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Study on the change of cosmetic tube packaging design under consumer psychology


Today, with the continuous development of market economy, people's material living standard is generally improved, consumer psychology is leading our market, the combination of cosmetic tube packaging design and consumer psychology research has become a concept of cosmetic tube packaging design. Famous design guru Donald Once said: "User-centered design is a fundamental way to avoid making mistakes."

① Designers should be good at grasping a series of psychological activities of consumers in the process of shopping, with the help of cosmetics tube packaging to accurately convey information, so as to promote the realization of consumption results. In the contemporary consumer market, customers' demands for products show the characteristics of diversification and individuation, so the speed of product renewal is also accelerating. Cosmetic tube packaging has followed cosmetics into every corner of life. In the circulation of goods, cosmetic tube packaging has actually become a propaganda tool. Cosmetic tube manufacturers study consumer psychology and explore the process from consumers' attention to cosmetics to further interest and trigger purchase action. They must apply the knowledge and principles of psychology to solve problems.

Excellent cosmetic tube packaging design is through the external form of cosmetics, to express the psychological needs of spiritual and material life of consumers, to express a kind of emotion. Psychologist Wundt believes that "all psychological phenomena are relatively complex psychological complexes formed by simple psychological elements."

② This sentence of Wundt, applied to the field of cosmetic tube packaging design, can be understood as follows:

Cosmetic tube packaging design is a combination of multiple elements, and consumer psychology is one of the important elements.

Cosmetic tube packaging design process is a system of complex process, at the beginning of the cosmetic tube manufacturers will consider the consumer psychology. Because consumers in the process of consumption, the change of consumer psychology to the final result of consumption - consumers buy or not has a great relationship. The end result of cosmetic tube packaging is to affect consumers, consumers' lifestyle, purchase motivation, psychological reaction, the degree of education are all cosmetic tube packaging designers must consider. According to the characteristics of different ages, occupations and personalities of consumers, cosmetic tube manufacturers develop different cosmetic tube packaging sales strategies, which is the focus of cosmetic tube packaging designers. It is also bound to be an important part of business sales strategy. This also highlights the important role of market research, the correct choice of target market, cosmetic tube manufacturers to meet the psychological needs of consumers, know yourself and know your opponent to win every battle.

Design lies in innovation, only novel and unique cosmetic tube packaging will attract the attention of consumers. In the product from "oneness" slowly to "diversity" today, moderate, accurate grasp of the deep psychological needs of consumers, according to the multi-level characteristics of consumer demand and the essential difference of goods, it is particularly important to develop the corresponding design scheme.

tube in today's cosmetics packaging design practice, although had obvious improvement over previous, but due to the time development, especially for consumer demand for green, health, environmental protection, human nature to analysis the problem, the reality of tube cosmetics packaging design is done is far from enough, a lot of design lack of originality, Designers lack of communication with consumers, only from the personal concept of understanding, design works although beautiful but lack of use value. Cosmetic tube packaging has the characteristics of high consumption, improper packaging or excessive packaging of cosmetic tube are easy to cause the waste of resources. How to design a more reasonable and humanized cosmetic tube packaging according to different characteristics of cosmetics is the current direction of cosmetic tube packaging designers should study.

Driven by the wave of internationalization, the western design concept has a positive impact on the cosmetic tube packaging market, filling the space of our life. While studying and studying internationalization and globalization, we should pay more attention to the survival themes of cosmetic tube packaging design (such as participating in market competition, brand image promotion, promoting sustainable development, etc.) in different cultural environments and different economic conditions. This can make the wholesale cosmetic tube packaging design has a strong support.

To study the relationship between psychology and cosmetic tube packaging, cosmetic tube manufacturers must focus on the psychological demands of consumers and take the concept of "people-oriented" as the starting point of cosmetic tube packaging design. It is a general trend to study the culture of cosmetic tube packaging design. Modern cosmetic tube packaging design should stand at a considerable height, cosmetic tube manufacturers macro attention to human development, change, grab the benign genes of the relevant local civilization, so as to open up a cosmetic tube packaging design and humanistic color combination of the road.

In fact, there are good examples of how localization and internationalization can be combined. For example: The development and progress of Japan's modern cosmetic tube packaging design is relatively fast pace, careful analysis, the rapid development of Japanese cosmetic tube packaging design and the introduction of western design culture is inseparable. In the west, Bauhaus had produced the influence of cosmetic tube packaging design, his design ideas became a concept, cosmetic tube packaging design in the west had a wide impact. Bauhaus, too, had a huge impact on the design of flexible packaging for Japanese cosmetics in the 1950s. In particular, the "Swiss style" attracted attention with refined language and elegant form, combined with the delicacy and sensibility of Japanese traditional culture, thus designed the popular cosmetics tube packaging design works. Cosmetics tube manufacturers pay attention to internationalization is the macro idea of Japanese design, at the same time, The Japanese always adhere to the cultural characteristics of localization. It is this kind of foreign culture absorption, digestion, criticism of the design ideas, so that the Japanese cosmetics tube packaging design is rich in advanced international style, but also with distinctive national characteristics.

Today, our living standard is improving day by day, and our pursuit of material is becoming more and more intense. As a value-added means to realize the value of commodities and show the value of their use, cosmetic flexible packaging exerts a great influence in the circulation process of products.

In particular, the emergence and popularity of supermarkets has changed the way consumers consume. Consumers will not consciously through the product external cosmetics tube packaging form of the pros and cons of commodity quality. Commodity tube cosmetics packaging form directly affects the consumer's judgment, therefore, commodity tube cosmetics packaging design must, and can meet the demand of consumer psychology, its good, clear and deep impression to consumers, while attract consumer attention, let consumers have a great desire to buy, triggering a series of consumer behavior. It can be said that the cosmetic tube packaging design of cosmetics is of great value to the branding and marketing of products.

After more than 20 years of rapid development, cosmetic tube packaging industry has attracted more and more attention because of cosmetic safety problems. Wholesale cosmetic tube packaging industry in recent years has produced remarkable changes in the rapid development, whether cosmetic tube packaging material, or cosmetic tube packaging function, are to a certain extent from the needs of "people". Pay attention to the actual needs of consumers. But cosmetic tube manufacturers should also see, "high consumption, high investment, high pollution, low benefit" economic development model, still hinder the development of cosmetic tube packaging industry. Traditional and extensive economic growth still occupies a dominant position, which of course affects the thinking of cosmetic tube packaging design. In addition, commodity manufacturers also misread the concept of cosmetic tube packaging, such as not paying attention to the details of cosmetic tube packaging, excessive cosmetic tube packaging, insufficient market segmentation, lack of difference, lack of creativity and so on.

2. Research objectives

The research of cosmetic tube manufacturers involves different disciplines such as design, consumer psychology, cosmetic tube packaging materials, aesthetics, marketing and so on. Although these disciplines are independent from each other, they penetrate and influence each other. Cosmetic tube packaging is an indispensable part of people's production and life, whether from the safety function, or from the convenience function, are the attention of consumers. Cosmetic tube packaging as a "bridge" between consumers and businesses, conveying a variety of information, but also easier to attract the attention of consumers. Mass purchasing behavior is based on people's psychological motivation, so the designer should pay attention to is the consumer psychology, study consumer motivation, tube cosmetics packaging design in the social development, the market changes, and the change of consumers living standards improve under the changes, finally realizes to adapt to the market, affect the market, leading the market and occupy the market.

As a designer, we should not only take consumers as the center, but also examine consumers' consumption habits. Not only to stimulate consumption and meet the needs of consumers, but also to pay attention to consumers using environmental protection materials to reflect the needs of social value.

Cosmetic tube manufacturers put forward the idea that "design is for people, not products" although it has been widely circulated in the design industry for many years, but has not really been implemented in some cosmetic tube packaging design. The dangerous design concept of "go your own way" always exists in the modern cosmetic flexible packaging design. The fundamental reason is to think less about the sociality of cosmetic flexible tube packaging and pay little attention to the social existence of cosmetic flexible tube packaging. More importantly, the design concept of "going my own way" ignores the existence of "people" in the process of Commodity Exchange. The purpose of consumer purchase is to satisfy both material and spiritual needs. This also has carried on the concrete orientation to the cosmetic tube packaging design in fact, that is, the cosmetic tube packaging design must take the consumer psychological demand as the criterion. Consumption is a kind of psychological demand, cosmetic tube packaging design must study consumer psychology, cosmetic tube packaging design and psychological research and analysis are closely linked, inseparable.

Cosmetic tube manufacturers study the actual purchasing behavior and psychological reaction of consumers, and then according to the material and psychological needs of different classes of human beings, formulate the cosmetic tube packaging sales strategy, which is the only way for enterprises to develop today. Designers correctly choose the target market, as far as possible to meet the psychological needs of consumers, is the guiding ideology of modern cosmetics tube packaging design.

The purpose of cosmetic tube packaging design is to give goods a beautiful and reasonable coat, so that merchants are satisfied, but also make customers satisfied.

The important significance of cosmetic tube packaging design lies in that this design is closely related to consumers' life, health and safety factors.

Healthy and safe consumer psychology is the first element of consumer purchasing activities. Cosmetic tube only in line with the psychological needs of consumers, comply with the trend of consumer psychological changes of cosmetic tube packaging design is the appropriate cosmetic tube packaging design. In reality, ttube in the function of the lack of scientific and rational cosmetic tube packaging,

A lot of times, cosmetic tube manufacturers some operational errors and difficulties will cause a lot of obstacles when using. All these, the surface looks trivial, however the inadequacy in this kind of use process and obstacle enough affect consumer use mood and buy desire. Cosmetic tube packaging designers design high quality, people-oriented products, not only can directly promote the rapid development and progress of our economy, but also make the majority of people's life more beautiful, make our environment more beautiful, make our society more harmonious.

Three, cosmetics tube review

For the study of cosmetic tube packaging design and consumer psychology, cosmetic tube manufacturers not only on consumer demand, interest, buying power, consumers' buying decisions, the actual action to buy a detailed description, tube and cosmetics packaging decoration, product design, marketing psychology, tube cosmetics packaging promotion strategy, countries around the world sales tube cosmetics packaging design features such as content has carried on the system study, the cosmetics tube manufacturer focus on consumer sentiment and the emotion psychology, also proposed how to cause consumer interest and so on.

From micro to macro, from individual to group, cosmetic tube manufacturers analyze consumer behavior from different angles, which has macro guiding significance and micro practical operation significance. This is a professional book that has a wide impact. In addition to maintaining the original characteristics, cosmetic tube manufacturers study the main object of enterprise marketing activities -- consumers' buying behavior and its laws from the perspective of psychology, and make a systematic and detailed analysis of the consumer psychology of different consumer groups.

Cosmetic tube manufacturers study the object of the consumer, and thus issued to the cosmetic tube packaging designer requirements. The psychological needs of consumers are a kind of tempering of creative design of cosmetic tube manufacturers. This kind of training makes the cosmetic tube packaging design have to choose the best cosmetic tube packaging structure and material for the product, and finally enables the supply and demand sides to achieve a win-win situation quickly and effectively.

The above works have their own characteristics in the cosmetic tube packaging design or consumer psychology research, there are strong theoretical support, but the cosmetic tube manufacturers from the consumer psychology to study the cosmetic tube packaging design of the paper is not much, especially the cosmetic tube packaging design. Consumer psychology is constantly changing with the progress of society and has been paid more and more attention by eastern and western scholars.

Iv. Research methods for cosmetic tube manufacturers

The research of cosmetic tube manufacturers involves many disciplines, including design, consumer psychology, marketing, sociology, cosmetic tube packaging material engineering and so on. This study starts from design, takes consumer psychology as the breakthrough point, and integrates cognitive psychology, marketing, sociology and other disciplines. In this way, we can think and study the problem from various angles and in all directions.

Specific research methods:

(a) cosmetics tube manufacturers survey cosmetics tube packaging design related literature and historical data, through the analysis of these data, clear research ideas, understand the evolution of cosmetics tube packaging design history, background, analysis of consumer psychology and cosmetics tube packaging design complex connection.

(2) cosmetic tube manufacturers according to the actual situation of cosmetic tube packaging field, collect examples, combined with my practical experience of cosmetic tube packaging design, moderate reading of domestic and foreign cosmetic tube packaging design, consumer psychology and other related theories, broaden horizon, expand ideas.

(3) Cosmetic tube manufacturers communicate with professional scholars and senior cosmetic tube packaging designers and consumer psychologists with rich practical experience to contact and study consumer groups at different levels, and conduct appropriate investigation and research on the market, in order to obtain rich first-hand information.

(4) Cosmetic tube case analysis: cosmetic tube manufacturers through the cosmetic tube packaging design of some actual typical case analysis and research, find the crux of the problem, find the solution to the problem, so as to achieve the combination of theory and practice. The purpose is to improve the theoretical knowledge of self, improve the level of ideological understanding. Specific, real, typical and persuasive cases are used to verify the scientific nature of the theory, making the research more academic and practical guiding significance.

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