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Analysis of influencing factors of plastic cosmetic tube industry


With the continuous development of cosmetic industry, the application of plastic cosmetic tube in cosmetic industry began to develop. Because the cosmetic industry is a special industry, cosmetic packaging has strict requirements for the packaging technology of this industry. Both for packaging material and packaging parameters are quite strict.


Plastic cosmetic tube packaging of plastic cosmetic packaging industry accounted for more than half, followed by cosmetic glass bottles, then paper and cosmetic aluminum tube. Plastic cosmetic tube can stand firm in the packaging industry in addition to low cost, the most important aspect is the comparison in transportation. Plastic cosmetic tube is more convenient in the process of transportation, the amount of one-time transportation is also larger, and the fluidity between regions is better than that of cosmetic glass bottles.


In addition, plastic cosmetic tube has high plasticity. In a variety of packaging products, plastic cosmetic tube can be changed according to different packaging characteristics. This is especially true when a company requires the Cosmetic Tube manufacturer to highlight the culture of its subsidiaries. Or plastic cosmetic tubes for water and other requirements for portability, plastic cosmetic tubes can meet the requirements.


Because the proportion of the market of cosmetic plastic cosmetic tube is getting higher and higher now, and the medicinal plastic cosmetic tube has obvious advantages, so the development of cosmetic plastic cosmetic tube is bright in the future. According to incomplete statistics, the global pharmaceutical industry for plastic cosmetic tube packaging demand is quite large, in the future of the cosmetic industry plastic cosmetic packaging industry, its development is rapid development.


But for the performance of plastic cosmetic tube is more and more high requirements, plastic cosmetic tube must meet the relevant national standards, otherwise there will be a certain threat to our body. When we choose plastic cosmetic tube, we should also consider its durability, a more comprehensive understanding of their texture and raw materials.


Current challenges for cosmetic packaging plastic cosmetic pipe manufacturers: Cosmetic container Suppliers only weighs 8.8g. The product uses fewer materials and thus reduces resource consumption, stationary waste and greenhouse gas emissions. The middle product weighs 27.3 grams, which not only consumes three times more resources and wastes than the above product, but also costs 10 times more. Requantified product packaging brings huge profits to companies and retailers, but the impact on the environment can be imagined.


In the recycling process after the use of cosmetic glass bottles, the tube products in the middle are not only easier to recycle, but also increase the recycling rate and economic benefits.


In order to improve people's awareness of environmental protection, relevant departments have established a reward system specifically for environmental protection. However, most enterprises are based on corporate profits and seldom consider the impact of products on the environment.

Raising people's collective awareness of environmental protection is the key to solving such problems. At the same time, we want to reduce the impact of products on the environment. The key is not only to improve the recycling rate, but also to reduce the generation of waste.

Recently, the theme of environmental protection and recycling has been greatly exaggerated internationally. However, the effect of only focusing on improving the utilization rate of recycling on environmental protection remains to be discussed. Reducing the use of materials is now suggested as an important measure to protect the environment. And aluminum cosmetic tube is a top pick.

Imagine that there are three types of 500ml piped water in front of you. On the left is a local semi-premium brand, on the right is a private brand and in the middle is an extremely high-end product.

Generally speaking, under the condition of the same price, the weight of the cosmetic glass bottle will be directly related to people's perception of the quality of the water in the tube. This is a basic marketing strategy. Some people believe that the packaging, feel and weight of products with similar prices will affect consumers' choice.

However, because marketing strategies not only downplay the benefits of environmental benefits, many companies respond to the call to protect the environment by increasing recycling.


Packaging industry leader plastic cosmetic tube has obvious advantages, plastic cosmetic tube is widely used because it has a series of advantages such as light weight, durable, good barrier, easy to shape, changeable shape, low cost, etc., has a very strong competitiveness in the packaging industry. Since the birth of plastic cosmetic packaging to now, it has become the first of various packaging materials. In recent years, cosmetic packaging tube mouth and tube cover have a good close performance. In order to narrow the gap with other Cosmetic Tube Suppliers, we should seize the opportunity of promoting industry development.


Plastic cosmetic tube is widely used because it has a series of advantages such as light weight, durable, good barrier, easy to shape, changeable shape, low cost, etc., which has a very strong competitiveness in the packaging industry. Since the birth of plastic cosmetic packaging to now, it has become the first of various packaging materials.

In recent years, the rapid development of cosmetic packaging pharmaceutical packaging industry, its plastic cosmetic packaging plastic cosmetic tube demand is increasing, blow molding equipment is also growing.


Five years, is still the key period of rapid development of cosmetics packaging cosmetics industry, containing attractive huge business opportunities. Plastic cosmetic packaging materials are mainly divided into film and plastic two categories, is one of the largest application of plastic cosmetic products, widely used in cosmetics, skin care products industry. At present, plastic cosmetic packaging accounts for more than 1/3 of the total output of packaging materials, ranking the first of all kinds of packaging materials, and each packaging form is divided into many varieties because of different uses and materials.


The birth of competitive products begins with the optimal design of products. Among the many factors of commodity competition in the international market, commodity quality, price and packaging design are the three main factors. So we must seize the good opportunity of this development, have the courage to innovate, do something new, make the product novel, strange, rich in modern consciousness.


Plastic cosmetic tube should have the function of easy to use, whether to develop and manufacture competitive products is the key to the survival and development of enterprises. The design of the tube mouth of plastic cosmetic tube should consider opening convenient, and can open and close for many times, dumping content should be convenient. Can not produce sputtering wounding phenomenon. When designing the product, additional functions can be added to the sealer: such as anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, anti-clogging, spray, etc.


Although the equipment for injection molding hollow plastic cosmetic tube can be produced in small quantity, the precision and performance of the equipment itself are not as good as foreign equipment.


Cosmetic packaging pharmaceutical packaging industry develops rapidly, its plastic cosmetic packaging plastic cosmetic tube demand is increasing, blow molding equipment is also growing. Because the injection blow molding equipment in the process of operation, the first injection of the tube mouth, to ensure the accuracy of the tube mouth, and then blow molding tube body. Therefore, it can prevent the volatilization of the gas in the plastic cosmetic tube and the penetration of external gas into the tube. It ensures that there is a good close performance between the nozzle and the cover. Seize the broad market prospect of this opportunity to promote the development of the industry, to narrow the gap with foreign countries.


Now, plastic cosmetic tube occupies the absolute share of the plastic cosmetic tube packaging market, plastic cosmetic tube has a lot of advantages we have repeatedly analyzed. But today we are talking about cosmetic tubes that are being ignored by the market but are considered irreplaceable by Cosmetic Tube manufacturers.


Among them, plastic cosmetic tube has always had a good market application, from milk tube to shampoo, shower gel plastic cosmetic tube. Compared with plastic cosmetic tube, plastic cosmetic tube costs less, more suitable for many low packaging cost requirements. At the same time, plastic cosmetic tubes are opaque to light, which is important for some products where light can affect them. Then naturally is the plastic cosmetic tube, plastic cosmetic tube although can not be used for food and other products packaging, but in the field of chemical packaging, but very popular. Let's talk about PS acrylic plastic cosmetic tube, it is used in a large number of cosmetics and other packaging, cosmetic packaging for high appearance requirements, acrylic plastic cosmetic tube looks like a cosmetic glass bottle, popular in the market.


While paying attention to plastic cosmetic tubes in our market, we should take into account the packaging of other types of plastic cosmetic tubes. Now the packaging of other types of plastic cosmetic tubes is a key problem when the recycling is not ideal, which needs to be improved from the material itself, so as to achieve the improvement of the recycling rate of these plastic cosmetic tubes.


At present, under the impact of the global economic recession, whether it is the expectation of the Federal Reserve's future interest rate hike or the performance of the DOLLAR, everyone is still optimistic about the rise of the dollar; International oil prices plunged on The 12th, the market performance was poor, the transaction failed to follow up, we still maintain a wait-and-see attitude, so the market needs more positive support to increase confidence, it is expected that the short-term market price may have a correction.

In the first half of this year, the overall balance of waste plastic cosmetics industry, relative to steel, should be maintained a certain stability, the introduction of various favorable policies to promote the rapid development of waste plastic cosmetics recycling industry. In the future, waste plastic cosmetic recycling industry has a great prospect. Now, customs will use criminal and other law enforcement methods to crack down on "foreign garbage". In view of the recent media reports "foreign garbage" widespread in individual regions, the General Administration of Customs, a spokesman for comprehensive zheng yuesheng in the State Council Information Office, told a conference held in the national customs will continue to crack down on "foreign garbage" smuggling, the integrated use of administrative and criminal enforcement measures, constantly fighting this crime. Cosmetic packaging departments will increase the supervision of imported waste plastic cosmetics, which not only has a positive impact on the environmental protection of cosmetic packaging, but also promotes the improvement of the quality of cosmetic packaging recycled plastic cosmetics.

Now, with the popularity of e-commerce concept, more and more business transactions between enterprises using online completion, a lot of plastic cosmetic tube manufacturers also through the network sales, and online transaction. It's kind of convenient. However, the author today is to play the devil's advocate, although convenient, but I think this is not necessarily the best way.

The sales and transactions of plastic cosmetic tubes mainly occur between enterprises. Such deals tend to involve large amounts of money and are often long-term partnerships. For a single transaction, a large amount of money needs to be left on the trading platform first, and the manufacturer of plastic cosmetic tubes can not receive the payment until the buyer confirms it. The time difference between this can sometimes be half a month to a month. The freezing of a large sum of money is sometimes a big problem for enterprises in the flow of funds. On the other hand, there is no contract signing procedure on all trading platforms, which will cause a problem. For the transaction disputes between some large orders, there is no corresponding contract constraint, and we can only rely on some simple rules of the trading platform to restrict them, which is difficult to deal with well.

In short, we believe that the transaction between plastic cosmetic tube enterprises, direct online transaction is a supplement, the more reasonable way is for the two parties to obtain trust and cooperation in the case of signing a contract offline transaction is more conducive to both sides.

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