Intends to change its name god fog energy-saving jincheng jincheng shares stake in late December 15 announcement, the announcement by the company to apply for, and approved by the shenzhen stock exchange, the company referred to as 'changed since December 16, change after referred to as' god fog energy conservation ', the company code '000820'. PET has been approved by the FDA, health Canada, Europe and almost all other health institutions and food and drink. It has been used in food and beverage containers for decades without any known adverse effect. PET and PET packaging of a wide range of research shows that it is again and again. 3, aluminum foil bag and shrinkable film material characteristics: good for keeping fresh, with good quality and shelf life of high barrier plastic packaging materials, has low cost, light weight, impact resistance, can be, microwave heating, convenient and packaging design options, etc. 2, the paster category is divided into the viscose ( Also called pure cotton) , blended ( Is commonly mixed lo) Cotton paper, non-woven fabric, paper of Peng Hua, commonly used for viscose and blended materials. Each mechanical processing equipment to waste oil, waste oil, waste emulsion collection device, to avoid on the ground. Do a good job in 'three wastes' treatment and the by-products, collection of disposal of waste gas, waste gas organized emission source must be over 15 m, and set up artificial sampling hole according to monitoring specification requirements, set up a fixed inclined ladder. Later, at the same time, also established a department by the environmental protection departments to tax, the environmental protection department coordination, will open the 'enterprise declaration, tax collection, environmental monitoring, information sharing' tax collection and administration. This is the rule of law in our country construction department interests with weakness of a groundbreaking attempt, profound, is worth looking forward to. And, energy conservation and environmental protection industry is given priority to with small micro enterprises, more than 30000 environmental protection enterprise, the scale of enterprise under 50 people accounted for 92%, low industrial concentration, scale efficiency is not obvious, the enterprise market competition ability, have integrated ability of solving large-scale comprehensive service enterprise is less. As the market gradually opening, saving energy and environmental protection market barriers to entry, but with the corresponding mechanism is not perfect, the chaos plaguing order in the market competition. 2, the burning of part, if too much black or oil droplets soon, most of the melting point is not normal, the PET film in common. Do not use the long residence time, in order to prevent the molecular weight decreased. As far as possible avoid temperature above 300 ℃. If the downtime is less than 15 minutes. Just make air-launched processing; If more than 15 minutes, then use PE clean, viscosity and the barrel temperature drop to PE, until it is. 8, matters needing attention
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