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Plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers share commonly used plastic cosmetic tube materials and characteristics for you


Compared with glass cosmetic bottles and aluminum cosmetic tube packaging, plastic cosmetic tube packaging has always been designated as the low-end packaging market. In the packaging of glass cosmetic bottles, the supporting process related to the appearance of the glass cosmetic bottles has been continuously improved. Applying various techniques such as spray painting, baking, pasting, frosting, etc. on the glass cosmetic bottles, the cosmetic tube manufacturer has improved the quality of the original ordinary glass cosmetic bottles.

For plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers, despite the endless emergence of packaging materials, the related support technology of plastic cosmetic tubes has stagnated. Plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers have been working hard to make good progress in the high-end packaging market. We believe that plastic cosmetic tubes must be squeezed into the high-end market. 

On the one hand, it is necessary to make a breakthrough in the design of the plastic cosmetic tube. The exquisite shape of the cosmetic tube will greatly help improve the packaging level of the plastic cosmetic tube. On the other hand, the breakthrough in the production level of plastic cosmetic tubes requires sufficient work on the color and appearance of plastic cosmetic tubes, so that the technological level of plastic cosmetic tubes is close to other products, such as glass cosmetic bottles.

In fact, the improvement of the relevant grades of packaging products is to enhance the cultural connotation of the products. For cosmetic tube manufacturers, this will ultimately increase the profit margin of plastic cosmetic tube products.

The recycling rate of plastic cosmetic tube packaging is very high. The utilization rate of plastic cosmetic tube packaging is very high, which involves almost all aspects of our lives. The usage of plastic cosmetic tubes is amazing. After these plastic cosmetic tubes are used and discarded, how to recycle them has also become a social concern. 

At present, the recycling and reuse of waste plastic cosmetic tubes, which are mainly made of PET materials, are relatively mature in technology and in the market. After the waste PET plastic cosmetic tube is recycled, it can be used as the raw material of textiles or the raw material of plastic cosmetic tube. Therefore, the recycling rate of PET waste plastic cosmetic tubes is very high. Some cosmetic companies have even increased the recycling price of waste plastic cosmetic tubes in order to compete for this part of resources.

However, the raw materials of plastic cosmetic tubes on the market are very abundant, including PET, PE, PP, acrylic and other materials. After recycling, there is no good way to reuse plastic cosmetic tubes made of these materials. This has resulted in a large number of plastic cosmetic tubes that are not PET materials being discarded in large quantities. These discarded plastic cosmetic tubes cannot decompose well after being discarded, which poses a great threat to the environment. 

How to make these plastic cosmetic tubes have a good recycling method is the most effective way to promote and improve the recycling of these plastic cosmetic tubes.

Cosmetic tube supplier needs to support research on the reuse of plastic cosmetic tubes made of these materials, encourage more talents and companies to actively invest in them, and contribute to resource conservation and environmental improvement.

The more common materials for plastic cosmetic tubes are PET, PP, PE, PC and so on. The following is an introduction to the characteristics of these materials:

PET cosmetic tube

Transparent, non-toxic, impact-resistant, not high-temperature resistant. Generally, cosmetics must be filled cold and used for one-time use (not high-temperature sterilization).

PP cosmetic tube

It is non-toxic, transparent, and has certain heat resistance and impact resistance. Generally, it contains hand sanitizer, skin care products, and shampoo. It cannot be sterilized by pressure cooker, and the transparency is not good.

PE cosmetic tube

The PE cosmetic tube is similar to the PP cosmetic tube, and has better toughness than PP, but it has lower rigidity and heat resistance and good solvent resistance.

PC cosmetic tube

Transparent, impact-resistant, high-temperature resistant, the material is relatively expensive, the cosmetic tube is most used, and it can be sterilized by high-temperature steam.

The key to the choice of plastic cosmetic tube material is what you want to install, whether it is corrosive, appearance requirements, etc. According to this, the cosmetic tube manufacturer decides what material to use.

    The cosmetic tube used for packaging cosmetics is usually called the cosmetic tube. The current market for cosmetic tube packaging has higher requirements in these aspects. The first is easy to use, because the cosmetic tube is for consumers, and whether it is used by the elderly or children, convenience comes first. The second is the beautiful appearance of the cosmetic tube, which is conducive to the shaping of the brand image of cosmetic products. The third is the environmental protection of cosmetic tube materials. 

    As people's awareness of environmental protection increases, this is becoming more and more important. There are more and more eco-friendly cosmetic tubes such as PCR cosmetic tubes, sugarcane cosmetic tubes, aluminum cosmetic tubes for wholesale, available from cosmetic tube factories.

    We come into contact with a lot of cosmetic tubes in our daily lives. For us, one of the most important criteria in the use of cosmetic tubes is convenience and humanity. Imagine when you are wet in the bathroom, if the cosmetic tube design is unreasonable, it is difficult to squeeze out the cosmetics, or the cosmetic tube falls, etc., you will definitely be very upset and affect your mood.

    For cosmetic tube packaging, how does cosmetic tube supplier achieve a reasonable design? First of all, the extrusion quality of the cosmetic pump head must be good. If it is damaged, it will greatly affect the use effect of the cosmetic tube packaging. The user experience can be imagined. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the quality of cosmetic pump heads. 

    Secondly, the size of the cosmetic tube should also be reasonable. If it is too big, it will be used repeatedly for a long time, and it will definitely not conform to the consumer's habits. If it is too small, it will not be appropriate to buy it repeatedly. Finally, the appearance of cosmetic tube packaging, whether the cosmetic tube manufacturer's design is reasonable, and whether it can be easily held by hand is also a very important reference indicator.

    Only in several aspects are integrated, cosmetic tube supplier not only considers the appearance of the cosmetic tube, but also pays attention to the actual user experience, combining various aspects.

    So, how much is it for wholesale cosmetic tube? There are several aspects of printing. First of all, the capacity of the cosmetic tube. Smaller ones are generally cheaper than larger ones. Secondly, the functional style of the cosmetic tube, the squeeze type with pump head is more convenient, but the price is also more expensive. Thirdly, the material and style of the cosmetic tube, different materials, the price of the wholesale cosmetic tube is different, and the price of different style designs is also higher. difference.

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