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The main process and content of the wholesale cosmetic tube strategy


The wholesale cosmetic tube strategy is literally understood as a series of long-term and instructive ideas and plans formulated by cosmetic tube suppliers in order to gain the favor of consumers. Modern cosmetic tube suppliers have to have a unique brand image if they want to succeed. So how much do you know about the main process and content of the strategic planning of wholesale cosmetic tubes?

The main process of strategic planning for wholesale cosmetic tubes

1. Collecting and analyzing data is the initial step of strategic planning for wholesale cosmetic tubes, which is also the basis for wholesale cosmetic tube planning.

2. A clear planning purpose is an extremely important step. If the purpose is not clear, the planning work cannot be targeted. When the planning purpose is clear, it is necessary to determine each specific goal according to it.

3. The design stage is the core of the strategic planning of wholesale cosmetic tubes. The written results of the planning are mainly produced at this stage. The design stage is also the main link that determines the quality of the wholesale cosmetic tube planning. At this stage, the planning work usually requires market research to support.

4. The budget is a budget for the cost of implementing the planning plan in order to achieve the planning goal of the wholesale cosmetic tube. This is an indispensable link, and it is an important criterion for evaluating the feasibility of the wholesale cosmetic tube planning program.

5. Before implementing the wholesale cosmetic tube planning program, it is necessary to predict the effect of the program implementation. By predicting the effect, the pros and cons of the wholesale cosmetic tube scheme can be checked, and problems can be found in time.

6. Before the wholesale cosmetic tube plan is finalized, the plan should be checked once, and important parts such as its economy and feasibility should be checked, and the deficiencies should be revised in time. At the same time, communicate with the management, solicit their opinions, and make further adjustments based on their opinions.

Contents of strategic planning for wholesale cosmetic tubes

1. Analyze opportunities for wholesale cosmetic tubes

1. Manage wholesale cosmetic tube information and measure market demand

(1) Wholesale cosmetic tube information and research

(2) Forecast overview and demand measurement

2. Assess the wholesale cosmetic tube environment

(1) Analyze the needs and trends of the macro environment

(2) Identification and response to major macro-environmental factors (including humanistic statistical environment, economic environment, natural environment, technological environment, political and legal environment, social and cultural environment)

3. Analyze the consumer market and buying behavior

(1) Consumer buying behavior pattern

(2) The main factors affecting consumers' buying behavior (including cultural factors, social factors, personal factors, psychological factors, etc.)

(3) The purchase process (including the roles involved in the purchase, purchase behavior, and various stages in the purchase decision)

4. Analyze the group buying market and group buying behavior (including the comparison between the group buying market and the consumer market, the participants in the group buying process, the institutional and government markets)

5. Analyze the industry and competitors

(1) Identify company competitors (industry competition concept, market competition concept)

(2) Identify the strategy of competitors

(3) Judging the goals of competitors

(4) Assess the advantages and disadvantages of competitors

(5) Assess the response mode of competitors

(6) Choose competitors to attack and avoid

(7) Balance between customer orientation and competitor orientation

6. Determine market segments and select target markets

(1) Determine the level, model, and procedures of market segmentation, the basis for segmenting the consumer market, the basis for segmenting the business market, and the requirements for effective segmentation;

(2) Selection of target market, evaluation of market segments, and selection of market segments

2. Develop a wholesale cosmetic tube strategy

1. Differentiation and positioning of wholesale cosmetic tubes

(1) Product differentiation, service differentiation, channel differentiation, image differentiation

(2) How many differences are in the development of positioning strategies?

Introduce that difference

(3) Positioning of the communication company

2. Develop new products

(1) Challenges of new product development, including external environment analysis (opportunity and threat analysis)

(2) Effective organization and structure design

(3) Manage the new product development process, including the strategic development of wholesale cosmetic tubes, business analysis, market testing, and commercialization

3. Manage life cycle strategy

(1) Product life cycle includes requirements, technology life cycle, and various stages of product life cycle

(2) The strategy of wholesale cosmetic tubes in the product life cycle, introduction phase, growth phase, maturity phase, decline phase, summary and comment on the concept of product life cycle

4. Position itself as a market leader, challenger, follower and fill-in to design a wholesale cosmetic tube strategy

1) Market leader strategy, including expanding the total market, protecting market share and expanding market share

(2) Market challenger strategy, determine strategic objectives and competitors, choose an offensive strategy, and choose a specific offensive strategy

(3) Market follower strategy

(4) Strategy for market fill-in players

5. Design and manage a wholesale cosmetic tube strategy

(1) Decision on whether to enter the international market

(2) Decisions about which markets to enter

(3) Decisions on how to enter the market, including direct export, indirect export, license trade, direct investment from joint venture cosmetic tube suppliers, and internationalization process

(4) Decision on the wholesale cosmetic tube program

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