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​ business scope of plastic cosmetic bottle packaging manufacturers should start from their own


As for the packaging of plastic cosmetic bottles, there are many packaging fields involved, such as food, beverages, cosmetics, cosmetics, chemicals and so on. So is it better for a plastic cosmetic bottle manufacturer to have a rich product line and a wide range of products, or is it better to have a single product? In response to this problem, many people may think that it is not important, but the author has been in the plastic cosmetic bottle industry for many years and believes that it is very important for plastic cosmetic bottle manufacturers to treat it.

First of all, if a manufacturer has a rich product line, because it involves a lot of equipment costs for product molds, the rich product line will require high capital costs for plastic cosmetic bottle manufacturers. Moreover, the product line is too rich. For plastic cosmetic bottle manufacturers, it requires a lot of manpower input to focus on the product, which requires the scale of the manufacturer. Therefore, small and medium-sized plastic cosmetic bottle manufacturers should not make too many product lines, otherwise they will not have time to take care of them, and they will not be competitive. Secondly, for plastic cosmetic bottle manufacturers focusing on a certain field, the product line should not be too narrow. Even if the product line is too narrow, it will be helpful to focus on the development of a certain plastic cosmetic bottle packaging product, but the target customer group is too small, which is not conducive to plastics. The long-term development of cosmetic bottle manufacturers.

In short, for plastic cosmetic bottle packaging, we hope that manufacturers can start from their own strengths and gradually expand the production range on the basis of each product.

Plastic cosmetic bottle packaging occupies most of the plastic packaging industry


With the continuous development of the cosmetics industry, the application of plastic cosmetic bottles in the cosmetics industry has begun to develop. Because the cosmetics industry is a relatively special industry, our country has strict requirements for the packaging technology of this industry. Both the packaging material and the packaging parameters are quite strict.

Plastic cosmetic bottle packaging occupies most of the plastic packaging industry, followed by glass cosmetic bottles, followed by paper and aluminum cans. In addition to low cost, the main reason why plastic cosmetic bottles can gain a firm foothold in the packaging industry is in terms of transportation. Plastic cosmetic bottles are more convenient in the transportation process, and the amount that can be transported at one time is relatively large. The regional circulation is better than that of glass cosmetic bottles.

In addition, the plasticity of plastic cosmetic bottles is high. In various packaging products, plastic cosmetic bottles can be changed according to different packaging characteristics. Especially when the company requires that the cultural connotation of the subsidiary company can be highlighted on the plastic cosmetic bottle. Or in terms of portability requirements such as plastic cosmetic bottled water, plastic cosmetic bottles can meet the requirements.

As the market share of cosmetic plastic cosmetic bottles on the market is increasing, and the advantages of medical plastic cosmetic bottles are obvious, the development of cosmetic plastic cosmetic bottles will be bright in the future. According to incomplete statistics, the global pharmaceutical industry has a considerable demand for plastic cosmetic bottle packaging, and its development is rapidly developing in the future plastic packaging industry of the cosmetics industry.

However, the requirements for the performance of plastic cosmetic bottles are getting higher and higher, and plastic cosmetic bottles must meet the relevant national standards. Otherwise, there will be a certain threat to our body. When we choose plastic cosmetic bottles, we must also consider its durability, and have a more comprehensive understanding of their texture and raw materials.

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