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green design in cosmetic aluminum tube design


The application of green design in aluminum tube design of skin care products was studied. Methods Through understanding the design of cosmetic aluminum tubes in the cosmetic wholesale industry, the importance of green cosmetic aluminum tube design was discussed, and the design structure, materials and application form were analyzed and summarized. Conclusion The waste produced by traditional cosmetic aluminum tube design can not meet the sustainable development of cosmetic wholesale industry, and sustainable development can only be achieved by taking green design as the design node.


With the progress of science and technology, the market competition is more and more fierce, and the business is adhering to the idea that a good cosmetic aluminum tube is the key to sell products, so that the cosmetic aluminum tube of the product becomes more diversified. As a kind of culture introduced from abroad, skin care culture has become a fashion trend followed by contemporary young people. The maturity of the consumer market and the improvement of life taste, prompting more and more consumers to pay attention to the cosmetic aluminum tube of skin care products, they are keen to pursue the external expression form of cosmetic aluminum tube, resulting in some cosmetic aluminum tube in order to meet the taste of consumers and become excessive cosmetic aluminum tube 1. Excessive cosmetic aluminum tube will inevitably lead to environmental pollution, so in order to solve this problem, cosmetic aluminum tube design must take green design as the core, adhere to the road of sustainable development.


First, the introduction of green cosmetics aluminum tube design

1. The origin of green design

In the late 1980 s, the tube cosmetics manufacturers and designers are in promoting green design, green design in this environment has gradually become the international design trends, it reflects the people of modern life works, brings to the environment and ecology destruction of a kind of reflection, also reflected the designer now moral and social sense of responsibility. It is undeniable that industrial design has created a modern lifestyle and living environment for human beings, but at the same time, it has accelerated the consumption of resources and energy, and caused great damage to the ecological balance of the earth. In particular, the excessive commercialization of industrial design has made design an important medium to encourage people to consume intemperately.

2. Aluminum tube design concept of green cosmetics

Green design is a kind of conceptual design, also known as environmental design. Its basic idea is: when designing products, it is necessary to list the impact of manufacturing products on the environment and ecology in advance and formulate corresponding solutions, take environmental protection as the fundamental goal of design, and try our best to reduce the negative impact of products on the environment. Green cosmetic aluminum tube reflects the concept of harmonious development between people and the environment. The design method of green cosmetic aluminum tube with the core of environment and environmental protection should be along the green circulation channel of "commodity - supplies - temporary use - waste recycling or natural degradation", in line with the needs of sustainable development.


Two, the performance of green design in the aluminum tube design of skin care products and cosmetics

1. Performance of the design structure

In today's commodity era, green cosmetic aluminum tube is more convenient to use, more reliable to store and more convenient to read than traditional cosmetic aluminum tube in structure. It has various excellent properties that traditional cosmetic aluminum tube does not have, and better meets the needs of consumers. 4. In the 1980s, the trend of cosmetic aluminum tube design was "lightweight", "small volume" and recyclable. These characteristics are well reflected in the design of cosmetic aluminum tube today. The design of aluminum tube box of cosmetics will be designed according to the size of skin care cup so as to save space. At the same time, the skin care cup embedded in the base can fix the position of the skin care cup, which is not easy to dump during transportation, and is more convenient to carry. It is also very simple and beautiful, so as to avoid the problems of skin care paper bags, which are not easy to carry, not easy to fix, and easy to turn over during transportation.

The lightweight design of aluminum tube of skin care products and cosmetics can be understood from the word "light", which means less. In other words, it is to save the amount of aluminum tube of cosmetics to save social resources and environmental resources, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the environment, and in line with the concept of green design. Of course, this is also to ensure the normal function of cosmetics aluminum tube to complete the lightweight design of the "light". Therefore, when designing the aluminum tube of skin care products, the sealing can be repeated sealing, so that consumers can simply and conveniently seal the remaining skin care products after use, which can be said to be a multi-kill.


2. Performance of cosmetic aluminum tube materials

Green material refers to the human body and the environment is beneficial to the material, at the same time requires environmental performance, will not produce too much pollution, will not produce harmful substances in the process of use, and easy degradation. Green cosmetic aluminum tube design focuses on the choice of cosmetic aluminum tube material, master the "carbon footprint" of the whole process from the original material to product cosmetic aluminum tube 5. Therefore, a series of problems such as the possibility of cosmetic aluminum tube material recycling, the value of recycling, and the recycling treatment method should be considered in the early stage of cosmetic aluminum tube design. Nowadays, the cosmetic aluminum tubes of skin care products mostly use paper cosmetic aluminum tubes, which can not only be recycled, but also can be quickly degraded to reduce environmental pollution.

So cosmetic tube manufacturers can design collapsible paper bag skin care cup, skin care cup is sealed at the top, cut along the dotted line to expand the skin care cup, become a square skin care cup. According to common sense, when we rinse skin care products, we generally leave two kinds of garbage, one is the aluminum tube bag of skin care products, and the other is the cup of skin care products, so that it causes more garbage. In addition, the top seal can be made of hard material, so that it can be used as a tool for mixing skin care products skillfully, so as to avoid waste.


Iii. Application of green design in aluminum tube design of skin care products and cosmetics

1. Application of graphics

The graphic design of cosmetic aluminum tube not only represents people's needs, but also reflects contemporary social civilization. Graphic language is a kind of non-cultural language, but it is more direct and clear than written language, and it often gives people the deepest impression. A simple graphic design, if properly applied, can not only beautify the cosmetic aluminum tube, but also reduce the use of ink in the printing process, which intangibly reduces the safety risks of cosmetic aluminum tube, reduces the processing procedures in the recycling process, in line with the principle of green design. For example, the graphic design of popular Starbucks skin care products is particularly eye-catching and recognizable. The designer combines the ancient, mysterious and charming pictures into the Starbucks pictographic logo. The whole picture is solid and stable, giving people a gorgeous, mysterious, simple and generous feeling, which is impressive and can be remembered at a glance.


2. The use of words

Font design and arrangement are the concrete and rational elements of cosmetics aluminum tube information communication, and an important component of cosmetics aluminum tube image 6. If only graphics in a simple sense, cosmetic aluminum tube design will make people feel empty, so subtly adding some words in the design of cosmetic aluminum tube will make the original rigid picture become lively and vivid. It is worth noting that the design of fonts should be combined with graphics, they should be an organic whole, rather than two independent designs, if they are not combined with the design, it will give people a sense of misfits. Therefore, font selection, font form and font recognition should be reasonable arrangement, improper arrangement will easily make font lose its original meaning. The design of Starbucks skin care cup is to ingeniously combine words and graphics to form a whole. The proportion of words and graphics is equal, and the simple and generous design is pleasing to the eyes.


3. Color application

Among the cosmetics aluminum tube of many commodities, the most attractive and the most impact is the color of the cosmetics aluminum tube, followed by the structure, and finally the color and text. When choosing a product, people are often attracted by their favorite color first, and then they will carefully look at the product and observe the structure, text, graphics and other designs of the product. Nowadays, many products have complicated colors, so a simple color scheme is more attractive. Starbucks' skin care cup uses simple and clean white and green as the main colors. The two colors form a sharp contrast, and the green on top of the white is easy to attract people's eyes. At the same time, the simple use of color reduces the pollution caused by printing, in line with the principle of green tube design.



The fast pace of life makes us tired, and the trifles of every day make us too busy to enjoy life. In this state, we pursue a comfortable and pure heart. Green design advocates harmony between human, nature and ecology, which is in line with the pursuit of modern people. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every designer to protect the environment and social environmental resources, and it is the common obligation of every citizen to maintain ecological balance. Product cosmetics aluminum tube design is unreasonable and excessive aluminum tube will strengthen our environment such as pressure, worsen the environment, so we should look at our contemporary design, cosmetics tube manufacturer should follow the principle of green design, follow the principles of sustainable development to explore new material, out of a new road of green design.

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