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Lotion Tube Wholesale Guide: A Comprehensive Overview


When figuring out the materials for the lotion and who makes the squeeze tubes, it's important to consider branding and design. Packaging your body lotion tube is essential for attracting customers to your brand and showing them what it stands for.  Consider the preferences of your target customers and your brand's appearance by analyzing the tubes' size, shape, and color. Also, consider adding features like flip-top caps and squeezable tubes to make it more convenient. Considering these factors, you can ensure your product stays fresh on the shelf and looks appealing to customers.

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Materials Used in Lotion Tubes

The lotion tube comes in various materials, each with advantages and disadvantages. The choice of material depends on the product, brand, and target audience.

Plastic Lotion Tubes

Various kinds of plastic lotion tubes are the cheapest kinds among all packaging options, which makes them ideal for mass production and large quantities. The tubes are designed with light plastic, making them easy to move around and store. These plastic squeeze tubes can be molded into any desired shape, size, and, equally, color. Plus, they allow the tubes to be very marketable and adaptable. It is the most widely used packaging for lotions because of its convenience and diversity among this type of packaging.

Types of Plastic Lotion Tubes

Squeeze tubes made from plastic material come in various sizes, each tailored to specific functionalities. Despite the large volume of scrap plastic rods, two main types dominate: LDPE (low-density polyethylene) and HDPE (high-density polyethylene).

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) Lotion Tubes

The strength and durability of HDPE tubes are the major reasons cosmetic tube manufacturers prefer it over other packaging options . While this material can add such properties as rigidity or the possibility of cracking tubes, LDPE squeeze tubes may lag in the flexibility factor.

Strong and durable: The main feature of the HDPE squeeze tubes is that they are made of a harder material, making them more resistant to cracking and breaking.

Resistant to chemicals and abrasion: The high-density polyethylene squeeze tube can endure severe chemical attacks and are less likely to have a Pegian and abrasive wear-off.

Suitable for thick lotions and creams: HDPE squeeze tubes are excellent options for packing thick and dense creams and lotions, as they have a stout structure suitable for this type of application.

LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) Tubes

LDPE tubes are most preferred for lotion packing because of their flexibility and ease of use. 

Flexible and soft: LDPE lotion tubes are produced from low-density material, which means they are resilient, and one can easily feel how soft they are to touch.

Easy to squeeze: The LDPE packaging squeeze tubes are more to strain and are hence considered desirable, especially when packaging serums or lotions, which are comparatively thin.

Ideal for thinner lotions and serums: Since many such products are light and watery, they can be safely packed in LDPE tubes due to their flexible texture.

Identifying the differences between the two lotion tube composites, such as aluminum or tin and plastic, can help organizations make a wise choice when picking their lotion packaging, especially when considering lotion tubes wholesale.

However, plastic lotion tubes also have some drawbacks:

Less eco-friendly: Lotion tubes should be made of non-renewable resources and recycled so others can reuse them.

Less durable: Plastic squeeze tubes for lotion can easily crack and break, whereas metallic squeeze tubes highly resist torsion stress.

Metal Lotion Tubes

Aluminum or tin are commonly used materials for lotions , offering enhanced durability and minimizing the likelihood of cracks or breakages. Moreover, their metallic composition lends a premium aesthetic and tactile experience, rendering them well-suited for luxury items and reputable brands. Moreover, metal tubes are recyclable and are made from renewable or environmentally friendly resources.

However, metal collapsible tubes for lotion packaging also have some drawbacks:

More expensive: Metal squeeze tubes are generally higher priced than plastic tubes; hence, they are not a good type that is labor intensive.

Less versatile: Because of the limitations in design flexibility provided by their rigid material, metal collapsible tubes can only be fabricated with limited functions.

Lotion Tube Design Considerations

The last step of finalizing packaging ideas involves consideration of a few factors, among which one is about giving a fresh outlook and showcasing the brand name, which is emphasized.

Here are some key design considerations to keep in mind:


Pick the one that fits our production needs from the current size selection (50ml, 100ml, 200ml).

Imagine your product held in the hands of your customers and the value that the right bulk of goods will be as well as the specific tube size can benefit them.


Choose from standard or custom-shaped merchandise (e.g., round, oval, and square) based on your branding.

Ensure the tube is in shape, conforms to ergonomics, and is appropriate for people's hands and minds.


Match your brand colors or choose from a range of options

Consider the visual appeal of the tube color and how it will stand out on store shelves


Apply stickers or labels for a more personalized look

Consider the labeling style, font, and design to ensure it aligns with your brand identity

Additionally, consider the following design elements:

Cap style and size

Tube material and finish (e.g., matte, glossy)

Brand logo and graphics

Product information and instructions

wholesale lotion tube printing selection

Printing and Labeling Options

Choose various printing and labeling methods for your brand's lotion tubes to provide a unique brand identity and push your products and services.

Here are some options to consider:

Screen Printing

Screenprinting results in quality prints that are sharp, strong, and durable, excellent for logos, slogans, and vibrant and eye-catching designs. This paper can withstand the dangers of boxing and shipping, meaning such prints in white can and will make it in ours. This is also valuable for brands that want to raise eco-awareness and serve durability and color quality goals.

Digital Printing 

Digital printing is a fast and easy way of printing, with it being able to display your service incomparably with sharper and more precise graphics and offering budget-friendly solutions for small to medium orders. Companies prefer this fabrication method since the turnaround period is significantly lower than additive and subtractive processes. These firms also use this manufacturing method to test their new products without significant investments.


Stickers or labels may be used to achieve an identity and an individual style. The labels are a mark that can be used to feature brands, product descriptions, or instructions. They can be updated easily so you may redesign or furnish your model with new content.

Additionally, consider the following printing and labeling options:

Hot stamping: Apply metallic foil or holographic effects to create a premium look.

Embossing: Raise your brand logo or design to create a tactile experience.

Debossing: Engrave your design or logo to create a subtle, sophisticated look.

Shrink sleeves: Wrap your lotion tubes in a full-body sleeve for maximum branding real estate.

Finishing Touches

Add a professional finish to your lotion tubes with various options: 


Lid shape and size are other variables to control, and one can partner with cosmetic tube manufacturers to select the option that aligns with one's brand identity. Plastic or metal hats are your choice to enjoy the look of quality elegance. Furthermore, put forward more things like, for example, safety and security caps.


Induction sealing and shrink packaging can be employed for a hermetically seal and apparent tamper. These packing practices are very important as they will prevent the products from getting lost or contaminated, helping you tightly control your products' quality Level. You can provide dependable packaging to your end users through compliance with rules and regulations nationwide and in the industry.


This gives you a chance to use either individual packaging or get them in bulk containers, depending on your business needs, while you source for your lotion tube packing options. Select reusable materials like paper or plastic so that your efforts align with sustainable and, most importantly, eco-friendly practices. A custom lotion tube packaging design and inserts can give your brand an extra personal touch. The extra layer of exclusivity may make your brand seem more valuable.

Finding the Right Lotion Tube Manufacturer


Among several points to be evaluated when considering a manufacturer for your lotion tubes, proficiency in creating quality articles is the most basic. However, Look for manufacturers with proven expertise and check their portfolios and referrals to be given confidence. Ensure they have working experience with the competition lately, as the package types provide.

Quality Control

Product suppliers must have strict quality control to ensure product consistency and reliability to avoid worsening consumers' health status. Certification with ISO or GMP can indicate whether manufacturing is conducted within the quality standards. Witnessing their operation and seeing how the factory works, including checking quality procedures, can help you appreciate the quality of these products.


Opt for a company among those customizing options to configure the lotion tubes in your favorite style. In this case, branding can include customized colors, shapes, sizes, and packaging designs. Ensure the manufacturer you work with will meet your customization requirements and satisfy your production requests.


One way you can do that is by having an exact encounter with a vendor with an appropriate certification such as ISO, GMP, or one of those issued by the FDA, which guarantees that the manufacturer is meticulous in production and follows all the rules. Create certification procedures that meet current regulatory requirements and industry standards for packaging production. Make sure to assess if awards or acknowledgment have been given for their superior quality and design among other big names in the industry.

Final Say

Wholesale lotion tubes are an essential part of your body lotion packaging. By considering material, design, printing, finishing, and manufacturer, you can create the perfect packaging for your product. Follow this guide to find the best wholesale lotion tubes for your business and take your product to the next level.

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