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The knowledge of cosmetic packaging


Nowadays, more and more attention has been paid to cosmetic packaging. With the rise of the look-level economy, cosmetic brands are increasingly focusing on packaging. Even many brands launch new products every time, all the strength in the appearance of the cosmetic packaging to do gimmick. But what are the consequences of this phenomenon? Maybe after changing to a more delicate and flashy package, because too much cost is spent on packaging, so the expenditure on quality is reduced, causing problems in the quality of cosmetics.


A common problem in today's cosmetics market is packaging over quality. A good cosmetic packaging is not simply the pursuit of the appearance of the beautiful and unique, but from the characteristics of the product and consumer needs, to create a more suitable for the brand and market characteristics of the form. The knowledge of cosmetic packaging must be simple,

Today, Cosmetic Tube Supplier takes you through some of the facts about cosmetic packaging.

In many cosmetic brands, practicality is often sacrificed in the design of cosmetic product packaging, so as to enhance value. For example, in order to make the packaging look more atmospheric, some products are designed to open the bottle with a large mouth, which can be compared with mineral water bottles and bring inconvenience to consumers. Once the Angle of dumping is too large, it will "fall down", very wasteful. Some foundation liquid, in pursuit of external beauty, even the pump has not been designed! Consumers in the use of time, must pour out, pour out the exact amount of use, very difficult and inconvenient. Therefore, the packaging design of cosmetics also needs to be combined with convenience. The packaging design of a brand of Rosebud Water is to follow this concept. The water looks like a big capsule and is very valuable. It also uses the pressure can be evenly spread on the bottle holder design, not only more sanitary, but also very convenient to take.

Not long ago, our editor reported that some products failed because of too large packaging gap. The cosmetics industry has been a problem, is excessive packaging. For the sake of ornate packaging, many brands often design gift boxes in oversized packages, which contributes to environmental pollution. I believe that a lot of women are very deep understanding, a lot of ordinary use of makeup bottles and makeup cans are reluctant to throw away, but the dresser can not put. In this case, recyclable cosmetic packaging appears to be very necessary. It can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also reduce waste and realize waste utilization. There is no doubt that more and more consumers and brands are focusing their products on environmental protection, green and sustainable development. "Sustainable production, environmental awareness and ethical constraints" will become important trends in the development of the beauty industry.

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