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Sustainable Skincare Packaging Product You Should Know


What is sustainable makeup packaging?

Day by day, our society is looking for eco-friendly and zero waste products that are natural. The impact of plastic and non-biodegradable products is so harmful that it's causing global warming and depletion of the ozone layer. 

Most eco-conscious consumers have shifted to greener sustainable skincare packaging. Many companies are also discarding plastic squeeze tubes and make more sustainable packaging to minimize the risk to this environment.

Sustainable packaging is those products that are manufactured, supplied, and recycled. They don't harm the environment. The lesser the carbon print, the sustainable packaging will be. Even if they don't recycle, they can be decomposed without accumulating. 

  • How many kinds of sustainable makekup packaging exists?

  • The eco-friendly cosmetic packaging suppliers are producing sustainable packaging of many types. Here are some materials that are known as sustainable:

  • 1.Metal sustainable packaging:

    There are specific metals that can be used for eco-friendly cosmetic packaging such as aluminium. Aluminium is a durable material, and it does not release any harmful toxins inside the soil like plastic does, although it's non-biodegradable. It can be recycled, making this world a better place to live in. 

  • 2.Glass bottle

    This kind of packaging is great for consumers as it can be reused and recycled when needed. It also never releases toxins into the soil. 

  • 3.Sugarcane tube

  • Sugarcane sustainable packaging is one of those few packaging that looks good as well as it's functional. It's a bit expensive and is counted as a luxury product. You can easily find sugarcane as it grows readily everywhere. Sugarcane is a highly environmentally friendly product which is suitable for natural as well as artificial cosmetic packaging. It's the best kind of sustainable material used for cosmetic packaging.

  • 4.Recycled plastic cosmetic tube

  • Plastic recycling also known as PCR is a highly effective way to protect the earth from waste. Although plastic is harmful to the environment, the only thing we can do to minimize its effects is by reusing the already existing plastic on this planet. Many brands are recycling plastic such as plastic bottles or other vast range of finished products to create better sustainable packaging for their cosmetic products.

Is sustainable packaging and zero-waste packaging the same thing?

Recently, people are prioritizing all other beauty product packaging except for plastic. Two significant materials used in eco-friendly packaging are sustainable packaging and zero-waste packaging.

Now the question comes, are both these types of packaging the same? The answer to this question is no; both these things are different in terms of material and the way of use. 

Sustainable packaging from makeup packaging factory can be recycled, but if by chance it ends up in waste, it won't release any toxins into the soil. The zero-waste packaging is a bit different, and it's gaining popularity in most beauty brands. 

Zero-waste packaging helps in keeping this environment safe and pollution-free. The products of zero-waste packaging have a circular life-cycle, which means that it never ends up as waste. Zero-waste products never bury in the soil, leaving zero footprints than sustainable packaging, which leaves few prints on the earth.

An example of zero-waste packaging is that a beauty brand uses embedded seeds in its packaging, so even if you throw the packaging somewhere, it will grow up as a plant. 

How quickly are these beauty brands shifting towards sustainable packaging?

All companies are tirelessly working towards removing product waste from the earth. Sustainable skincare packaging is a new trend everywhere. The movement started about 10-15 years before but is evolving at a much faster rate today. While companies discard plastic-related cosmetic packaging, they quickly shift their product range to eco-friendly packaging for skincare.

Companies are shifting from shampoo and conditioner plastic bottles to shampoo bars packed in sustainable packaging. 

Body lotions, creams, cleansers, and other products used to come in plastic squeeze tubes are now coming in the form of sustainable collapsible tubes. 

Medical ointments used to come in plastic packaging have now shifted to aluminum or sustainable tubes.

It's a good sign that this world is gradually drifting towards a healthy way of living that will benefit our upcoming generations. By using all these types of eco-friendly packaging for cosmetic tubes and other products, we all will have less health issues. 

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