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Analysis of current situation of Cosmetic Tube labeling technology


As is known to all, one of the most critical factors in the labeling process is the surface quality of the object to be affiXED, at least the surface of the object to be affiXED is flat and straight, and the surface of the object to be affiXED is covered, which is the opposite of the case for the cosmetic tube. Cosmetic tube is one of top and popular cosmetic packaging for makeup manufacturers. Therefore, to carry out the labeling, the tube must be "hardened" and the hardening of the tube is nothing more than pressurization. Filled in. But no matter that way should be suitable for labeling operations, to ensure the quality of labeling. With the increasing use of plastic cosmetic tubes for daily use and other related industries, the problem of labeling of cosmetic tubes has become apparent. Labeling of cosmetic tubes can solve many problems, such as yellowing of tubes, anti-counterfeiting, improving the performance of pictures and pictures, etc. This method of packaging has greatly improved the product resistance, and several major companies in the country have started experimenting with cosmetic tube labeling.


Lisson Limited has been a leader in the labeling of Cosmetic Tube. Various labeling methods have been tried and a scientific method of labeling of Cosmetic Tube has been concluded with the launch of the SL-4116tCosmetic Tube Labeling Machine in early 2003. And has obtained the national patent, patent number: ZL03242095.1. SL-4116tCosmetic Tube Labeling Machine adopts internal labeling method, intermittent operation mode, number of labeling per minute: 70 for a single label, 50 for 2 labels, 40 for a single label positioning. Working principle: The system is driven by an intermittent CAM mechanism. When operated by the covered tube to the labelling station, the plug is first inserted by the device, and the size of the plug is difficult to master. Different materials have different dimensions for the covered tube. After labeling, it will be moved to the next station and the system will test the labeled product and reject the unqualified product and release the labeled product to the discharge station and the labeled product will be placed on the discharge line or it can be used in conjunction with the Cosmetic Tube sealing and filling machine and the labeled product will go directly to the filling machine.

Custom Cosmetic Tube labeling is different from ordinary hard object labeling in many ways. Here are some of our experience which is not yet mature, please share with us and welcome your comments. We will spare no effort to improve the equipment. The most important thing for labeling of Cosmetic Tube is the coordination between the inner plug and the cosmetic tube. If the coordination is loose, the labeling is not good, and if the labeling is too tight, it is likely to produce bubbles, which is mentioned in ZL03242095.

1. There is a relatively complete discussion in the patent document. The operating environment is also very important. If the scene is not clean enough and dust particles exceed the standard, it will lead to labeling "slag inclusion". The stricter hygiene requirements are due to the fact that the plug is in contact with the inner wall of the tube at the time of labeling, so in general the plug is made of 316L highly polished material which is easy to clean and is regularly disinfected.

Storage of the plug: different Cosmetic Tube shall be used with different plugs. The plug that is not used for the time being shall be stored on a fixed bracket and shall be placed perpendicular to the ground to avoid the distortion of the plug affecting the labeling accuracy.


Automatic feeding: SL-4116tCosmetic Tube Labeling Machine is equipped with automatic feeding bin to realize automatic feeding of Cosmetic Tube Labeling. During the production process, attention shall be paid to the friction between the Cosmetic Tube and the surface shall not be scratched. Of course, during the feeding process, it is necessary to control the "crossing" of the tube so as not to produce the blocking material. SL-4116TFEEDER has a special organization for preventing the crossing of the tube. Control of air bubbles: The label material is generally soft and thin for the appearance of the tube because the label emphasizes "follow-on" meaning that the label is deformed with the appearance of the tube. Therefore, the labeling process must ensure that the label is in "line contact" with the Cosmetic Tube, and line contact labeling from head to tail is the primary means of not producing bubbles.

Label start segment linear bubble: Usually bubbles in the label front, this is mostly due to imagine the acceleration is insufficient, adjust the acceleration of the motor, as far as possible reduce the acceleration time, also can adjust the label position, but soft label and advance the position parameter is contradictory, the operator should find a balance between them, as far as possible So the experience of the operator is also very important. Labeling accuracy: In order to achieve a high labeling accuracy, the actual center line of the Cosmetic Tube must be found accurately. Because of the characteristics of the tube itself, the simple three-roll positioning method is no longer applicable. The SL-4116T labeling machine is equipped with a special positioning mechanism, which can accurately find the center line of the Cosmetic tube to achieve high quality labeling

Speed coordination: During the labeling process of Cosmetic Tube, the ratio of the feed speed between the labelling and the labeling is an important parameter. Different packages have different ratio parameters and a good machine can adjust these parameters intuitively. In most cases, this parameter does not equal "1" and the actual value needs to be controlled during the production process.

This represents only one way of packaging, which is cosmetic tube labeling and it has some unique advantages and cost disadvantages and of course it is up to the manufacturer to decide which way to use the packaging, but the cosmetic tube supplier believes that as the market continues to improve, Consumers' perceptions of consumption are constantly changing and there is great potential for Cosmetic Tube labeling.

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