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New materials become the future trend of cosmetic packaging


In the field of wholesale cosmetics packaging, with the improvement of the technical level, the development of cosmetics packaging gradually highlights the characteristics of personalized display and innovation, the introduction and application of new technology and new process, the development and replacement of new environmentally friendly cosmetics packaging materials, safe and convenient cosmetics packaging will be more welcomed by the market. The application of new technology, the emergence of new products, and the overwhelming packaging and publicity, the purpose of the only one is to compete for every hesitant customer. In the great wealth of goods today, no change, no innovation, will be eliminated. For novel products, if novel packaging is adopted, the influence on customers will be greatly enhanced. In addition, novel cosmetic packaging can add luster and attraction to a very ordinary product.

In the personal care products and perfume market, the packaging of cosmetics products has become an important factor that can quickly lock the eyes of consumers on the retail shelves. Because contemporary consumers have become increasingly aware of packaging design, from the mass market to high-end shopping malls, from cosmetic glass bottles to cosmetic plastic bottles, perfume and cosmetics marketers are increasingly focusing on the innovation and novelty of cosmetic packaging. With fierce competition for the attention of the end consumer, many cosmetic packaging suppliers feel that product design is more important than ever. Personalized demand drives the continuous development of customized production (personalized production mode for different consumer needs), and patent mold is popular in the industry enterprises.


Cosmetics packaging materials of the leading direction, the general sense of the cosmetics actually includes skin care products, hairdressing and perfume and so on several categories. According to the concerned personnel introduction of industry association of cosmetics of Chinese perfume essence, honey of frost of all sorts of eye frost, night, SOD and sunscreen all can be classified into the list that protect skin to taste, shampoo, protect hair element, dye hair water, lip balm, eyebrow pen, nail polish and so on make up things can be put into hairdressing beauty hair things, and perfume always can become oneself. Cosmetics as a fashion consumer goods, it needs high-quality packaging materials, in order to enhance its value. At present, almost all kinds of materials are used in cosmetics packaging, and cosmetic glass container, cosmetic plastic tube& bottle, cosmetic metal tube three materials are mainly used in cosmetics packaging container materials at present, and paper box is commonly used as the outer packaging of cosmetics. The continuous development of new materials and new processing technology, the pursuit of new modeling, has been the industry's focus in the development of cosmetics packaging containers. A technical engineer that is engaged in material to pack research for a long time says to the reporter, now, the application scope of material already was not confined to just at vitreous bottle, plastic bottle, the application of new material also already became cosmetic industry to roll out new product, a kind of means that perfect existing product. The bottle body material of bath brand changes the hard plastic texture before, and chose the soft hardness plastic package with more human nature, so, virtually, increased the affinity of this one product. The implication is not unrelated to the choice of packaging materials. Similarly, on the basis of the existing strong brands, Cosmetics Brand has made a lot of efforts to improve the packaging patterns and materials, and strive to inject new vitality into the old brands. And this also means that fashion, eye-catching, dynamic, interesting cosmetics packaging design and the use of new bottle type, will become one of the means to win the final cosmetics manufacturers in the future. In the field of skin care products, durable, exquisite outer packaging is emerging in endlessly.

In general, the packaging of cosmetics should be both protective, functional and decorative. According to market research, Cosmetic Container Manufacturers predicts that all three will be the future of cosmetic packaging. "The expert pointed out. First of all, fresh-packed cosmetics will occupy a considerable market. In order to meet the needs of customers, enterprises choose to produce preservative-free products. Accordingly, for example the essence element of a lot of brands used this kind of package means namely. Although this kind of cosmetics is usually expensive and hardly a mainstream product in the market, it is a sign of a fashionable and luxurious lifestyle in the future, so it will have a stable customer base. The second is the development and design of green packaging materials. At present, there have been more and more cosmetics enterprises began to pay attention to environmental protection issues, in the choice of cosmetics packaging materials will also be considered whether these materials can be recycled? Like products, there is no doubt that green, environmentally friendly packaging materials will be the trend of The Times.

Another technology that could go mainstream is multilayer plastic composites. It combines multiple layers of different types of plastic together in a single molding, allowing you to choose any color and design any shape if you have enough imagination. With the multi-layer molding technology, the plastic packaging of cosmetics can completely isolate light and air and avoid oxidation of skin care products on the one hand. On the other hand, by mixing different kinds of substances, it can bring wonderful visual effects and unique feel on the appearance, and improve the flexibility of cosmetic tube. Thanks to the efforts of chemists and plastic manufacturers, plastic products have regained the transparent properties previously found only in glass. And, according to wholesale Cosmetic Tube & Bottle Manufacturers, the new bottles can be dyed in a variety of colors to make them transparent even after being treated against UV rays.

Cosmetics Packaging Trends

The most basic component of a successful brand is not only the market positioning, but the difference between it and its competitors. Once the goal is clear, packaging now plays the role of expression and description of the brand positioning. Nowadays, cosmetic packaging trends are changing almost every day. It has been proven that more creative forms of packaging can not only bring visual enjoyment and convenience to consumers, but also promote their desire to buy goods. However, when consumers are buying products, they are very attached to the purchasing experience and readily accept the new technologies introduced. Therefore, the boundary between high-end products and popular products is becoming increasingly blurred. At the same time, product manufacturers and distributors have spared no effort to promote innovative packaging, but also hope to meet more consumer demand at an acceptable price range. But what effect does this have on the packaging of cosmetics? Everything is decided by the market. The most basic component of a successful brand is not only the market positioning, but the difference between it and its competitors. Once the goal is clear, packaging now plays the role of expression and description of the brand positioning.


Any cosmetic packaging manufacturer should understand that the consciousness of target customers will directly affect their brand strategy. Today, there are so many cosmetics products to choose from, whether in supermarkets, in specialty stores or online. And consumers for cosmetics, even to its packaging also has a complex and demanding requirements. Female customers of any age or skin characteristics in the purchase of cosmetics, will find the most suitable target brand for their age from a variety of sales channels; Cosmetics companies also make changes based on consumers' buying habits.

In order to appeal to customers of all ages and classes, cosmetics companies have launched a variety of brands, so today's manufacturers have to constantly follow the needs of consumers. And the ever-changing needs of consumers also provide an opportunity for cosmetic packaging manufacturers to develop new technologies and pursue innovation. Take cosmetics tube manufacturers for example, their products from the previous color extrusion tube to the current four-color printing tube and hot stamping tube. In terms of the choice of substrate, multi-layer co-extrusion composite tube, soft touch tube, holographic tube, custom die cutting tube and screen printing tube, etc., are all good products to stimulate the audience's vision and purchase desire.

Take transparent packaging for example, there are multiple processing procedures to be completed, but it was difficult to form a smooth delivery and transfer between these procedures, but now the combination of multiple production procedures in almost all packaging has become popular. In addition, the metal packaging because of its color and material diversity, and convey a noble, elegant temperament, even simple packaging or simple positioning products will be a bright.

The previous packaging, material form is single, nothing more than metal, plastic or glass three packaging materials. Now, any material, cut into any shape of the pouch, capsule and composite packaging can be found. As for the choice of packaging style and material, the market positioning of commodity brand is the most direct determinant. Sometimes, the birth of a new packaging technology can give birth to a unique packaging concept. In order to explore new fields, in recent years, food packaging has also combined a lot of cosmetics packaging process processing technology, and achieved a very significant effect.

A very important factor in developing a new brand is cost and return. When a brand is positioned in a particular distribution and distribution channel, its retail price is set, and the cost of packaging is set. Now product manufacturers are experiencing the challenge of meeting the price constraints of the retail market while differentiating themselves from competitors and achieving their own profit targets, especially in the mass consumption sector. Packaging, can let a brand send out unique charm, and strengthen its brand effect. Whether it is selection, purchase, or use, an excellent packaging can enhance consumers' attention to the brand, and even loyalty.

But behind a successful brand must have a strong support team, including sales, marketing, data monitoring, packaging design, etc., these experts is necessary for us to understand not only the needs of consumers, but also have innovation consciousness, willing to choose new technological achievements in the field of packaging, this is the key to any successful brand! | wholesale cosmetics tube shape and color design innovation for a long time, demand for cosmetics and personal care product tube packing is very high, in which there are many involves the image design of innovative solutions.

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