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most comprehensive knowledge of cosmetic tube


Cosmetics market since 2016, all kinds of colour makeup products on the market, information industry, therefore, led the overall market the headwaters of cosmetics packaging materials factory, cosmetics category very much, we this period mainly introduces cosmetics tube under the category of packaging material, for your reference, after a period of time has published an article about cosmetic packaging product reviews, however, they are all things with a broad surface, so we can only have a preliminary understanding of the cosmetic tube packing material. Today, follow wholesale cosmetic tube manufacturer and let's read some more comprehensive knowledge of the cosmetic tube packing material.

The cosmetic tube is all cosmetics packaging material inside the complex, cosmetic tube is a mix of many components, different materials of functional packaging, from the material body, volatile and non-volatile also points (air/air tight), and most of them are automatic filling machine filling, direct (before filling, after filling, etc.), Including the filling way of cosmetics tube, the combination of different parts, poor tolerance control, or unreasonable design, even if the way of lubricating oil coating is wrong, it will cause shutdown or abnormal function.

First, the production process

1. Basic materials

Cosmetics tube is divided into full plastic cosmetics tube, aluminum plastic combination tube, among which the commonly used plastic materials are PC, ABS, PMMA, ABS+SAN, SAN, PCTA, PP, etc., while aluminum models are commonly used 1070, 5657, etc. In order to show that the temperament of the product is consistent with the brand tone, some users use materials such as zinc alloy and sheepskin as the material for cosmetics tube accessories.

2. Molding process

Plastic cosmetic tube material for cosmetic tube manufacturers is mainly made by injection molding process, such as cover, base and related accessories in the middle core.

3. Surface treatment

Tube surfaces can be treated in a variety of ways. For plastic parts, spray, electroplating, evaporation, laser engraving, inserts, etc., and for aluminum, oxidizable electroplating, anodizing, etc.

4. Graphic printing

The cover and base of the cosmetics tube can be processed with screen printing, hot stamping/silver printing, pad printing, heat transfer printing, water transfer printing and other processes according to user requirements.

  • Second, product structure

  • 1. Product classification:

  • According to the components: cover, bottom, middle beam core (middle beam, bead, fork and screw) and so on, the middle beam is generally aluminum products, after anodized after better hardness and metal texture, another use plastic material injection molding.

  • Bead inner diameter: 8.5mm, 8.6mm, 9mm, 9.8mm, 10mm, 11mm, 11.8mm, 12mm and so on;

  • Bead ribs: 4 ribs, 6 ribs, 8 ribs, etc

  • According to the product structure: traditional cosmetics shell box, thin long type, lip balm/lip color box, lip balm, vermicelle, lip oil, etc.

  • Filling mode: bottom back filling, top filling

  • 2. Cosmetics tube cover

  • Cosmetics tube covers are usually aluminum, acrylic, ABS, etc.

  • 3. Cosmetics Tube base

  • The base is generally acrylic or ABS plastic, but also with aluminum as the base material. There are also some suppliers of Cosmetic Tube who add extra iron to the tube in order to make it feel better, but the problem with the heavy iron glue is equivalent to adding a risk to the cosmetic tube, and the vibration on the transportation will cause a quality accident if the glue comes unglued, which will make the customer experience worse.

  • 4. Middle beam core

  • The middle bundle core is the core component of the cosmetics tube, which is equivalent to the heart of the product. Whether the cosmetics tube has a good customer experience, basically its function is based on the experience of the middle bundle core, which carries the torsion, smoothness, retaining force, safety force, bead bearing force and other functions of the whole cosmetics tube.

Bead fork screw is generally a double helix structure, its pitch is longer, after a rotation of the travel distance of the beads is larger, so some users also called fast screw. The beads, forks, screws, forks and lubricants constitute the core of the cosmetics tube. The cup is the portion of the mouth directly in contact with the meat body of the cosmetics. The path of the fork beads in the straight direction. The trajectory of the Spiral bead in the direction of upward Spiral, which is coordinated with the fork to achieve the purpose of upward Spiral of the bead during the process of rotation.

It's kind of like a pump core, but it's more complicated than a pump core, and there's something called Cosmetic Tube Manufacturers that says it's a lube free pump core design, but it's not widely used. Fork screw standardization drawings must be standard, otherwise, their size is not allowed to grasp, after the assembly, more complex factors, the results can be expected, injection material must pass the material compatibility verification, otherwise the compatibility problem, spin up and down the problem is not good, fork screw is the most important.

  • Three, cosmetics application

  • As the name implies, cosmetics tube is applied to cosmetics and lip balm products. However, with the rise of lip stick, lip gloss, lip glaze and other cosmetic products, many packaging material factories have fine-tuned the packaging material structure of cosmetics tube and formed a whole series of applications, which will be described in detail by cosmetics tube manufacturers in the future.

  • What plastic makes cosmetics tubes good?

  • Since the birth of plastic cosmetic tubes, with the continuous progress of polymer material technology, there have been various applications of plastic cosmetic tubes with different physical and chemical properties. But the abundance of choice is sometimes not a good thing or an easy thing for Cosmetic Tube Manufacturers. Many factors need to be considered to make the right choice for wholesale plastic cosmetics tubes.

  • Wholesale plastic tubes are a kind of packaging material that is related to people's health and safety. For plastic cosmetic tubes, the following requirements must be met.

  • 1. Safe, will not endanger human health, will not release harmful substances,

  • 2. Contents and cosmetics tubes can not be dissolved with each other, especially some cosmetics products containing liquid pharmaceutical ingredients. Plastic cosmetic tubes don't work with certain liquids,

  • 3. The cost of plastic cosmetics tubes packaging should not be too high, otherwise it is not conducive to more affordable cosmetics prices, but also make cosmetic manufacturers have pricing difficulties, losing their due advantages in market competition.

  • So, which plastic cosmetics tubes are better on the market right now? First of all, plastic cosmetics tubes, transparent, stable material, conducive to a variety of liquid cosmetics packaging, is currently the most widely used one of the cosmetic packaging materials. Secondly, PET plastic cosmetics tubes are mainly used for solid or powder cosmetics packaging, which is also commonly used in the market. Finally, plastic cosmetics tubes packaging is more suitable for cream cosmetics packaging.

  • There will be more of these wholesale plastic cosmetic tubes to meet the needs of different markets.

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