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The performance and application of plastic packaging cosmetic packaging tube in cosmetic packaging wholesale industry are introduced


In our life, cosmetic packaging wholesale industry plastic packaging cosmetic packaging tube can be seen everywhere, many cosmetic products are packaged with this kind of plastic packaging cosmetic packaging tube. Cosmetic Squeeze Tube is widely used in the chemical, beauty, cosmetic and other industries.

But the cosmetic squeeze Tube is also used to cover some sunscreen, skin care products and some creams. Cosmetic squeeze Tube can be found everywhere, but the appearance of Cosmetic squeeze Tube is a big convenience for cosmetic manufacturers. Cosmetic tubes can also be used to pack BB creams, which, among other things, are covered squeeze Tube. Cosmetic products, such as disinfectants and hairspray, can be packaged in cosmetic squeezers, cosmetic squeezers, or cosmetic tubes.

Cosmetic packaging flexible tubes are widely used by cosmetic manufacturers because of cosmetic squeeze Tube's superior performance. The cosmetic squeeze Tube is made of polyethylene, but it is extremely tough to transport and handle. Steel products are relatively soft, not easy to harm the need for packaging products. Then the texture of the product is very light, which is the unified characteristics of plastic products, which reduces the physical strength of people's handling. But cosmetic squeeze tube is not supposed to be covered. Cosmetic squeeze Tube is made by blow molding, injection molding, etc., and is considered to be resistant to pressure and high temperature. Cosmetic Squeeze Tube can also be used to transport dangerous products because it is considered to be insulated, moistureproof, and withstand pressure.

As consumers buy cosmetics packaging tube products are increasing, the consumer's vision is gradually expanding, consumers will be more and more concerned about the added value of products. From the packaging or process, in shopping malls, supermarkets, cosmetics stores, we can find that Korea's cosmetics in the design of cosmetic packaging tube is very humanized, all for consumers to consider, simple and convenient to use.

When consumers didn't realize the cosmetics packaging tube is also enhance the brand value and their own taste, the elements of cosmetics packaging tube series may also appear in the determinants of corporate competitiveness is not so important, but with the generalization of cosmetics packaging tube technology, consumer's choice of cosmetics packaging tube scope will improve, Therefore, the force of marketing supplement research and development is weakening. This should also prove that research and development (packaging materials) is the basis. In this sense, cosmetic packaging wholesale industry of cosmetic enterprises when times of peace.

This also requires cosmetic packaging wholesale industry cosmetic enterprises in cosmetic packaging tube series research and development on such a road: cosmetic packaging tube from non-customization to customization. Of course, this is a gradual process, and in the process, the vast majority of corporate spending is wasted on advertising.

The added value of goods starts from the cosmetic packaging tube. Cosmetic packaging tubes are a shadow of r&d, and to some extent that's what cosmetics are sold in. A person in the cosmetics industry bought a cosmetic packaging tube from South Korea, and wanted to imitate the packaging of the cosmetics. Although the appearance can be almost imitated, the material of the cosmetic packaging tube can not be imitated, because the cosmetic packaging wholesale industry can not find such good quality packaging materials.

The evolution of cosmetic tubes from non-cosmetic to custom is a reflection of what consumers want: from cosmetic value, to added value, to brand value -- in quotes, of course, because Cosmetic Squeeze Tube is largely supported by advertising. 

tube purchase of cosmetics packaging mainly through the Internet, or directly related to the store to buy, usually before we buy make-up cosmetics packaging tube in the mind have a direction, so we need to produce a variety of packaging of cosmetics packaging tube to prepare, especially some classic is must, so you also convenient choice, And often some businesses in the purchase of style is the need for more traditional, do not need to be very fancy, the most practical.

Cosmetics packaging tube at the time of production we have diverse styles and classical high-grade products, and is used widely, many cosmetics manufacturers are often looking for a feel for the cosmetics packaging style, and then ask factory have this kind of cosmetics packaging tube, many buyers no longer aimless a leisurely view, but before purchasing, They have a general purchasing style in mind, which is based on the production of their own cosmetics to match.


We can't predict how buyers are going to use cosmetic packaging tubes, and it would be a shame if a customer needs one type of cosmetic packaging tube urgently and we lose the customer because we don't produce this type.


Cosmetic packaging tube can be in transportation and use during the preservation and ash prevention leakproof function can be isolated from the external temperature container or isolated from external bacteria container.


Now in the market you can see many kinds of cosmetics, of course, there will be a lot of matching cosmetic packaging tube. From the material point of view: bagasse cosmetic packaging tube, plastic cosmetic packaging tube, PET cosmetic packaging tube


Cosmetics have good visual beauty and are printed beautifully, so it is more important to detect the printing quality. At present, the routine items of cosmetics printing quality testing include abrasion resistance (scratch resistance) and fastness to adhesion of printing ink layer, and color discrimination.


1. Wear resistance testing: friction testing machine


2. Ink adhesion fastness detection: disc peeling machine and adhesive tape rolling machine


3. Color identification: SGB-80D65/A standard light source


Cosmetics and cosmetic packaging tube as a fashion consumer goods, not only need exquisite packaging, but also in the process of transportation or shelf life to implement the best protection of the product.


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