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How to dispose of cosmetic tube packaging?


Every day, people use various skincare and makeup products, both skincare and cosmetics have become important as much as daily necessities. Plentiful skincare packaging waste is in the wake of abundant consumption of skincare and beauty products. A quickly increasing number of cosmetic packaging manufacturers have shifted themselves into eco-friendly cosmetic and skincare packaging manufacturers as consumers have been inclined to prefer makeup and personal care products packed with eco-friendly packaging. 

Different recyclable packaging for cosmetics has been widely applied nowadays, such as plastic cosmetic tubes, sugarcane tube, PCR cosmetic packaging, aluminum tube cosmetic packaging( a kind of metal cosmetic container), etc. But how to dispose of skincare and cosmetic tube packaging? Thats the question. Here is a guide from a world-class cosmetic packaging manufacturer to enlighten you regarding how to recycle beauty and skin care tube packaging for reuse and reprocessing.

Step 1

Recycling cosmetic packaging

More and more eco-friendly institutes and companies are established and they launch massive empty cosmetic containers recycling for recirculation. The first move goes with recycling all kinds of makeup packaging wastes from recycling bins or waste collection depots that are mainly responsible for recovering various discharges from life and industry. Then it comes with cleaning cosmetic tube packaging after they call back bulk cosmetic tubes including some inferior-quality and compromising-quality skincare and cosmetic packaging from cosmetic packaging manufacturers. 

Step 2

Classification and shredding of bulk makeup packaging tubes

Different cosmetic packaging is consisted of various raw materials by cosmetic tube packaging suppliers, it is a premise to sort out empty cosmetic tubes in compliance with related rules and regulations accordingly before recyclable cosmetic tube packaging goes into the next phase. And sorting and shredding machines as the highly effective solution are programmed to classify and shred different cosmetic tube packaging fast and automatically. Subsequently, those recyclable cosmetic packaging shreds and scrapes will be sent to the smelting furnace and processed into grains and granules after cooling.

Step 3

Transport cosmetic packaging scrapes, shreds, and granules to cosmetic packaging manufactories for reutilization

Those eco-friendly cosmetic scrapes, shreds, and granules will be displaced to cosmetic packaging manufacturing center functioning as makeup packaging raw material, a large number of cosmetic tube manufacturers have followed closely right behind customers consumption habit and preference and many cosmetic packaging companies tend to work and establish cooperation relationship with recycling waste enterprises when they source for cosmetic packaging production raw materials. All of the cosmetic tube packaging from recycling makeup packaging discharge is called post-consumer cosmetic packaging.

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On one hand, it will benefit human beings both social and environmentally sustainable development, on the other hand, as recyclable makeup and skincare packaging, it can save cosmetic tube packaging supplierscost, and also, help beauty and personal care company in respect of market share due to the trend of growing eco-friendly makeup customers as its well known that customers preferably choose to cost-effective and eco-friendly beauty products.

With the rise of sustainable cosmetic packaging suppliers, more eco cosmetic packaging and customized sustainable packaging cosmetics will penetrate through our daily life as necessary products hither and thither. The importance of eco cosmetic packaging to the earth is similarly commensurate with water to life. What it goes around will come around, through incessant joint-effort of all, it is well-believed that an eco-friendly cosmetic packaging system will be established, continue, and contribute its share to the welfare of human beings and the planet.


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