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perfect combination of cosmetic packaging and fashion


Not everyone would agree, but cosmetics are not a necessity. Those high-quality brand-name cosmetics are always a symbol of luxury. They are not only the main content of fashion magazines, but also the areas where celebrities and models are most exposed. The packaging of classic cosmetics embodies the perfect combination of technology and fashion. "Cosmetics" in the general sense actually includes skin care products, hairdressing products and perfume and other categories. All kinds of eye cream, night cream, SOD honey and sunscreen can be included in the list of skin care products; Shampoo, hair conditioner, hair dye, lip balm, eyebrow pencil, nail polish and other cosmetics can be classified as beauty products; Perfume can always be its own.

The characteristics of cosmetic packaging

Because cosmetics often represent fashion, avant-garde or trend, therefore, protective, functional and decorative wholesale cosmetics packaging, almost in the same important position. Cosmetics packaging from cosmetic container packaging manufacturer has always been the most active market, not only the product update fast, design avant-garde, and high level of processing and production requirements. The first requirement of cosmetic packaging is that it cannot have any chemical or biological reaction with the contents; Secondly, the use should be convenient, the packaging usually has the function of a second sealing, to have a certain durability; Another is to have a very good marketing effect. The decoration of the package is very high, and the production should be very exquisite. For many high-end cosmetics, packaging costs more than the product itself.

Common types of wholesale cosmetic packaging


Almost all kinds of material are used in cosmetic packaging, metal material, although less, but not without.

The most common packaging includes: cosmetic glass bottles, cosmetic plastic bottles, cosmetic composite plastic bags, cosmetic plastic tubes and so on. The paper box is commonly used as the outer packaging of middle and high-grade cosmetics. Medium - and low-priced skin care products mostly use composite plastic bags. Plastic tubes and bottles, and high-grade products prefer glass bottles, especially perfume packaging, the vast majority of the use of glass containers. Cosmetics have also become one of the most important and last areas of application for glassware. The main reason for using cosmetic glass containers is because the glass material has a good barrier, and has a good texture. In the short term, glass containers, especially in high-end skincare products and perfume packaging, will continue to play an unchallenged role in the cosmetic industry, although plastic container manufacturers have tried to mimic some of the features of glass gas dishes. Compared with plastic tube for cosmetics, the market of plastic bags is shrinking rapidly, mainly because plastic bags cannot be sealed twice and are inconvenient to use. Besides, with the upgrading of cosmetics, plastic bags, which have been limited to low-end products, are gradually being replaced by plastic tube. In the future, the main market of composite plastic bags will focus on small capacity disposable packaging products, especially on hair care products.

More than ten years ago, plastic tube for composite cosmetics from cosmetic tube manufacturer was still a symbol of low-end products, but now many famous brands are also cooperating with cosmetic tube manufacturers and suppliers when it comes to wholesale cosmetic tube packaging for their products. For example, SK-Ⅱ skincare products which are expensive in China use tube packaging. In the market for sunscreen products, custom cosmetics tube packaging is widely used for products of brands such as Lanko. Cosmetics Tube, arguably the most popular form of packaging in the cosmetics market these two years.

The advantage of cosmetic plastic bottles is light weight, strong and easy to mass production, therefore, its advantage in the field of large volume products. This market is dominated by shampoo and conditioner. The materials used are mainly PE, PP, PVC and PET, etc. Injection molding is the most common processing method. In addition to the bottle itself, the distribution pump and compression cap are also very important, directly related to the tightness of the product. Shampoo and other large capacity liquid packaging bottles are no longer with other outer packaging, therefore, the label on the bottle body is not only the main area of decoration, but also the only part of the transmission of commodity information. At present, most cosmetic labels still use heat-shrinkable labels. The most advanced way is that the label and the bottle body are formed at one time in the injection molding process. Make the label and the bottle body form one, the advantage is not easy to fall off, not easy to counterfeit. The small volume cosmetics market is a fiercely competitive area for glass and plastic materials. Frosted glass bottles are the most commonly used packaging containers. At present, there are more and more thick shell cans produced by PETG materials, and they have been favored by many well-known brands such as Clean-Bi, Avon and Revlon. Now Estee Lauder is also gradually turning its skin care products series to PETG containers. The reason is that PETG is easy to dye in different colors, and even after UV resistant treatment, the transparency remains the same, and the product looks exactly like glass. Small volume skin care products are mostly expensive, therefore, in the packaging is also elaborate. In addition to the bottle itself, it is usually accompanied by an outer packing box, which is printed with an exquisite pattern and relevant product information. Many brands of products also have collection packaging or gift packaging form, and form a different sales theme.

At present, foreign cosmetics manufacturers have begun to pay attention to the problem of environmental protection, in the choice of cosmetics packaging materials also join the consideration of environmental protection. In the domestic market, the packaging marked with certification marks of all materials is basically joint venture or diplomatic brand products, cosmetics produced by domestic enterprises are rarely used. In addition, international branding products also note that cosmetic bottles and bottle caps use the same material to facilitate recycling. Shiseido also notes on the cartons of more than one product that it is made of recycled paper.

Transfer of information on cosmetic packaging


In the United States, cosmetics and food, drugs are under the administration of the FDA, the requirements are quite strict. Many cosmetics are produced under similar conditions to pharmaceuticals, much the same in Europe. Relatively speaking, China's requirements for cosmetics are relatively loose. In the application, all countries have strict regulations on cosmetics labels, requiring that products and production and use of various information must be marked on the packaging of cosmetics. Compared with other commodities, cosmetic packaging pays more attention to the beauty and fashion of packaging, packaging fashion design once had a Japanese reporter to adopt the Swiss watch industry giant Rolex company boss, "I would like to ask your company production timer......" The owner quickly interrupted and said, "Sorry, we don't make timepieces. We make luxury goods." Although his answer is somewhat melodramatic, but it is not hard to see that high-end watches have indeed become more than just a time tool. Similarly, luxury cosmetics are not just a cosmetic, it is more like a fashion item, a piece of art, and the carrier to convey this message is its packaging. On this point, the Jean Paul Gaultier perfume packaging designed by the Frenchman Jean Paul can be regarded as a century-old classic. His perfect combination of fashion and perfume has won him and his perfume unprecedented acclaim. His perfume bottle is an elegant half-length female nude. How to add other decorations to it? He creatively incorporated the most popular style patterns of the year, as if it were a close-fitting fashion design. But he struggled with how to include essential production information. Legendary; One day he walked into a supermarket, his mind still full of his designs. As his eyes rested on a can of food, he had an Epiphany: what would happen if he put a glass perfume bottle into a food can? Instead of dwelling on his imagination, he went to the can-makers to discuss his design ideas. The original packaging design used typical metal food cans and sought to maintain the legendary Gaultier brand. And the Crown Cork& SEAL's experts made the final product while maintaining the original shape. Not only does the metal can keep the pattern similar to that on the glass bottle, but also solves the problem of transmission of production information very well. As a result, in 1997 his "Summer Collection" perfumes packaging was a huge success. "Put dignified and elegant, the perfume bottle that has skin feeling into the traditional food jar", became the permanent gift that gives a lady. Since then, this design philosophy has formed a set of marketing strategies for Jean Paul Gaultier. Since 1997, they have updated their packaging every year according to popular fashion trends. Each year, when a fabric pattern is chosen, Jean Paul Gaultier strictly replicates it on glass bottles and metal cans to create his perfumes. Each year has a theme, such as Asia, Polynesia, and 2001 Flowers. The combination of innovative design and modern technology has not only resulted in this time-honored example of perfume packaging, but has also enabled Jean Paul Gaultier to maintain the brand's early momentum in luxury packaging, and he has won many awards for his creative fabric designs on packaging.

Unfortunately, such bold and innovative designs are relatively rare in China. At present, most of China's high-end cosmetics market is dominated by international brands, and Chinese private brands can only struggle in the middle and low market. There are many reasons for this, but the defects in packaging design are also obvious. Most of the international brands have formed their own traditions in packaging design, whether it is bottle shape and color, etc., have formed a complete set of patterns, while the randomness of product design in China is great, and the lack of inertia between products. Cosmetics packaging is the fusion of fashion and technology, but also a great challenge for designers.

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