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All Info About Airless Cosmetic Tubes In This Article


Airless cosmetic tubes are the latest addition in the field of cosmetic packaging. They are a beautiful combination of sustainability, convenience and design. Airless cosmetic tubes contain an airless duct that pumps the inside fluid with precision and ease. 

Cosmetic tube manufacturers were always struggling with packaging that can be both convenient and long-lasting. In the case of other tubes, jars or any kind of packaging, once the seal was broken, the product was completely exposed to atmospheric factors. 

This drawback gave rise to airless tube packaging which enhanced longevity without compromising on convenience.

Role of packaging in the cosmetic industry

"Packaging is a theatre, it reveals the story of the product inside it”.

 The first look of a product is its packaging and it is the first impression which creates a depiction of the product in the consumer's eye. Good packaging not only protects your product it also protects your brand identity and ultimately the brand itself.

When it comes to the cosmetic industry, the package of the cosmetic product portrays the message of what a brand is delivering to its customer. It can indicate natural, organic skin-care products or beautifying, brightening, and glorifying cosmetic products. It all depends upon the cover, the outer face of the product. Packaging not only enhances the beauty of the product but also drives consumer behavior and interest. The more you glorify your packaging techniques, the more you attract your customer's attention and vice versa.

Trends of cosmetic packaging

With the increase in the online market of cosmetics and the digitalization of business, the packaging of products is seen now in a different sense. Although the motive behind the packaging industry is the same which is sustainability combined with charm. But now the industry can’t survive without social media and eCommerce. 

The trendsetting packaging techniques in the cosmetic industry include packaging of skincare, haircare, face care, personal care, and treatment range products. Most of the customers want sustainability of the product over luxury. Most cosmetic tube manufacturers are setting up refillable and recyclable operations. 

Other than this, customization has also appeared to have become a necessity for cosmetic packaging. The look and feel of the packaging should always align with the brand identity. Convenience is also another crucial factor.

  • Benefits of airless cosmetic packaging

  • Airless tube packaging has provided solutions for many industrial problems. We have a whole list of their advantages over regular cosmetic tube containers below.

  • 1.Increase product lifespan: The airless cosmetic packaging increases the total life span of the product by preventing it from contamination and microbes. It is an efficient technique to preserve the product especially when the product is preservative-free and organic. Also, exposure to intense light and contamination shortens the shell life span of the skincare product. Light, heat, contamination, and other environmental factors can cause the breakdown or emulsification of the cosmetic product. Thus, it's highly advantageous for skin care cosmetic products to be packed airlessly.

  • 2.Preserve antioxidants: Powerful antioxidants that are used in cosmetic products to remove dead skin cells began to break down when exposed to the atmospheric air. So, the airless tube packaging technique is highly beneficial to preserve the antioxidants present in the formulation of the product. 

  • 3.Contamination-free packaging:  Exposure of liquid containers in atmospheric air causes an attack of fungus, bacteria, and yeast. These microbes grow within the product and pollute it. Ultimately the product loses its worth. To prevent the attack of germs present in the air it is recommended even by professionals to use airless tube packaging.

  • 4.Reliable dispensing: Getting the desired amount of product when extracted makes the airless cosmetic tubes highly reliable. You won’t have to squeeze out the product. Bringing the fluid out with airless tube packaging is just like pushing a button. you would have complete control over the amount of the product you want to pour out.

  • 5.Inhibit product wastage: The airless tube packaging facilitates us with the right amount of dispersing of the product. Thus, there is no wastage, not of a single ounce of the cosmetic product. Also, the product is completely utilized leaving no residue behind. 

  • 6.Compatible with highly viscous products

  • The airless cosmetic tubes are very compatible with the more viscous liquids whether those are lotions, foundations, creams, or any other product. As the viscous materials were difficult to contain in the past, the cosmetic tube manufacturers wanted to lessen the viscosity of the products to make them practical. But thanks to airless tube packaging technology, which can handle viscous products well, the trend of viscous cosmetic products is still alive.

  • 7.Convenient and Cheap

  • As there is no need for a pump when the product is stored in a flexible tube. Therefore airless packaging costs less to the brands.  Even with low costs, the functionality of airless tube packaging remains the same. 

  • The qualities of the airless cosmetic tubes are so fascinating for both the brand and consumers. The innovative design of airless tube packaging makes the usage of the product inside it more convenient and reliable.

  • 8.No need for dispensing mechanism

  • Some airless cosmetic tubes are even adaptive to dispense on their own. They do not need any pump to extract the product out of them. The product is easily extracted out of it by pressing it as the tube itself acts as a dispensing pump. You can either choose the pump or this. It all depends upon your choice.

  • 9.Keep the product safe

  • In the cosmetic industry, there is a huge gap in terms 0f product safety. But with airless cosmetic packaging, the product will be safe from both internal and external factors.

How do airless cosmetic tubes work?

Airless tube packaging is becoming popular day by day due to its outstanding functionality. Usually, the airless cosmetic containers include a pump or an applicator attached to a container or storage.

An applicator is required to extract the product from the container. The applicator can be in the form of a pump spraying or extracting the product in the form of droplets. 

The hollow container is used to store the product within it. 

Trending designs of airless cosmetic tubes:

The rising usage of organic cosmetic and skin routine products has also increased the demand for airless tube packaging. The latest report by Research and Market says that global airless packaging is worth $4.3billion and it’s been estimated to reach $7.7billion in upcoming years. 

These airless packaging may be in the form of bottles, containers, or tubes with or without the pump. The applicator may be in the form of a sponge or round pump that is more convenient to use.

How airless cosmetic tubes are manufactured?

The first step in the manufacturing of airless cosmetic tubes is the production of the caps or the cover lids. After that comes the tube container itself. The design principles of the airless cosmetic tubes depend upon the atmospheric pressure. The complete operation must be an excellent one-way sealing performance to block air. The large piston on the lid can neither be attached too tightly due to excessive friction nor too loosely so that leakage will occur.

Customization of airless cosmetic tubes 

The production of airless cosmetic tubes provides plenty of room for customization. There is a wide range of specifications that can be customized according to the requirements of the customer or a brand. 

1.Shape/style: To look unique and attractive every brand customizes its package according to brand identity and feel.

2.Color: The brands can customize the color of packaging according to their brand guideline to further elaborate their brand identity.

3.Material: Segmentation of packaging is also based on the material type of the tube that may be o of Plastic, AS, ABS, PETG, and PCTG, or of any other material.

4.Profile: The brands customize the profile design of the package to look unique and distinguished from other competitive products. That includes the design of the cover and the surface design of the airless cosmetic tubes.

5.Size: The size of airless cosmetic tubes is customizable considering the product’s size.

6.Capacity/Volume: As the need for capacity varies from product to product, it is also customizable.

The demand for customized airless cosmetic tubes

The customized airless cosmetic tubes are an attractive and practical choice for the brand to showcase itself. Also, it provides a high-end and luxurious look while also keeping the product safe. Thus, there is a huge demand for the customized airless cosmetic tube manufacturers among the brands. The era of the traditional cosmetic industry has ended. With the presence of more reliable and safe packaging alternatives, we have ushered in the era of sustainability.


Airless cosmetic tubes are relatively new in the market. There isn’t much information available on the web to briefly explain them. We will have to understand that innovative measures like Airless tube packaging are the future. Every brand will have to shift to these alternatives sooner or later. If you are one of those brands, give airless cosmetic tubes a chance. You won’t be disappointed.

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