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Packaging cosmetic tube printing process and process introduction


Exquisite packaging is inseparable from packaging cosmetic tube printing. Packaging cosmetic tube printing is an important means and way to increase the added value of products, enhance their competitiveness, and open up markets. Manufacturers of cosmetic tubes should understand the necessary knowledge of the printing process of packaging cosmetics tubes, so that the designed packaging works are more functional and beautiful.

Cosmetic tube printing process

Before the packaging is formed, it needs to go through a series of orderly cosmetic tube printing work: In order to improve the printing quality and production efficiency of the cosmetic tube, the manufacturer of the cosmetic tube should pay attention to check the design draft for extra content before the cosmetic tube is printed. ; Whether the text and lines are complete; check whether the printing and cutting lines for the printing and cutting of the printing and cutting lines of the printing and cutting lines, the color code and various cosmetic tubes are complete. Only in this way can the production efficiency be improved and the smooth completion of the cosmetic tube printing can be ensured. Different packaging materials will have different cosmetic tube printing processes.

Packaging cosmetic tube printing method

There are many ways to print packaging cosmetic tubes, the methods are different, the operation is also different, and the printed effect is also different. Traditionally used cosmetic tube printing methods are mainly divided into: relief cosmetic tube printing, gravure cosmetic tube printing, lithographic cosmetic tube printing, and silk-screen cosmetic tube printing.

1. Toppan cosmetic tube printing

Letterpress cosmetic tube printing means that the graphic part on the printing plate is higher than the non-graphic part, the ink on the ink roller can only be transferred to the graphic part of the printing plate, and the non-graphic part has no ink, thus completing the cosmetic tube Cosmetic tube printing for printed matter.

All the cosmetic tube prints have slight prints on the back of the paper, neat lines or dot edges, and the printing ink appears light in the center, it is letterpress cosmetic tube prints.

2. Gravure cosmetic tube printing

Contrary to topographic cosmetic tube printing, the graphic part of the printing plate is lower than the non-graphic part, forming a groove shape. The ink is only covered in the grooves, and there is no ink on the surface of the printing plate. The paper is covered on the upper part of the printing plate. The printing plate and paper are pressurized to transfer the ink from the concave part of the printing plate to the paper. The printed products of gravure cosmetic tube printing have thick ink layer, bright colors, and the printing plate has the advantages of high printing resistance, stable printing quality, and fast printing speed of cosmetic tube, so it has been widely used in practice.

3. Lithographic cosmetic tube printing

The graphic part and the non-graphic part of the printing plate are kept flat on the surface, the graphic part is covered with a layer of oil film rich in grease, and the non-graphic part absorbs appropriate moisture. When ink is applied, the image and text part repels water and absorbs the ink, and the non-image and text part absorbs water and forms an ink-resistant effect. Because the printing method of lithographic cosmetic tube is simple in work and low cost, it has become the most used method for printing cosmetic tube.

4. Silk screen cosmetic tube printing

Silk-screen cosmetic tube printing means that the ink leaks from the mesh of the graphic part to the substrate under the squeeze of the squeegee, while the screen mesh of the non-graphic part is blocked, and the ink cannot leak to the substrate. To complete the cosmetic tube printing of the cosmetic tube print.

Packaging cosmetic tube printing process

There are many printing processes for packaging cosmetics tubes, the following is

1. Hot stamping process

The hot stamping process is expressed by making the desired hot stamping or silver stamping pattern into a relief plate and heating it, and then placing the aluminum foil paper of the desired color on the printed matter of the cosmetic tube, and after pressure, the aluminum foil is attached to the cosmetic tube. On the printed matter. There are many kinds of bronzing paper materials, including golden, silver, laser gold, laser silver, black, red, green and so on.

2. Laminating process

Laminating process is a surface processing technology after cosmetic tube printing. It refers to a product processing technology formed by covering a layer of transparent plastic film on the surface of the printed product with a laminating machine. The coated cosmetic tube prints will have a smoother, brighter, stain-resistant, water-resistant, and abrasion-resistant surface.

3. Bump embossing process

In this process, the cosmetic tube manufacturer uses the pressure of a letterpress cosmetic tube printer to roll the partial patterns or text on the semi-finished product that has been printed on the cosmetic tube into a conspicuous, three-dimensional graphic. The embossing process is mostly used in the post-processing of cosmetic tube prints and paper containers.

4. UV anti-metal etching cosmetic tube printing process

UV anti-metal etching cosmetic tube printing, also known as frosted or sand surface cosmetic tube printing, is to print a layer of uneven translucent ink on the substrate with metallic mirror gloss (such as gold and silver cardboard). Ultraviolet light (UV) curing produces an effect similar to that of a bright metal surface that has been etched or frosted. UV anti-metal etching ink can produce suede and matt effects, which can make cosmetic tube prints appear soft and solemn, elegant and luxurious.

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