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Innovative Hair Care Brush Squeeze Tubes Packaging with Massage Function


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Nowadays, hair play an important role in personal image, not like the old way, people start to figure a person with their outfit. In this way, whether the hair dry or not, clean or not, mess or not, become the rule to define a person if respect others.

Yes you may know it now, the topic of today is taking care of hair is indispensable for everyone, and our patent product Brush Massage Squeeze Tubes For Hair Care will definitely meet your needs.

Basically, it is a tube with plastic brush applicator, but don’t think it is common, small capacity has a big effect!

It has massage function. Assume it is filling with hair essential oil, and you are applying the brush on your scalp. When combing the hair, it actually achieves the purpose of stimulating the nerve endings of the head and the acupuncture points. This massage can act on the cerebral cortex, help regulate the meridians and nervous system, relax the scalp nerves, and promote local blood circulation. It has the effect of refreshing the brain.

The benefits of hair combing are also reflected in slowing down aging. Often combing head can smoother blood flow and strengthen the metabolism. Through the massage stimulation of the acupuncture points on the head, the meridians can be dredged, the nutrition of brain cells can be enhanced, and the brain aging can be delayed.

Besides, it has another function, the above says it can be used for essential oil, and the second usage is hair dye.

Hair salon prefer dying hair by hands and brush, like left hand take an brush with hair dye and right hand keep combing hair, but now by using this Brush Massage Squeeze Tubes For Hair Care, you may only need to do it by one hand.

More specifically, the Brush Massage Squeeze Tubes For Hair Care are able to dye and comb hair in the same time. Wet your hair first, and then switch ON, apply curtain volume of hair dye on your head, around 5 to 15 minutes can dye the whole head. It is very convenience to use and portable, also can be used it by yourself at home.


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