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Wholesale Tube Packaging for Cosmetics


As a direct packaging product of cosmetics, cosmetics tube from cosmetic tube manufacturers is also a fashionable product. Many makeup retailers believe that people are often attracted to packaged products when they buy some items, such as a nice bottle of beverage, and they are reluctant to throw the bottle away after drinking it. Speaking of appearance, We talk about the inner things, after all, and then if good-looking drinks are hard to drink and not many people are willing to buy, similarly, and then good-looking appearance, inside the cosmetic effect is not good and not many people are willing to pay. That's the beauty of the packaging. As the competition in the cosmetics market becomes more and more fierce, wholesale cosmetics tube businesses have made great efforts in packaging and promotion of cosmetics to increase their sales and market share. The cosmetics tube is not just a makeup container, but its variable shape and rich colour rendering give it advantages over glass cosmetic bottle and plastic tube & bottle packaging.


The cosmetics tube excludes the air and oxygen in the container, and the packaging materials with excellent barrier sealing and strict sealing technology are adopted to ensure the sealing of cosmetics, which can effectively prevent the exchange of packaged goods so that people do not need to worry about the authenticity of the products, and can also avoid the deterioration of the packaging. Similarly, due to the tight sealing and the exclusion of internal gas, the heat conduction can be accelerated, the efficiency of heat treatment is improved, and sterilization is convenient. It also prevents the cosmetic tube from cracking due to gas expansion during sterilization.

The cosmetics industry is booming, with countless new cosmetics launched every year. And makeup businesses are looking for custom unique cosmetic tubes for their brands.  Wholesale exquisite cosmetics tube packaging from cosmetic tube manufacturer is designed to facilitate sales in a wide range of retail environments, thereby providing sales and increasing turnover. To motivate consumers to buy, try a participatory experience package: touching a new product should be an experience. Experiential cosmetic packaging guides consumers to interact with the product and choose the product, which is a key step in purchasing. The choice of cosmetic packaging that attracts consumers' attention is an effective way to stimulate consumers' interest. Unique styles, windows, embedded samples, unusual shapes and textures can bring a higher level of interest and engagement.

Cosmetic tube manufacturers and suppliers are dedicated to cosmetics tube that is both a container and a fashion product that requires a variety of shapes and rich colours. At the moment, glass and plastic have a clear advantage in this regard. 

With the continuous development of glass manufacturing technology and the mature application of printing, hot stamping, frosting, dyeing, glazing and other technologies, the fashion potential of the packaging of the cosmetic glass bottle has been fully explored, and since it is easy to shape and has colourful colours, plastic has always been a master of fashion. In addition, today's plastic materials can perfectly imitate shiny glass by cosmetic packaging companies.

Wholesale cosmetics tubes are an essential part of your packaging. Functions of Cosmetic Tube in Cosmetic Packaging:

1.Excludes part of the air (oxygen) in the packaging container, which can effectively prevent cosmetics spoilage.

2. the use of barrier (air tightness) excellent packaging materials and strict sealing technology and requirements, can effectively prevent the exchange of packaging content material, can avoid food weight loss, loss of taste, and can prevent secondary pollution.

3. The gas inside the cosmetics tube container has been eliminated, which accelerates the heat conduction, which can improve the thermal sterilization efficiency, and also avoid the rupture of the cosmetic packaging container due to the expansion of the gas when heating and sterilization.

In the food industry, cosmetics tube applications are very common, cosmetic tubes are also applicable for packing all kinds of cooked products such as chicken leg, ham, sausage, etc.; Pickled products, such as pickles, bean products, preserved fruits and other foods that need to be kept fresh, are more and more used in cosmetics tube. The shelf life of food packaged by plastic tube greatly extends the shelf life of food.

More and more coloured creams and gels are becoming popular with consumers. When these products are packaged in transparent composite tube, their attractive colour and good texture are irresistible. Wholesale transparent cosmetics tube packaging is the icing on the cake. However, when using a transparent tube, the contents of the tube are easy to be degraded by ultraviolet radiation. Taking the lead among wholesale cosmetic tube manufacturers, Lisson Cosmetic Tube factory has developed a product formulation called "Ultraviolet Insulation" which effectively protects the filled product from UV rays.

Environmental considerations maximize the use of economical, easily recyclable sheets and reduce raw material is the most practical and rational way to produce environmentally friendly tubes. When the thickness of the foil barrier in the cosmetic tube is reduced from the traditional 40μs to 12μs, a lot of resources can be saved. When the aluminium foil barrier is eliminated and replaced with EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer), the composite tube can be completely recycled. 

  • Wholesale cosmetic tube from cosmetic tube manufacturers and suppliers

  • Whether it is cosmetics, medicine or food, the first thing to consider in packaging is hygiene performance, followed by barrier performance, printing adaptability and chemical resistance. Of course, the economy and ease of use must also be considered. As an eco-friendly cosmetic tube manufacturer,  Lisson also offers green and sustainable wholesale cosmetic tubes for customers, top food-grade and skin-friendliness. 

  • Basic, streamlined, simple - the words that used to describe cosmetic packaging and, in particular, cosmetic tubes were only a few years ago. The trend has shifted in the other direction, for the face of the cosmetic tube. If you are sourcing for your ideal cosmetic tube solution, contact Lisson, best wholesale cosmetic tube manufacturer based in China.

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