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What cosmetic tube packaging is good for selling male cosmetics


 According to a study by the Cosmetics Collaborative Innovation Research Center, 72.17% of male respondents said that in the process of purchasing men’s cosmetics, the design of the cosmetic tube outside the product “has a certain influence” on his purchasing choices.

   Stores should pay attention to the design of cosmetic tubes when choosing a men’s brand, so that the cosmetic tube design of the product can meet the psychological expectations of consumers, and enhance the attractiveness of the shelf and the effect of promotion. According to the survey of cosmetic tube manufacturers, eliminating fatigue and preventing the skin from becoming greasy are the main reasons why men buy skin care products.

   1. Compared with women's skin made of water, men's skin is rough and bold.

  In terms of thickness, men’s skin is 25% thicker than women’s; in terms of pH, men’s skin is more acidic than women, and it is more likely to be oily and clogged. Males have large pores, once clogged and scratched, the probability of bacterial infection is greater. Due to the lack of beauty knowledge, it is easier to squeeze the acne and scratch it when you get angry or get clogged pores, which can cause skin loss and cause inflammation and infection.

Regarding the melanin content, the melanin content on the surface of men is higher, which has a certain protective effect on ultraviolet rays. At the same time, whitening is more difficult, and the white and tender skin does not meet the traditional definition of masculinity. Therefore, male consumers have a need for whitening. Relatively down. Men with long beards are prone to bacteria and dust; and manual razors are prone to small skin wounds. Improper handling is prone to infection and inflammation, increasing the roughness of the skin, and showing signs of decadence and ageing.

Therefore, when shopping for male cosmetics brands, merchants should pay attention to the visual impact expressed in the design of cosmetic tubes, by showing the creativity of cosmetic tubes that are not tired, not greasy, and full of "tough guy" temperament, instead of choosing female cosmetics spokespersons The "feminine" temperament shown.

   2. maintaining healthy skin is a pain point for most male consumers.

   In the survey, it was found that nearly 75% of male consumers purchase male cosmetics because of the pain point of "maintaining healthy skin." Men have to bear a lot of family financial pressure, and the pressure on the workplace is greater than that of women. The good health of the skin can add points to the workplace, which shows that one's ability to withstand stress is better, can take on more responsibilities, and get a higher income.

   Even if they work overtime for a long time and stay up late, it can help them keep their skin in good condition and protect the skin to get a motivated face. There are also some men because of professional needs and need to always show their taste and charm of men, such as hosts, entertainers, journalists, or practitioners related to the beauty or skin care industry.

  3. Female consumers pursue high-end brands, while male consumers pursue product quality.

At the end of 2021, the E-commerce Research Center released the "2021 Quality E-commerce Market Development Report", showing that the major consumer groups on the five platforms are concentrated in the post-80s The consumer group is followed by the post-90s consumer group.

   From the perspective of gender ratio, male users surpass women to become the core force of quality consumption. Unlike female users who pursue the big-name effect of products, male users pay more attention to the quality and cost-effectiveness of products. Quality cosmetics e-commerce, also known as "original design and manufacturing", as the name implies, is the way that operators find major manufacturers to customize cosmetic tube packaging for OEM sales, optimize from the industry chain, and further benefit consumers. It's just that in the past few years, some established e-commerce platforms have relied on price wars to maintain traffic, which has hurt the "quality" of their products and missed a good opportunity for their rise.

  According to platform data, nearly 70% of men choose products with simple and generous appearance of external cosmetic tubes, and more than 50% of men choose products with a stable design and a strong personality, which are still favored by male consumers. Therefore, when selling male cosmetics, you should choose products that are simple and generous in the overall style and have a stable and powerful shape, and put them in a prominent position on the shelf.

  4. men spend more and more time on mobile.

   QuestMobile data shows that compared with 2020, the average monthly usage time of male mobile shopping apps in 2021 will be on the rise, with an increase of nearly 36%. The proportion of male users in e-commerce users exceeds that of female users.

   Personal care products, which are closely related to personal image, are a product category that men buy frequently. In terms of beauty, men’s self-awareness has increased, dressing is no longer the patent of girlfriends or wives, and the repurchase rate of men’s toiletries, cleansing, skin care, beard care products and perfumes is high. Perhaps because of the longer working hours than women, men's willingness to enter the entity to purchase products is relatively insufficient. In physical stores, the behavior of asking women to ask women's shopping guides on skin care issues can easily cause some men to feel uncomfortable. The relatively cold and slow online sales have become the first choice for men. Therefore, in the product sales link, physical stores should strengthen marketing and use social apps for customer management in accordance with the characteristics of male users, so as to dig deeper into customer needs and conduct secondary sales.

   5. Male consumers prefer glass bottles and plastic cosmetic tubes, as well as simple colors and patterns.

   In the survey, it was found that a total of 60% of men ctube glass bottles and plastic tube packaging products, while paper products, metals, and new composite materials did not gain the favor of men.


Perhaps because plastic cosmetic packaging is light in weight and cheap, it is easy to be made into various specifications of tubes and plastic bottles, which are used in cosmetics cosmetics tubes. Therefore, male consumers are under pressure from the crowd and also recognize plastic cosmetics tubes; and The choice of cosmetic glass bottles is favored by male consumers because the glass material is thorough and has a sense of weight. 




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