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Eco-friendly Skincare Packaging: A Habit for You and Your Planet


Your skin belongs to you, and you belong to this earth. Right? So why not care for this planet while you do the same to your body!

People are trying to minimize their waste in all aspects of their daily lives, from kitchen utensils they purchase to skincare products worldwide.

It feels good when you chose something eco-friendly! Doesn't it? 

Apart from feeling good, choosing eco-friendly skin care products is now becoming the priority of many responsible citizens, so businesses are now more concerned about the responsibility towards the environment and corporate social responsibility. Let's dig deep into the facts that why else enterprises are shifting towards cosmetic sustainable packaging:


1. It depicts the corporate social responsibility 

An emphasis on corporate social responsibility makes a business stand as a committed entity towards the environment and society.


2. Decrease carbon footprints

Brands are now concerned about the greenhouse gas that they are emitting and causing a natural disaster. By minimizing their carbon footprints, they are focusing on cutting energy costs, built employee morale and construct a brand reputation.


3. Sustainable packaging saves millions.

When an enterprise deals with sustainable packaging, it gets optimized in many ways like lower environmental impact, increased efficiency, less wastage in packaging materials, and saves the cost of manufacturing, operational, and supply chain.


4. To fulfill retailer's expectations.

Retailers that are concerned for corporate social responsibility choose cosmetic packaging manufacturers that support the same. So in order to match the retailer's expectation, it's essential to come out clean.


5. Match growing demand

Consumers are willing to pay extra for sustainable products. Eco-conscious customers care about sustainable packaging, and they're eager to choose the company that supports the same.

Is your skincare routine killing this planet?

When you choose any skincare product, you make sure any ingredient doesn't harm your skin. But, do you give the same amount of concern when it comes to the environment? Some of you do, and some of you don’t. Though, the impact of plastic packaging intimidates everyone and convinces them to opt for eco-friendly packaging that is less harmful, produces less or no waste. Keep scrolling to become a conscious customer-

Understanding makeup eco-friendly packaging

Eco-friendly skincare packaging refers to the cosmetic biodegradable container made of recyclable material and is recyclable itself. Eco-friendly packaging can be challenging because of the following reasons-

1. It is expected not to mix with the product itself, but it's tough with packaging material being biodegradable.

2. Biodegradable packaging allows shorter shelf-life.

In recent years, eco-friendly packaging has seen an increase in demand because of the factors discussed above and because of threats that plastic chemicals may cause to our health and environment.


What are eco-friendly cosmetic packaging materials?

Any material that leaves 'no waste' is suitable for eco-friendly packaging. No waste refers to the kind of packaging where nothing is sent to landfills, water bodies, or incinerated. Some recyclable skincare packaging includes paper, cardboard packaging, aluminum tubes, cosmetic packaging, packaging in metals and glass bottles, and jars.


Why it is important to choose custom eco-friendly skincare packaging

In recent times, sustainable beauty packaging is clearly having a moment.

Sustainable skincare packaging is becoming a priority of many conscious customers who are embracing a cleaner and greener approach to beauty.


We all know beauty products are used widely on a daily basis. Still, only a few are aware of the amount and impact of its produced waste, like the product's outer box, its inner packaging, and the delivery company packaging. Only a tiny portion is usable out of all these things. The fact that bio-degradable products are even more important is- this waste multiplies the harm when they are not biodegradable.

Read about some famous sustainable skincare packaging trends-



Sugarcane tubes

Sugar cane packaging is widely used by companies when it comes to eco-friendly skincare packaging. Ethanol extracted from sugarcane builds a workable plant-based polythene product and is also suitable for recycling and can be reused. For the skincare packaging sector, sugarcane-based polyethylene is one of the acknowledged substitutions because it is made from the byproduct of sugarcane, bio-based polymer. Benefits of sugar cane packaging-

· Plant-based plastic.

· It is a renewable resource

· Reusable and recyclable

· It maintains the same properties as traditional oil-based polymers.

Aluminum tube cosmetic packaging

Another form of packaging being prominent in the skincare and cosmetic industry is aluminum. Aluminum does not cause any threat to the environment and health, so it has a wide range of applications. From spray bottles to tubes, aluminum covers it all. FDA has approved aluminum powder as a safe substance for cosmetic use. Features of aluminum-

1. Works as an infinitely recyclable product

2. Free from corrosion and containments

3. It does not react or absorb the ingredients of the cosmetic product.

4. Aluminum is considered noble. Out of all the other metals, aluminum meets each requirement sustainability.

5. Always looks new

6. Low consumption of energy

PCR cosmetic packaging

It stands for post-consumer recycling. Plastic recycled after it has already gone through a first customer is called post-consumer recycling. Consumers are becoming aware of the environmental threat their skincare packaging is posing and want to contribute their part in recycling, reducing waste, and connecting to sustainable cosmetic packaging suppliers.


Is PCR cosmetic tube different from recycled plastic?

It is a hundred percent different from recycled plastic because recycled plastic has not gone through customer use before, unlike PCR. PCR is available in different resins and thus can be added in a wide range of skincare packaging options like compact, sticks, palette, pots, etc.



Cosmetic, skincare, hair care packaging is one of the significant ways to make an impact when it comes to sustainability. When you follow a sustainable approach, you can:

· Build your brand reputation in corporate social responsibility

· Reduce your industry's carbon footprints

· Attract environment-conscious customers

· Influence other brands to go sustainable

In the past few years, the topic of sustainability and eco-friendliness has shifted significantly. As an individual or an industry, you should do your best to avoid anything that cannot be usable or recyclable. Don't let your habits ruin your planet.

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