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About cosmetic tubes packaging from cosmetic tube manufacturer


Now girls pay more and more attention to their looks, the demand for cosmetics is also growing. Cosmetics with delicate cosmetic tubes packaging are everywhere, so what are the types of cosmetic tubes? Lisson is a top-notch cosmetic tube manufacturer adept at wholesale cosmetic tube supplies and custom cosmetic tube for global makeup brands, today, Lisson as one of best cosmetic tube manufacturers want to tell you about cosmetic tubes.

1、 Packaging (facial cleaner tube)

A facial cleanser must be necessary every day. A facial cleanser is also a kind of cosmetics. As for facial cleansers, most of them are with facial cleanser tubes, which are convenient for making up users

2、 Packaging (cream tube packaging)

With a pair of beautiful hands, the temptation to people is great. So no matter what kind of age, we must have hand cream, and most of the hand cream packaging is a cream tube, cosmetic tube size is also varied, the generally small cosmetic tube can be taken with you anywhere.

3、 Isolation cream

Isolation cream is also a kind of common cosmetic tube, which is an important skincare product to protect the skin. It is mainly used to isolate ultraviolet rays and play the role of sunscreen. There are bottles and tubes for the isolation cream, among which tube is more common.

Most cosmetics are packed by tubes because the advantages of the tube are many, convenient to carry and save, not only useful; cosmetic tube manufacturer and supplier can also make a variety of patterns of cosmetics tube, let many girls heart burst.

Shared by China best cosmetic tube manufacturer, Lisson

The packaging materials of the cosmetic tube are divided into single-layer, double-layer and five-layer tubes, which are different in terms of pressure resistance, permeability resistance and handle. For example, a five-layer cosmetic tube is composed of an outer layer, an inner layer, two adhesive layers and a barrier layer. Features: this cosmic tube has an excellent gas barrier function, which can effectively prevent the infiltration of oxygen and odour gas, and prevent the leakage of fragrance and useful ingredients.

The double-layer tube is commonly used in cosmetic tube packaging materials, and the single-layer tube can be used for middle and low-level ones. The diameter of the tube is 13-60. When selecting a certain diameter tube, different capacity characteristics are marked with different lengths. The volume of 3 ML-360 ml can be adjusted at will. For beauty and harmony, the diameter below 35 is generally used for 60 ml, and the diameter below 35 - 45 is generally used for 100 ml and 150 ml. Cosmetic tube manufacturing in the cometic tube production line process is divided into round tube, elliptical tube, flat tube and ultra-flat tube. Compared with other tube materials, flat tube and ultra flat-tube have more disordered skills, and they are also new tube materials produced in recent years, so the price is relatively expensive, charged by whole cosmic tube manufacturers.

The shape of Lisson wholesale cosmetic tube packaging material cover is various, which is generally divided into flat cover, round cover, high cover, flip cover, super flat cover, double cover, spherical cover, lipstick cover, plastic cover, etc. it can also be processed by a variety of processes, such as gilt edge, silver edge, colourful cover, transparent, oil spray, electroplating, etc, pointed mouth covers and lipstick covers are usually equipped with inner plugs. The tube cover is an injection product, and the tube is a drawn tube. Most wholesale cosmetic tubes manufacturers do produce bulk cosmetic tube sets themselves.

Some products need sealing after filling, including straight seal, twill seal, umbrella seal, star seal and a special seal. When sealing, it is required to print the required date code at the sealing place.

The packaging materials of cosmetic tube can be a colourful tube, transparent cosmetic tube, colourful or transparent frosted tube and pearlescent tube, which can be divided into the matte tube and bright tube. Matte looks elegant, but it's easy to get dirty. The difference of large-area printing between colourful cosmetic tube and tube body can be judged by the cutting of the tail. The cut-off white is a large area of the printed tube, which requires high ink, otherwise, it is easy to fall off and crack after folding, revealing white traces.

Cosmetics tube is not only easier to print than other packaging materials, but also has the characteristics of high quality, strong durability, recycling, good elasticity, simple extrusion processing, strong adaptability and so on.

Compared with the aluminium plastic composite tube, cosmetic tube uses economical and easy to recover all plain plate, which reduces the environmental pollution caused by packaging waste.

Secondly, cosmetics tube manufacturers make cosmetics tubes with colourless transparent, colour transparent, colour opaque and other colours, which can bring strong visual enjoyment to consumers. Especially through the transparent cosmetic tube, users can see the colour state of the content, which greatly promotes the purchase of consumers.

In addition, the resilience of cosmetic tube is good. After extruding cosmetics, the cosmetic tube will quickly return to its original shape and always keep a beautiful and regular shape. This is very important for cosmetic packaging. Cosmetics Tube combines different kinds of raw materials with different properties. Wholesale cosmetics tube is used for fast consumption cosmetics with high appearance requirements and low actual performance requirements.

This article is from Lisson cosmetic tube factory, Lisson with 20+ years of experience has been manufactured various and innovative cosmetic tubes for customers from home and abroad, 

wholesale cosmetic tubes from Lisson are applicable for miscellaneous cosmetic packaging:

1) plastic cosmetic tubes

2)sugarcane cosmetic tubes

3) PCR cosmetic tubes

4) aluminium cosmetic tube packaging...

More is coming soon, reach us for a free sample.

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