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Modern cosmetics tube and bottle packaging tends to be diversified and multi-purpose


For cosmetics, what kind of effect the product itself will have on the skin, how its own smell, and how long it takes to be effective, seems to be a big criterion for us to consider the quality of the product. In addition, the cosmetic tube packaging container is also a very important element, especially at the moment, the beautiful and exquisite cosmetic packaging bottle design is one of the most indispensable strategies for brand marketing. The way and the beauty of the appearance every time the product is taken is like reading a hidden story. It can always surprise people. I am afraid that making users feel like this is also creating various cosmetic bottles. The original intention of the designer. Putting cosmetics and fragrances in such cosmetic bottles, their beauty will also be more eye-catching, and every outstanding cosmetic bottle design is carefully crafted by designers, and it is worthy of our collection and collection. Play around.


   Today, the tube packaging of modern cosmetics has formed the following four characteristics in the selection of packaging materials and containers, structural design and decoration design:

   1. Cosmetic packaging plastic materials and composite materials are increasingly used in cosmetic packaging. Packaging containers, especially plastic bottles and cosmetic tube designs from cosmetic tube manufacturers tend to be diversified. On the contrary, the use of glass bottles is restricted, and only perfumes and other high-end cosmetics or cosmetics that easily lose fragrance are still packaged in glass bottles.

   2. The specifications of cosmetic packaging bottles are diversified. In order to meet different needs, the capacity of packaging containers is diversified to facilitate consumers' choices.

   3. Serialization of cosmetic packaging design. Usually the trademark pattern and text font are unified, and different varieties are indicated by different tones, water patterns or different shapes and structures.

   Fourth, cosmetic packaging containers are becoming more and more adapted to the needs of individualized development. Cosmetic packaging manufacturers also often focus on gender, age, region, ethnicity, etc., and package cosmetics in different ways according to the aesthetic appeal of different groups of people.

Innovative technology and craftsmanship brought by cosmetic bottle packaging

   Innovative technology and craftsmanship brought by cosmetic bottle packaging

    In the market, if we pay attention to various containers and packaging, cosmetic bottles, whether they belong to the most abundant function or process of appearance category. The cosmetics market determines the demand for cosmetic bottles with diversity in appearance and function. Today we will take a look at the appearance of cosmetic packaging bottles and containers that have brought a new generation of new technologies and changes.

    First, bring new cosmetic bottle cap types and functions. The introduction of squeeze nozzle lotion bottle cosmetics can well control the amount of emulsion squeezed out. The lotion is introduced into the spray nozzle. Further oil type is the upper limit of using dropper bottle cosmetics. These reports are not only in the form of cosmetic bottle packaging, food, but also chemical bottles in other fields. Secondly, the cosmetic bottles are frosted and sprayed. In order to make the cosmetics of the bottle look fashionable and high-end, the frosted glass perfume bottle is adopted, and the process starts with the market application of frosting such as bottles. Finally, the plexiglass cosmetic bottle is applied. In order to find a cosmetic bottle with a glass-like appearance and resistant to material breakage, Acrylic launched the bottle. Later, this special acrylic material was gradually applied in the health care bottle packaging market.

   For cosmetic bottles, because of the characteristics of the market, there will be many applications of new technologies, and the application of these new technologies will promote the development of other packaging technologies, which is a virtuous circle.

   Analysis of the future development trend of cosmetic bottle packaging design

   To stay in the leading position in the fierce industry competition, it is necessary to fully understand the market conditions. Today I want to talk to you about the future development trend of cosmetic bottle packaging design that cosmetic bottle manufacturers are particularly concerned about.

   First of all, plastic cosmetic bottle packaging will tend to be degradable packaging materials. A large number of plastic cosmetic bottles are discarded and cannot be recycled, resulting in waste of resources and environmental pollution. As people pay more attention to environmental protection and sustainable development, new degradable environmentally friendly packaging materials will be more used in the design and packaging of plastic cosmetic bottles. Secondly, relevant regulations on cosmetic bottle packaging will also be promulgated. With market regulation, relevant departments will strengthen the supervision of cosmetic bottle packaging and formulate corresponding standards and measures. Finally, the hygiene and safety of cosmetic bottle packaging will meet the standards, which will be an aspect that consumers will pay more and more attention to in the future. It is also a technical problem that cosmetic bottle manufacturers need to work hard to solve. Cosmetic packaging design For cosmetic bottle packaging, there are still many things that I can't repeat one by one, but these aspects mentioned above are a focus of development in the future.

The future of cosmetic packaging for cosmetic tube and bottle manufacturers

 Under the impact of the Internet economy, luxury cosmetics packaging and expensive cosmetics packaging are no longer popular among consumers. Instead, simple packaging that fully reflects the meaning of fast fashion culture can better cater to consumers' preferences.

   The requirement for excessive packaging of cosmetics is that the gap of cosmetic packaging is less than 50%, and the number of packaging layers must be limited to less than 3 layers. In addition, there is another non-compulsory standard, that is, the sum of all packaging costs except for the initial packaging should not exceed 12% of the merchandise sales price.

   The purpose of cosmetics is to bring consumers a sense of visual beauty. Therefore, the gorgeous cosmetic tube packaging cannot make consumers pay. Brands that are enthusiastic about luxury packaging spend too much time on packaging. Instead, there is a certain contrast between the outer packaging and the quality of the product itself, which reduces the quality of the product to a certain extent. In addition, the level of consumption has been rising unabated. In the current thermal fast fashion, young people only want to find products that meet their own aesthetics and are more effective than the outer packaging. Moreover, the current consumption channels of young people are mainly online, and the evaluation of the quality of the cosmetic tube packaging after the express delivery often affects their judgment on whether the cosmetics are genuine.

Whether for suppliers, brands or consumers, cosmetic tube packaging is convenient, environmentally friendly, and cost-saving, making it the best choice for the market of washing cosmetics and care products. Compared with other packaging materials, the packaging tube is very flexible and suitable for a variety of decorations. At the same time, it can be produced more quickly than other materials. In addition to the choice of colors favored by the brand, the packaging tube also has a metallic texture, mature printing technology, and the separation of the cover tube allows consumers to have more flexibility to squeeze the product. It can be said that the packaging tube itself is the advertisement of the brand and product. plate.

    With the expansion of more automatic filling technologies, the cost of filling has also been greatly reduced, thus bringing more profit margins to the brand. Modern technology also allows more innovative designs of packaging tubes. For example, the extended nozzle tip makes the product easier to apply makeup. In addition, more products prefer to use tin foil to seal and use novel colors to create a metallic texture.

    For those formula product brands that are sensitive to air and light, vacuum packaging is another important reason why more and more cosmetics and care brands love cosmetic tube packaging. The vacuum tube is one of the brand's favorite choices because it has great packaging advantages, especially preventing air from returning to the packaging, thereby damaging and contaminating the product formula. Mainly provide standard vacuum central pumping product packaging, which can guarantee the safe and effective packaging of formulas that require barrier protection technology to customers.

    Provides up to five layers of protective barriers between the product formulation and the outside world, and provides four different sealing film materials, such as ABL, CAL, VMPE and HAL materials, each of which can ensure functionality and satisfy consumers Aesthetic needs. The aluminum-plastic composite tube has become very popular in recent years, mainly because it is processed into a sheet with aluminum foil and plastic film through a co-extrusion composite process, and then processed into a tube packaging container by a special tube making machine, which is especially suitable for hygienic and barrier properties. Cosmetic packaging with high performance requirements.

    With the continuous development of science and technology, the thickness of the aluminum foil barrier layer in the aluminum-plastic composite cosmetic tube has been reduced from the original 40μm to 12μm, or even 9μm. Aluminum foil has excellent barrier properties such as light barrier, oxygen barrier, and water barrier. On the one hand, it can prevent foreign substances from entering the interior of the cosmetics to cause oxidative deterioration of the cosmetics, and on the other hand, it can prevent the moisture or glycerin in the cosmetics from passing through the tube. Spread to the outside world, thereby effectively ensuring the quality of cosmetics. More importantly, through the adjustment of structure and process, cosmetic packaging is easier to achieve the highlight effect, especially suitable for tube-in-tube packaging.

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