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Cosmetic tube packaging inventory, you must understand the knowledge


Cosmetic tube packaging has always been packaging cosmetic tube manufacturers focus on the production field, compared with other packaging, cosmetic tube packaging in profit and market space are larger, the following packaging tube spray cosmetic tube manufacturer and you detail cosmetics material inventory, learn is to earn!


For the design and development of cosmetic tube packaging, wholesale cosmetic tube packaging has been welcomed by cosmetic tube cosmetic tube manufacturers. Therefore, the style and material of cosmetic tubes are more and more diverse. Today, cosmetic tube manufacturers will talk about cosmetic tube packaging material.


Cosmetic tube, a lot of transparent and lightweight plastic cosmetic tube, are basically MADE of PET material, PET in the field of cosmetic tube packaging accounted for a high proportion. Secondly, acrylic cosmetics tube, acrylic material tube appearance is very like glass, delicate appearance, high grade, the cost is lower than the glass, so popular. Again, PE cosmetics tube, mainly packaging emulsion, the appearance is not transparent, usually white. Then, glass cosmetic tube, glass cosmetic bottle has always been the main form of packaging cosmetics, glass cosmetic tube fit the appearance of high-grade temperament needs of cosmetics packaging. Finally, metal cosmetic tube, for some luxury cosmetic tube packaging, they are very willing to use metal appearance.


Cosmetics after many centuries of development, in the development of many years, the product has been fully formed, but the packaging is constantly changing, but still wandering in the way of alternating packaging, cosmetics packaging tube of different ages need to take into account practical, know people are developed!


Cosmetics packaging is repeated: luxury -- environmental protection -- simple -- intuitive and convenient -- luxury -- environmental protection cycle; Different cosmetic plastic tube packaging design will be divided into different age groups to design, but also for different products; Among them, children's cosmetics market is relatively few, the category is relatively single, so cosmetic plastic tube packaging will be relatively single;

At present for children's cosmetics, most cosmetics tube manufacturers have adopted the theme of cartoon form, this kind of packaging is more than 6 years old children or little boys like, grow up some of the children are mostly in school and learning, are not particularly interested in these; So this is also the need for children of different ages, so as to fully comply with the use of children's habits, at the same time in order to make cosmetic plastic tube cartoon image, will abandon the convenience of cosmetic plastic tube packaging, the first is to occupy space and display, and then use and grab humanization is also very important;


Therefore, cosmetic packaging tube not only needs to meet the needs and preferences of the current age, but also take into account convenience and humanization; In this way, we can occupy a larger market opportunity;

Light in texture, resistant to falling, easy to process, according to the idea of cosmetic tube manufacturers to add creative tube, without any processing obstacles and other problems, resulting in the use of plastic tube has been in accordance with the annual rate of 10 percent in the growth. In the multifarious product competition, product quality, price, packaging is the main influencing factor; Plastic packaging tube combined with the advantages of glass tube effectively avoid the shortcomings of glass bott, I believe that in the following product packaging industry, plastic packaging tube will have a new breakthrough.

Because of the expansion of the market, so it has become more and more messy, thousands of cosmetic tube manufacturers from the ground up, quality, recycling, the environment has become the biggest problem at present, the waste of resources, this is an urgent matter to solve, so cosmetic tube manufacturer will advocate, recycling, high quality environmental protection.

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