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How to design cosmetic packaging

by:Lisson     2021-03-01

The design of cosmetic packaging should conform to its high-end temperament, and it should be more appealing in product packaging. This requires a certain change in appearance, and at the same time, it should be more contagious in appearance. Next, let’s take a look at how to design cosmetic packaging to be well received by everyone.

How to design cosmetic packaging

1. Avoid dazzling

In cosmetic packaging, many people have many dazzling designs in pursuit of beauty, but these should be avoided in time, and the highlight of the product should be in its content. The dazzling outer packaging design will also cause disgust to consumers.

2. Meet the age

Different makeup products are aimed at different people and all ages. Therefore, the appearance of the product packaging must be in line with the age level of use. Only in this way can it bring better attention and praise.

How to design cosmetic packaging

3. Objective description

Exaggerated design and description of the outer packaging will have a bad effect, especially now that many consumers, their selection angle is very tricky. This requires an objective description of the product, not against the facts.

The packaging design is not static. It needs to be adjusted and changed in many ways to design an inner packaging with a consumer's point of view. This is where the skill lies.

High-end cosmetic packaging design method

The main consumer group of cosmetics is women, so when designing cosmetics packaging, women’s consumer psychology must also be taken into consideration. Women of different classes and cultural levels usually consume different cosmetics. For high-end cosmetics packaging, it must mainly reflect the sense of exquisiteness. How should it be designed?

High-end cosmetic packaging design

1. Functionality

First of all, the functionality of cosmetics is of the greatest concern to women, so when designing high-end cosmetic packaging, the efficacy of cosmetics should not be neglected, but the main functions should be expressed concisely and clearly in key positions.

2. Fashion

For high-end women, they are definitely pursuing fashion, so when choosing cosmetics, they tend to prefer those fashionable products. In order to cater to women’s psychology, the outer packaging must be fashionable enough.

3. Theme culture

There is still a trend for women to use cosmetics, that is, if some of the culture conveyed by a certain cosmetic packaging can be accepted, it will be recognized. When designing cosmetics packaging, cultural characteristics should also be highlighted.
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