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The relationship between product cosmetic tube design and consumer buying psychology


First, cosmetics tube design overview

(1) the meaning of cosmetic tube design. Cosmetic tube design is to choose the appropriate materials, in a certain technological means, cosmetic tube manufacturers of tube products for structural modeling and beautification design. Cosmetic tube design has the characteristics of considerable, trademark impression, use instructions, selling points and so on. Cosmetic tube design includes the appearance of cosmetic tube, the material of cosmetic tube, the color of cosmetic tube three main parts, the appearance is round and square based three-dimensional structure, the material also has a simple protection of goods gradually developed to a deeper area, Color arouses the aesthetic feeling of consumers through vision and plays an important role in the design of the whole cosmetic tube.

(2) the function of cosmetic tube design. Its role is mainly to protect the goods and beautify and propaganda. Cosmetic tube is produced for goods, it is also from the beginning of a single simple external form slowly turned to a complex and diverse form, in the commodity cosmetic tube material, shape, color collocation, pattern design and other aspects have a great degree of improvement.

(3) the importance of cosmetic tube design. With the progress and development of social economy, the importance of commodity cosmetics tube is becoming more and more, it has become a means of competition, businesses are particularly important cosmetics tube directly influences the quality of products in the market value, cosmetics tube design makes commodity has its own personality, also made a unique visual impression to consumers.

Cosmetics tube design gives commodity market value, with the rapid development of economy and science and technology and people, raising the level of consumption goods homogeneity is more and more fierce competition, consumer is buying the commodity more and consider the design of commodity cosmetics tubes at the same time, a good and unique commodity cosmetics tubes, can bring goods more attractive, It can increase consumers' desire to buy, so the competition of enterprises has to some extent turned to the competition of commodity image. Only by giving new vitality to commodities can enterprises gain a foothold in the market.

Cosmetic tube design is not only a simple visual stimulation, more important is to design the product information and consumer's emotional experience.

Second, consumer purchase psychological analysis

(1) Consumers' psychological process of purchase

1. The cognitive process of cosmetics tube manufacturers on products. The cognition process starts from the consumer's vision, thus producing a certain feeling. When commodities and enterprises stimulate the market, consumers can feel audio-visual and other information, thus producing the reflection of commodity attributes, which is the feeling of commodities. This is the first step and a particularly important stage of consumer purchasing behavior, and this stage is mainly consumers from the cosmetic tube design to obtain the function of the product, through a certain understanding, consumers have a unique feeling of the product in their hearts. In this process, consumers will consider whether they need the product, and make a comprehensive evaluation of the environment where the product is located and the quality of the service.

2. The emotional process of consumers. Positive consumption such as happy, like, it can enhance the purchase desire to promote the purchase behavior; Negative emotions such as atmosphere, dislike, etc., can weaken the desire to buy and thus inhibit the purchase behavior; Dual emotions, such as liking and worrying, will lead to consumers' purchase desire and behavior in a state of entanglement. There are many factors that affect consumer sentiment, such as the environment of purchase, the design of the cosmetic tube of the product, personal emotion, and the attitude of service. In addition, consumers will analyze and compare goods, which requires cosmetics tube to provide sufficient commodity information, so as to evaluate and select goods.

3. The process of consumers' will. After the above process, consumers enter into the final decision-making process, consumers will reconsider whether they need the product, whether they have the ability to pay, and sometimes listen to the comments and opinions of others. After analysis and comparison, the final purchase behavior.

(two) consumers to buy psychological motivation: cosmetic tube manufacturers to study the consumer's psychological motivation and change of the cosmetics tube design is also very important, only a deep understanding and appropriate application of consumer psychological activities, in order to effectively improve the circulation of goods in the market. Consumers have complex psychological activities before purchasing behavior, and these psychological activities are also affected by a variety of different factors, which requires the designer of cosmetic tube to consider consumers' psychological motivation while studying the product, so as to determine the focus and level of cosmetic tube design.

1, the pursuit of practical psychological motivation

Realistic psychological motivation is mainly the demand for the actual use value of cosmetics tube goods, practical and affordable should be reflected in the design of cosmetics tube.

Hold realistic psychology most consumers are housewives and elderly, the working class, such as some mature consumers, they are in the process of consumption for the cosmetics tubes goods of choice is conservative, but more emphasis on their own experience, hope product easy to use simple, cost effective, durable, commodity and focus on the pursuit of beautiful appearance and novel style. Fundamentally speaking, what such consumers care most about is the quality of the product. Without purchasing experience, consumers can only understand the quality of the product from different levels, such as enterprise background, brand, word of mouth, advertising, etc. In addition, cosmetic tube design has also become an important standard for reference, so in the design to pay attention to practicality, to provide enough commodity information, such as quality qualification certification, effective use, shelf life, etc., cosmetic tube novel often does not play a promotional role, may therefore improve the cost.

If the reuse of cosmetic tube is considered in the design, it will be more attractive to consumers with realistic psychology.

2, the pursuit of novel and beautiful psychological motivation

The psychological motivation of seeking new beauty is mainly the demand for the novel fashion and beauty of cosmetics tube products. The design of cosmetics tube should focus on reflecting the novelty, beauty and trend of products. Holding this psychological motivation is often young people, the intellectual class and some people who love beauty, such consumers pay attention to fresh, the pursuit of beauty, good at change, easy to be designed by the cosmetic tube.

And propaganda, the influence of the choose and buy goods in the process, but don't pay attention to the practical performance and the price of goods but give special attention to the style of commodity and tide level, such type of goods, require more changes in the tube design of cosmetics, shapes novel strange, in colour respect have stronger impact, enhance consumers to purchase desire. When cosmetic tube is designed, it is necessary to pay attention to the appearance, color and artistry of cosmetic tube. Designers in the design of cosmetic tube to first consider the appreciation of goods, such as children's cosmetics tube to colorful, full of fantasy; Male commodities require an atmosphere of bold and unrestrained masculinity; Feminine commodity beautiful soft compound feminine psychology.

Therefore, cosmetic tube manufacturers should promote the formation of beauty when designing cosmetic tube, thus stimulating the purchase behavior.

3. Psychological motivation to pursue brands

Pursuit of brand also can saying is a psychological, means that consumers need to purchase products can reveal their status, no matter what kind of consumer groups are the pursuit of the psychological characteristics of the brand, consumer attention to the brand, the brand loyalty to a certain extent, is paid attention to when the choose and buy goods, the symbol of cosmetics tube products are often willing to spend more money can satisfy the inner demand of goods, Used to show the rich life and the noble status, in order to get the inner satisfaction. Therefore, cosmetic tube design should establish a good brand image, increase the value of goods, promote sales. The designer should reflect the main structure of the brand when designing the cosmetic tube of the product, and design the cosmetic tube more luxurious and stimulate the buying behavior with the progress of the society. Prominent in brand goods, which requires designers in the design of goods outside the cosmetic tube, can not easily change the original product name, trademark, product unique logo and all kinds of qualifications, these are precious resources of enterprises, can enhance consumer trust and dependence on goods.

Follow the psychological motivation of the masses

In other words, the psychological characteristics of following the trend refers to that individuals' opinions and purchasing behaviors are easily guided by the public, and they cater to the popular trend or imitate the behavior of celebrities. The media's publicity of fashion and celebrities stimulates the formation of such conformity psychology. Therefore, the design of cosmetic tube should conform to the popular trend, or invite the popular star as the spokesperson of the product to improve the popularity of the product.

5. Psychological motivation for pursuing interest

Is refers to the consumer in tight life needs a certain sense of humor and fun, such as add some puzzles on cosmetics tubes, buy after a certain number can add up to a fun puzzle and have the opportunity to get a prize, this will be fascinated by the majority of children, curiosity tend to promote their purchase behavior.


Three, cosmetics tube design strategy

With the improvement of social living standards, the consumer's concept of consumption continues to develop, of course, the cosmetics tube design of the goods also continue to improve with the progress of The Times, seeking unity in the tradition and creativity. The cosmetic tube design of modern goods requires designers to effectively combine various factors such as the attributes of the goods themselves, the psychological motivation of consumers and the market, so as to design the decoration of the goods, which can not only reflect the information of the goods but also according to the purchasing psychology of different consumers to do 1.

In order to achieve the desired effect of goods, it is necessary to formulate certain strategies, usually designers can take the following strategies:

(a) cosmetics tube positioning strategy

Creative positioning strategy in the tube cosmetics design entire link plays a very important role, product design positioning is mainly embodied in the design and planning ideas, planning a request tube cosmetics designers with creative ideas and design scheme of a novel idea is not created, of course, need to be in the original experience or materials on the basis of conformity.

Positioning strategy has the characteristics of targeted, forward-looking and purposeful, is the most essential factor of the successful product cosmetics tube.

(2) cosmetics tube image strategy

Image strategy is cosmetics tube manufacturers to attract consumers in the image, so that consumers can easily accept the goods, in the process of designing cosmetics tube to ensure that consumers have a love of the cosmetics tube and the spokesman of the goods.

Because consumers not only demand material satisfaction but also certain spiritual satisfaction

(3) attract consumer attention strategy. Use a variety of means to stimulate consumers, so that consumers perceive the impact of vision. Designers use color and contrast to attract consumers' attention. Bright colors can make consumers quickly catch goods, while appropriate contrast can promote the purchase desire. The contrast is the difference between things, and compared with ttube mixed with the background, we are more likely to find stimuli with great contrast to the background. Therefore, designers should make full use of the density contrast, size contrast, black and white contrast, static and dynamic contrast of visual elements to cause consumers' perception.

(4) Emotional strategy

Market economy is by the producers to consumers, and so on commodity cosmetics tubes on the design of visual communication, tube cosmetics manufacturers must consider the emotional factors of consumers, by consumers to purchase the multifaceted and difference of psychological cosmetics tube products to design, the purpose is to improve consumer loyalty and satisfaction, Establish consumers' spiritual sustenance and certain emotional dependence and follow on the product. We believe that the more emotional the design, the more people will love the product, and of course the added value of the product will increase. Emotional design requires designers to have high quality and level, not only in technical aspects, but also involved in thinking. Market economy needs not only rational designers, but also designers with a variety of knowledge and moral heart. For designers, it is both an opportunity and a challenge.

(5) Regional strategy

In different countries, different regions have a variety of cultural backgrounds, so the design concept of the product cosmetic tube should also do as the Romans do. If it violates the local culture, the product may not be recognized by consumers or even abandoned. If, instead, make full use of local culture, you will get approval and must be a good for the goods, to satisfy the consumers' psychological expectations, while maintaining the unified specification, design localization, the commodity cosmetics tube do when in Rome, do as the Romans do strategy for people of all nationalities, and reflect the enterprise culture of tolerance and respect for the regional culture.

Influence of cosmetic tube design on consumer purchasing psychology

(a) the influence of the design style of cosmetic tube on consumers

Because of the age difference, consumers buy goods on the style of cosmetics tubes have different opinions and preferences, nostalgic old people prefer simple and practical design style, the middle-aged like the design concept of modern combined with nostalgia, teenagers like exaggerated fashion design style, children like fanciful tube style of cosmetics. For consumers of all ages, designers will adopt different design styles. In addition, the design of cosmetic tube also considers the consumer groups of different life backgrounds. For example, consumers living in rural areas for a long time will be interested in fashionable design styles. It seems from this, different consumer has different be fond of to the design style of commodity, stylist should pay attention to the research of consumer psychology, ability makes commodity success in cosmetic tube.

(2) the influence of text design on consumer psychology. Text plays an important role in the tube of cosmetics. The composition of text conveys the information of goods, including the components of goods, the name of the enterprise, the place of production, the limited time limit and other important commodity information. Whether the expression of text is appropriate or not directly affects the purchasing behavior of consumers. There are many ways of text arrangement and expression, we should pay attention to highlight the key, highlight the enterprise brand and other important information, attract the attention of consumers.

The designer of cosmetic tube can also adapt and design the text in an interesting way to stimulate consumers' interest in reading the product, which will have a certain impact on consumers' purchasing psychology.

(three) cosmetics tube pattern color impact on consumer psychology: the pattern and color collocation used in the design of cosmetics tube will have a great degree of influence on the overall effect of cosmetics tube, which has a great visual impact on consumers, thus affecting the judgment of choosing goods. Under the role of graphics, should enhance the fun of goods, most buyers will have a stronger interest in the series of cosmetic tube design, the combination of graphics can also bring dynamic beauty to consumers, such as in a single graphic arrangement to produce some small changes, can attract consumers' attention. Under the effect of color, different goods have the color identification suitable for their own commodity attributes. High-tech goods are generally designed with blue cosmetic tube, and some with green cosmetic tube, which subconsciously affect consumers' purchasing psychology.

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