Plastic bottles must be non-toxic, no smell

by:Lisson     2020-05-17
Plastic bottles are widely used in many fields, in both industrial and life, but no matter what choice do plastic bottles of liquid raw materials, you must conform to the requirements of the non-toxic, no smell, etc. Must be non-toxic odorless, environmental health is the most important. Secondary materials, production of plastic is without strict cleaning and disinfection of the recycling of waste plastics made from raw materials produced by plastic bottles. These plastic bottles both from health and it is difficult to mark from all aspects of quality. These two materials are able to prevail in the market, is its low price, compared to the new material, the substandard secondary materials even less than half the price. Some use plastic bottle manufacturer in order to be able to reduce cost, or its doping in new materials. If the circulation of the plastic in the field of food, medicine and other packaging, direct access to the food and drug harm to people more. At the same time he also for using the new material manufacturer of plastic bottles form the unfair competition, also produce these secondary materials tend to form the bad environment. For the plastic bottles on the market, if we do not pay attention to commonly, not distinguish its quality fit and unfit quality, whether the harm to human health. But look, we sometimes find some plastic bottles poor gloss, containing impurities, yes, you see is the secondary material production of plastic bottles. In order to avoid more people affected, please must pay attention! 2, the bottle and cover sealing, water vapor permeability. Sealing and water vapor permeability is two important technical index for liquid plastic bottle, their stability of packaged products play a vital influence. 3, liquid plastic product quality standards. From the factory product quality standards can analyse and judge the quality of product quality. 4, quality guarantee system. Liquid plastic bottle for sourcing supplier audit has become the indispensable important segment. Through the audit, but on a manufacturer's software and hardware facilities, technical equipment, quality comprehensive level to make a proper evaluation.
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