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Why is aluminum squeeze tube packaging being so popular?



Have you ever wondered why aluminum squeeze tube packaging is so prominently used? Though with plastic packaging being advent, aluminum use was reduced. But with time and promotion, aluminum has marked inclining growth. Aluminum packaging regained its attraction, especially through social media with influencers' help, promoting the use of aluminum.

New technologies have made aluminum squeeze tube packaging much more versatile, allowing the aluminum tube manufacturer to use it in various ranges of products. Gone are the days when only packed product in a squeeze tube was toothpaste, but with innovation, aluminum tube cosmetic packaging can be seen everywhere. Innovation added a new dimension to the aluminum packaging making it more convenient than usual—for example, special caps, spray system, controllable dispensing openings, etc.

Why have so many aluminum cosmetic tubes wholesaler been quick to take advantage of aluminum squeeze tube packaging?


Advantages of Aluminum Tubes Packaging

Aluminum squeeze packaging offers better protection because of its heavy surface, and the metallic finish possessed by aluminum is one of the major selling points for many wholesalers. Besides it, aluminum packaging has many advantages like cost, ease of use, eco-friendly, easy to transport, easy to use, compliance, better protection, versatility, etc. about which you will read below:


The first and foremost advantage for which the aluminum tube packaging is permanently used is its Cost. Using aluminum squeeze tube packaging is an affordable way to manufacture a product from oral to personal care, health care, hair care and cosmetic care, and other products that is advent like the food industry, pesticide industry, and adhesive. The Cost of producing an aluminum squeeze tube is less as compared to other bottles and jars. In addition, the Cost of filling machines has been reduced, which can be an effective cost-saving tool to your bottom line. This is the main reason why so many manufacturers who were dependent on hand filling systems in the past are opting for squeeze tube packaging because automatic filling tubes were too expensive.


Versatile in nature

Aluminum tube packaging provides Great versatility for wholesalers. The tubes can be near any size. They hold from 2 ml of product to 200 ml of product with the same efficiency offering an opportunity to produce items in small quantities as samples of expensive cosmetic products to woo its initial customers. This gives an advantage over jar and bottle packaging.

Another versatility of aluminum tube packaging is its variety of tube heads. Manufacturers can design the dispensing of the product according to its consistency, which aluminum is compatible with. Like, typical orifice, needlepoint spout, spray dispensing, slanted needle head, single-use twisted top, hinged cap, point spouts, and many more.

The exterior of aluminum packaging gives the aluminum tube manufacturer a different option as well. From finishing of the material to the reflection of your brand, aluminum packaging provide endless opportunity. It is reliable, long-lasting, affordable, and can make your product stand out in the market. With offset printing being famous, you can give your product a high-end look. The versatility increases the usefulness of tube packaging for both customers as well as aluminum squeeze tube manufacturers.

aluminum tube

Protection of products

Aluminum offers protection by providing a barrier to water vapor, UV rays, light, micro-organism and can resist corrosion. Aluminum is hygienic and non-toxic; that's why it is used to pack sensitive products like pharmaceuticals. Aluminum squeeze tubes used for ointment are usually made of high quality. The tube's internal coat is non-reactive and is coated with a DMF grade lacquer, due to which they are used globally for enormous purposes.

With time and technology, anything can be packed in the aluminum squeeze tube today, unlike in the past. The biggest user because of this advantage is the food industry. The food industry has long faced the problem of leakage and spoilage of packaging. This kind of packaging has an aluminum barrier that completely protects the content inside the squeeze tube, which helps increase the product's shelf life before and after purchase. Many products like juices, pastes, sauces, oil, mayonnaise, pickles, chocolates, cold drinks, etc., are being packed in aluminum squeeze tubes, providing longer life and easy use. Manufacturers realized another option for money-saving by manufacturing products of one-time use without letting customers struggle with measurement issues. This method reduces waste and spillage to a larger extent at the time of measuring.


Sustainable packaging

Aluminum tube is a smart option for sustainable packaging because it is indefinitely recyclable without significantly reducing quality. In contrast, on the other hand, plastic materials are downcycled as their quality declines after every recycling. According to the aluminum association, 75% of the aluminum produced is still in use! Before recycling, aluminum does not undergo complicated sorting. Plus, the energy used in aluminum recycling is comparatively low as compared to plastic recycling. This helps to lower carbon footprints by reduced carbon emissions. Aluminum tube packaging is an opportunity to be eco-friendly and add it to the brand's goodwill. Moreover, the raw material for now being more eco-friendly with technology development.


Stagnant packaging

The aluminum provides sturdiness to the tube packaging and makes it stable, and ensures that the content will be safe from spoilage until its shelf life is over. The aluminum tube also ensures secure handling, making it adaptable to the product requiring the highest standard of quality and hygiene like food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

  • Easy to transport

  • Due to its weightage, the aluminum packaging provides ease in transportation and is less bulky than other bottles and jars made of plastic and glass. Using aluminum packaging, the manufacturer marks himself safe from the situations like loss in transit and saves Cost.

  • Ease of use

  • The aluminum squeeze tube packaging benefits not only cosmetic packaging and manufacture but also consumers. Consumers love the packaging that comes with various openings according to the product's form and consistency, making the product's dispensing easier. Be it a product of cosmetics, haircare, food items, oral care, with the help of squeeze tube packaging, and consumers can have themself the right amount of products avoiding wastage and making the product last longer.

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