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Design of green cosmetic tube based on the concept of reduction


Reducing cosmetic tube is a new thing under the development of green cosmetic tube design. The main work of cosmetic tube suppliers is to reduce the consumption of cosmetic tube materials to protect the environment, so it has very large limitations. To make reduction concept to the green cosmetics cosmetics tube design work to get more extensive application, this article through to decrement tube through analyzing the importance of cosmetics, and on this basis the reduction under the concept of green cosmetics tube design in-depth study, expect to provide reference for the related staff.


Cosmetic tube industry is the basis of the social and economic development of cosmetic tube wholesale industry. With the development of market economy, cosmetic packaging wholesale industry cosmetic tube industry also began to develop rapidly, which effectively promote the further development of cosmetic tube wholesale industry social economy at the same time, but also on the cosmetic tube wholesale industry ecological environment has been seriously damaged. So the application of green cosmetic tube design in the cosmetic tube industry is imperative. The concept of reduction is one of the key components in the design of green cosmetic tube. Cosmetic tube suppliers through the application of the concept can effectively enhance the cosmetic packaging wholesale industry cosmetic tube industry market competitiveness, cosmetic packaging wholesale industry cosmetic tube industrial structure optimization, promote the cosmetic packaging wholesale industry cosmetic tube industry transformation development, At the same time, it can effectively improve the efficiency and quality of ecological environmental protection in cosmetic tube wholesale industry.

1. Design of green cosmetic tube under the concept of reduction

Today, the vast majority of cosmetic tube wholesale industry is from the material utilization of cosmetic tube. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of cosmetics, beautifying the goods and facilitating the use of goods in many aspects, the tube material of cosmetics is reasonably reduced. In essence, the reduction of cosmetic tube is to reduce the number of cosmetic tube. However, in the practical application of this method, workers should not be limited to reducing cosmetic tube material. With the rapid development of cosmetic packaging wholesale industry cosmetic tube industry, reducing the application of cosmetic tube also includes the consumption of resources in each working environment link to reduce and improve resource utilization rate, To achieve the recycling of cosmetic tube, effectively prolong the use of cosmetic tube cycle, improve the efficiency of cosmetic tube recovery and other strategic purposes. In the current cosmetic tube wholesale industry under the background of the new situation, cosmetic tube industry in the process of carrying out the reduction of cosmetic tube work, cosmetic tube suppliers should pay attention to the combination of each workflow, such as raw materials, production technology and decoration design and other aspects of the content, Cosmetic tube suppliers also use network technology to interact with consumers. At the same time, it should also establish a perfect manufacturer, seller and consumer trinity of reducing cosmetic tube system, which can not only effectively improve the efficiency and quality of reducing cosmetic tube, but also to the product of cosmetic tube waste resources classification and recycling.


2. The importance of applying the concept of reduction in the design of green cosmetics tube

2.1 Reduce resource consumption

Reducing cosmetic tubes requires staff to strictly control the amount of materials used in the work of cosmetic tubes and cosmetic tube suppliers to improve the use efficiency of cosmetic tubes. Through the effective control of cosmetic tube materials, cosmetic tube suppliers can effectively reduce the waste produced by cosmetic tube, and then greatly reduce the impact of the natural degradation of cosmetic tube materials on the quality of the ecological environment. Natural resources in the current tube cosmetics wholesale industry is more and more nervous as well as the environmental pollution is more and more serious under the time background, only the further study on the reduction of cosmetics tubes, to form the respect nature, protect the ecological environment and natural ecological civilization concept, can effectively accelerate the tube cosmetics wholesale industry the process of ecological civilization construction.

2.2 Cosmetic tube suppliers improve the technical level of cosmetic tube enterprises

The reduction of cosmetic tube is mainly in the protection of cosmetic safety, beautification of goods and convenient use of goods and other aspects of the premise of the tube material for cosmetics reasonable reduction. Cosmetic tube suppliers through the application of the concept of reducing cosmetic tube can effectively stimulate the enthusiasm of cosmetic tube enterprise unit staff research and development of goods cosmetic tube, and then create a good range of competition in cosmetic tube enterprises. Cosmetic tube suppliers can also effectively enhance the innovative ability of cosmetic tube enterprise design staff, effectively enhance the overall technical level of cosmetic tube enterprises, for the further development of cosmetic tube enterprises to lay a solid foundation.

2.3 Promote the further optimization of cosmetic tube industrial structure in cosmetic packaging wholesale industry

Cosmetic tube industry to achieve green development, to carry out the reduction of cosmetic tube is imperative. Today, with the earth's ecological environment problems began to become more and more serious, the world began to vigorously promote energy conservation and environmental protection, as a representative of the green cosmetic tube industry will undoubtedly become the current cosmetic tube wholesale industry in the social economy of the new economic growth point. Nowadays, cosmetic packaging wholesale industry cosmetic tube industry has begun to expand overseas market gradually, but because of the continuous enhancement of international trade, all countries in the world have established green trade barriers, this cosmetic packaging wholesale industry cosmetic tube enterprise further development has been seriously hindered. In this case, cosmetic packaging wholesale industry cosmetic tube enterprises want to promote their own further development, we must actively promote the reduction of cosmetic tube, to deal with international green trade barriers, effectively enhance the cosmetic tube wholesale industry foreign trade economic output value, Increase cosmetic packaging wholesale industry cosmetic tube products in the international market proportion, promote the further development of cosmetic tube wholesale industry social economy.


3. Design of green cosmetic tube with the concept of reduction

3.1 Cosmetic tube materials

Cosmetic tube suppliers in the process of cosmetic tube design, in order to reduce costs, to obtain higher economic benefits, cosmetic tube enterprise design staff often use low prices and can not be recycled plastic film for cosmetic tube products, in order to protect the safety of products, Cosmetic tube enterprises will also increase the thickness of the product cosmetic tube and the number of layers, which directly leads to a great increase in the waste of cosmetic tube, which has caused serious pollution to the ecological environment. In view of this, based on the concept of reduction of green cosmetic tube design, first of all, cosmetic tube suppliers should reform the cosmetic tube materials, focusing on the selection of non-toxic, pollution-free, degradable, renewable and recyclable materials for cosmetic tube products.


3.1.1 Degradable and regenerative materials

Through the application of degradable and renewable materials for cosmetic tube work, not only can effectively reduce the burden of the ecological environment, but also can reuse these materials, effectively save the cost of capital. Such as plant fiber materials, degradable plastic materials have the above functions. Take bamboo as an example, bamboo is a very common natural plant fiber material, it has the advantages of decay resistance, moth resistance and other aspects, through the application of bamboo to the product cosmetic tube design work, can fully fit the concept of reducing cosmetic tube design.

In addition, according to the actual characteristics of different products, there will be different requirements for the selection of cosmetic tube materials, paper materials and wood materials can not meet the actual needs of all products for cosmetic tube. Degradable plastic is a kind of environmental protection material with high mechanical strength and can be degraded in the natural environment. Nowadays, biodegradable plastics can be divided into complete biodegradable, incomplete biodegradable, photodegradable and water degradable plastics according to the degradation principle and the different degradation agents. The final degradation products of water-degradable plastics and fully biodegradable plastics will not pollute the ecological environment, so they are recognized as the two most promising materials.

3.1.2 Cosmetic tube suppliers can recover and recycle cosmetic tube materials

Cosmetic tube waste regardless of the application of any treatment will cause serious harm to the ecological environment, in view of this, through the application of recyclable, recycled materials for the product cosmetic tube can effectively achieve the reduction of cosmetic tube. Cosmetic tube materials that can be recycled and recycled mainly include wood, new resin, aluminum, bagasse, plastic and so on.

3.2 Cosmetic tube structure

3.2.1 Buffer Structure

Cosmetics tube supplier product buffer structure can be combined, in the traditional buffer structure to join the other buffer material, through the use of paper products instead of traditional foam material, take this make-up tube suppliers can effectively improve the efficiency of resource recycling and quality, achieve the goal of reduction cosmetic tube design.

3.2.2 Cosmetic tube container structure

Cosmetic tube suppliers can effectively reduce the use of materials by optimizing the structure of cosmetic tube. Take a paper forming reducing cosmetic tube structure as an example, it is mainly through the paper as a cosmetic tube material, through paper penetration, folding and other methods as a lock structure forming a cosmetic tube structure, its structure is very simple, and can be assisted by computer technology, Therefore, the purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection can also effectively improve production efficiency.


With the continuous advancement of the industrialization process, the ecological environment of the cosmetic tube wholesale industry has become more and more severe. In this era, the importance of green development has become more and more prominent. Cosmetics tubes tube suppliers through to the concept of reduction of green cosmetics design continuously study, can effectively reduce the resource consumption of cosmetics tube design, at the same time it also can effectively reduce waste cosmetics tubes, tube for make-up wholesale industry plays a positive role in promoting the ecological environment protection. In addition, cosmetic tube suppliers through the reduction of cosmetic tube can also help cosmetic packaging wholesale industry cosmetic tube enterprises to break the international green trade barriers, so that the product cosmetic tube in the international market to occupy more proportion, effectively promote the further development of social economy.

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