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Ointment aluminum tube-the best companion for medicinal ointment packaging


Medicinal ointment is a common pharmaceutical preparation in daily life, such as Pikang cream, eye ointment, dermatitis medicine, athlete's foot cream and so on. The ointment aluminium tube refers to a container that has been softened and used for packaging creams, ointments and other dosage forms, and is one of the pharmaceutical packaging containers. The reason why the aluminum ointment tube can be used as the best choice for medicinal ointment packaging is inseparable from its own advantages!


The ointment aluminium tube from ointment aluminium tube manufacturer is a packaging material and container that directly contacts drugs used by pharmaceutical manufacturers to produce pharmaceutical preparations. As the packaging of medicines, the quality, safety, performance of the ointment aluminium tube itself and its compatibility with medicines have a very important influence on the quality of the medicine itself. In the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for National Drug Safety", improving drug quality and safety is an important task. In order to more effectively ensure the quality of pharmaceutical packaging materials and drug safety, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the latest version of the YBB National Pharmaceutical Packaging Material Standard in 2015, which puts forward more standardized requirements for the management of pharmaceutical packaging materials, and is more environmentally friendly. , Safe and convenient pharmaceutical packaging materials provide effective supervision.

The main raw material of the ointment aluminum tube is industrial pure aluminum with an aluminum content of 99.7%. Aluminum is the most abundant metal element in the earth's crust. Mining and smelting are very simple, and more importantly, the superiority of aluminum itself.


1. Good processing performance and strong plasticity


The density of pure aluminum is only 2.7g/cm³, which is a light metal and can be processed by a variety of casting methods and is easy to shape; aluminum has a simple manufacturing process and is not easily broken, which can greatly reduce processing costs and is beneficial to energy saving.


2. Corrosion resistance, good sealing

The surface of aluminum tube and its alloys is easy to form a dense oxide protective film, which can effectively isolate water vapor, oxygen, etc., and prevent the product from being corroded during circulation and use; and aluminum tube packaging with tail glue , It has better sealing characteristics, and has a more adequate sealing protection effect on the medicine inside.


3. Good electrical and thermal conductivity, and good ductility

Aluminum tube for medicine and cosmetics is a good conductor of heat, and its thermal conductivity is three times greater than that of iron; and its electrical conductivity is second only to silver and copper. When the paste is hot filled, it is more conducive to the rapid cooling and heat dissipation of the paste, effectively ensuring the pastes thermal conductivity. stability.


4. Good shading and strong reflectivity

The polished surface of aluminum has a reflectivity of more than 80% to white light. The higher the purity, the higher the reflectivity, especially for infrared, ultraviolet, heat radiation, etc. It has good reflectivity, and can be used for storage in various occasions, saving more More storage and circulation costs are suitable for long-term display on the counter and increase the probability of product exposure.


5. High barrier performance

Compared with other non-aluminum materials, aluminum has excellent moisture and gas barrier properties. Generally speaking, when the thickness of the aluminum foil is greater than 0.01mm, it has good moisture resistance; when the thickness is greater than 0.015mm, it has gas impermeability. The increase in thickness can effectively improve the barrier performance. The wall thickness of the aluminum tube of the ointment aluminum tube is greater than 0.09mm, which is much higher than the thickness of any aluminum foil, so its barrier performance is certain.


6. Non-magnetic, no sparks due to impact

This feature brings great guarantee for safe production management, and also brings high security to market circulation.

The ointment aluminum tube is a single aluminum material that is stamped and formed at one time, the tube and the nozzle are sealed, and the tube body is formed at one time. There is no need for the shoulder and the tube body to be injected, there is no injection skew, inner layer and sublayer peeling, weld separation, etc. Potential quality risks. In addition, the aluminum ointment tube needs to undergo four times of high temperature during production, such as annealing and coating curing, with a maximum temperature of 400. Long-term and multi-frequency dry-heating in a controlled clean environment will cause a very high risk of product microbial contamination. Low, so as to effectively ensure that the product has extremely high biochemical indicators.


The production of ointment aluminum tube from aluminum tube manufacturers adopts high-efficiency and fully automatic streamlining production line to ensure unmanned operation from feeding to packaging, and all processes are formed at one time to increase productivity. Compared with the production process of similar packaging, the process flow of the ointment aluminum tube is reasonable and coherent, and it is done in one go, which greatly reduces the matching and intermediate auxiliary links, not only saves labor costs and production costs, but also reduces the impact of human factors on product quality.

Looking at the development road of aluminum tube packaging, it is not only widely used in the field of medicinal ointment, but also in the field of cosmetics and food. The prospect is very broad. Combining the development trend of domestic review and approval of pharmaceutical packaging materials and pharmaceutical excipients, environmentally friendly, safe and convenient pharmaceutical packaging materials will be the main direction of future development. 

The aluminum ointment tube has many incomparable advantages and will not be replaced for a long time. Therefore, it will become the best packaging method for medicinal ointment, and it is the inevitable choice of the majority of ointment manufacturers. Lisson Packaging is a professional collapsible aluminum tubes manufacturer, own 10 production line, output 150milion per month. Welcome to contact us for custom recycled aluminum tube packaging.

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