Almost every brand claims its packaging to be airless, especially when it comes to skincare or cosmetics! Do you know the reason why? Because purity is essential and the first priority of customers when it comes to applying something directly to your body.

What is airless tube packaging?

The name itself defines it correctly. It is a kind of packaging with the help of technology in which the tube dispenses the product without exposure to air. Airless tube packaging depends on a non-pressurized vacuum pump system to deliver content. The product does not come into contact with air until the time you dispense it. 

Not limiting airless packaging advantages to only one that is discussed above, let's look into furthermore –


Conserve antioxidant 

The preservation of antioxidants is one of the main reasons why airless packaging is essential for cosmetics. Antioxidants began to collapse the moment when they hit air and light by the process of oxidation. Think of it as an apple that starts turning black the minutes after it is cut. Likewise, the process of degradation begins as soon as antioxidants are brought in contact with the air. So, with the help of airless packaging, antioxidants are preserved in cosmetics.

Forbidding contamination

Microorganisms like bacteria, fungus, yeast growth can cause severe damage to the skin. Brands use some kind of preservatives to defend their products, causing such serious damage to their users. Repeatedly exposing your product to the direct environment or continuously dipping your finger into the product can cause bacterial growth in your cosmetic products. With airless tube packaging, you only touch and take out the product that you are using. Hence the potential of bacterial growth is reduced by 90% with the help of airless cosmetic tubes.


Extending shelf life

As discussed above, preserving your product from direct light and touch can prevent it from breaking down and being bacterial. This also helps to make the product long-lasting and durable without losing its efficacy.

Trustworthy dispensing 

Taking the product out only as much as you need can be challenging if you are doing it with your fingers, and putting extra product back can increase the risk of contamination. Squeezing too much product out from dispensing bottles also wastes product and your money, but airless cosmetic tubes got you all covered! With airless tube cosmetic packaging, you can have yourself the right amount of product.

Avoid wastage of products.

Airless cosmetic packaging is totally reliable when it comes to not wasting a gram of product. Skincare products are usually expensive, and watching them being waste can be hurtful. With airless packaging being prominent in the cosmetic industry, the last thing you should care about is the wastage of products! 

    Let's look into the workmanship of these cosmetic tubes packaging

    Airless packaging from cosmetic tube manufacturer is considered the best option when it comes to skincare products. As discussed above, airless packaging has its own importance. Now, let's look into the working of the tubes-

    Filling and sealing- 

    Empty tubes with fill opening are moved serially to different workstations. After the filling, the tubes are sealed. This is the process where the shape and size of tubes may vary. Because of this, the amount of air also varies even if the tubes are filled at an equal level. In order to achieve proper workmanship of the airless tube, the user needs minimum strokes to activate and use the pump.

    Filling process

    During the filling process, the filling pipe has to be inserted into the tube to minimize the pump's air cushion.

    Depending on the thickness of the content, the diameter and velocity of filling pipes have to be modified in order to avoid air bubbles.

    Bulk peak on the upper surface of bulk is to be avoided when content is thick to attain good welding result.

    Label printing

    After filling and sealing, the next process involves the labeling of the tubes. Packages are printed with the particular specification as asked by the brand, and then they are ready to be delivered to wholesalers. The labeling guidelines are followed as imposed by state or central authority.

    How airless packaging works?

    The working of the aluminum airless cosmetic tube is simple when it comes to tubes having a typical opening; you can press the package and take out the content. But with tubes having a pump on top as an opening, these kinds of tubes work off of vacuum suction from the tube, which pushes up a small disk located at the tube bottom that pushes the content upwards.

    Sustainability and airless packaging

    Sustainability is the core focus of many brands these days. But it is challenging when it comes to airless packaging because of the fact that dispensing system contains different components. However, new innovations are being made to ace sustainability. 

    Many suppliers are providing sustainable cosmetic airless packaging to catch the growing demand. They are either refillable manufactured using sustainable materials.

    Other options other than tube

    Though tubes aren't the only option when it comes to airless packaging, manufacturers offer airless dispensing systems attached with jars, bottles, compacts, pouches, and more. Some cosmetics aren't compatible with a particular kind of packaging, so this variety gives the option to contain the product in a suitable package.


    • Demand for airless packaging can be seen rising. Suppliers are now opting for airless packaging because customers highly prefer it over another kind of packaging because of its advantages. So it can be concluded that airless tube packaging is worth all the hype it is getting.

    • Many different kinds of products benefit from airless packaging, but skincare and cosmetics are significant categories. With the increasing demand for airless packaging, there is a need for advanced solutions, including more functional designs. The formulation of product often change, but the manufacturers are trying to stay a step ahead, in order to be compatible with each kind of formulations. In the upcoming period, airless packaging is going to have a whole new experience due to its inclining demand because when it comes to skincare, nobody wants to risk it at any cost. 

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