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Pros of cosmetic tube packaging & application


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Different from traditional materials, plastic cosmetic tube from cosmetic tube manufacturer has a faster pace of technological progress. With the continuous emergence of new technologies, materials and processes, plastic Cosmetic Tube has an increasingly prominent advantage over traditional materials. Plastic Cosmetic Tube is lighter than conventional metal, typically 1/6-1/10 the weight of metal, and has better corrosion resistance, impact resistance and tensile strength. Plastic Cosmetic Tube has a much smoother inner surface than cast iron, has a lower friction coefficient and fluid resistance, and can reduce water energy consumption by more than 5%. The overall energy consumption of the cosmetic Tube manufacturer is reduced by 75%. Bulk Cosmetic Tubes for Cosmetic Tube Manufacturers are easy to transport, simple to package, and can last 30 to 50 years.


Polyethylene in recent 10 years in the world's rapid development, many countries in the field of cosmetic packaging application of polyethylene has taken an absolute advantage. Polyethylene is widely used not only to replace traditional materials, but also to replace POLYvinyl chloride, due to the innovation of cosmetic Tube Factory in the past 10 years.

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On the one hand, material has made significant progress. The strength of the special polyethylene material has almost doubled through cosmetic Tube Supplier's improvement of the polyethylene polymerization production process.

The application technology of cosmetic tube supplier has new development, for example, in recent years, the technology of using directional drilling method to lay polyethylene has given full play to the superiority of polyethylene, so that the traditional material is not competitive in the situation suitable for the use of this method. At present, there are many new materials and technologies under study or have been studied and tested. The technological progress of plastic cosmetic tube will certainly promote its rapid development and wider range in the future.

In addition, there is a growing demand for wholesale sugarcane cosmetic packagingPCR cosmetic Packaging, and biodegradable cosmetic packaging suppliers have also developed.

  • What all kinds of skin care tube packaging have in common

  • 1. All kinds of skin care products are basically packaged in plastic cosmetic tubes from cosmetic tube manufacturers with diameters ranging from 30mm to 60mm; Capacity between 80g - 300g; Tube materials are single layer, double layer, multi-layer and other varieties; Transparent, white, color, round, oval tube, etc. Supporting round head, flat head, pointed head, clamshell, metal cover and other covers. LIDS are common throughout the bottom of the package (for ease of use).

  • 2. Skin care products have a high degree of fine differentiation, which can be described as the most skin cleaning products, especially foreign brands. This is obviously the consumer is not satisfied with a single cleaning function, began to have more requirements for the product. According to statistics, skin care products with single cleaning function only account for about one-third of the market share, while whitening skin care products account for 35%. Other functions of skin care products also include face moisturizing, body lotion moisturizing, grease removal, cooling, anti-aging, acne removal, freckle removal, etc., and so on. At the same time, brands are launching skincare collection kits. A brand is a series of products tend to adopt a kind of design style, shape and at the same time, size, or local color and slightly different words, give a person with visual sense of unity, and at the same time of constantly improve the degree of product refinement, but there is no messy feeling, let the consumer will make consumers at first sight this series of products when they think they are perfect combination, It's the best match.

  • 3. On the front of skin care products packaging from cosmetic tube manufacturers, the most eye-catching brand logo is followed by a brief description of skin care products within 10 words. If it is a series of products, there will be a series name. The back of the product includes the method of use, product formula, product efficacy, net content, shelf life, certificate, production number, bar code and other information.

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