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How to choose high-quality packaging aluminum tube


How to choose high-quality packaging cosmetic aluminum tubes from cosmetic tube manufacturers? Many people just simply teach the identification skills. In fact, to truly understand how to identify and select, first of all, you should have a certain understanding of its production process, so Lisson cosmetic tube factory will tell you in detail.

The production process of packaging aluminum tube in cosmetic aluminum tube factory:


1. Stamping: Press the aluminum sheet into a tube.

2. Trimming: trim the thread of the nozzle and cut the tail of the nozzle neatly.

3. Annealing: send it into a 3500 degree oven for baking to soften the aluminum tube.

4. Spray color: Coat a layer of protective polyester resin on the surface of the aluminum tube, usually white, to play a protective role.

5. Printing: According to customer requirements, we will print text and patterns, and print the brand logo, explanatory text and warnings on the aluminum tube.

6. Cover: Manual cover or automatic cover. The cover is usually made of PP or PS plastic material, which is selected according to product attributes and customer design.

After understanding the production process of packaging aluminium tubes by cosmetic aluminium tube manufacturer, let's briefly talk about its identification skills:

One look

After getting the aluminum tube, first check whether there are scratches on the surface of the cosmetic aluminum tube, whether there is any distortion, whether it is smooth and flat, whether there is color difference, etc. The printing on the surface of high-quality cosmetic aluminum tubes is beautiful and clear, and the labels of trademarks, manufacturers, addresses, and precautions for use are true and clear; while the labels of inferior cosmetic aluminum tubes are generally vague.

Second, touch

When the high-quality cosmetic aluminum tube is touched, it feels smooth and smooth, flat without impurities and no paint peeling; while the inferior cosmetic aluminum tube is not only rough and textureless when touched, but also will be accompanied by light or heavy paint peeling.


Three, test

High-quality cosmetic aluminum tubes must not only pass the first two items, but also meet the test. The purchase of cosmetic aluminum tubes is to fill their own fillings. If during the test, the cosmetic  ]aluminum tubes and the fillings will have an adverse reaction, then the makeup aluminum tubes are also unqualified, because they are not suitable for filling the fillings. As the saying goes, what is suitable is the best! !


Having introduced so much, how much you have mastered the identification skills of packaging aluminium tubes? Will it be of great help to you in choosing high-quality packaging aluminum tubes from cosmetic aluminum tube suppliers in the future? Lisson Packaging is a professional supplier of aluminum tubes. We welcome you to continue to discuss more issues with cosmetic tube manufacturer about aluminum tubes.

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